Powers and Perils

Powers & Perils

Welcome to Adventure! You are about to enter the world of Powers and Perils, a Fantasy RolePlaying Game. Powers and Perils (or P&P for short) was written by Richard Snider and published in 1983 by Avalon Hill. After the first publication, a number of extensions were published in the AH game magazine, Heroes. These are available from this site, as well as numerous extensions submitted by GMs from all over the world.

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Perilous Lands

Book of Tables

A scanned version of the Book of Tables is now available


Ship Project

Next installment: Magic Items descriptions.


Ship Project

The first two installments of Scott's ship project finished: Storms and Sea Encounters and Natural Magic Items of the Sea.



Extended description for the second alternative gambling system by Burton added.



Overview of site additions, updates and revisions.