Powers and Perils

P&P Rule Books

The basic rules for Powers & Perils v1 are given in 4 books, which have been made available in PDF format. They are

The tables from these books have been compiled into a

Apart from the basic rules, the Perilous Lands extension contained 3 books. All entries from the Culture Book and the Map Book are available in the Perilous Lands section.

The updated and expanded rules for Powers & Perils v2 combine all rules in a single PDF, ad all background material in second PDF:

Version Information

The basic rule books are available in different versions. These versions are defined as:

P&P v1

Version 1.0: Original
This is the text as it originally appeared in the printed books. This version is not complete; Several useless tables are missing. Also, its layout may at times seem weird. We have tried to reproduce even the typos in the original, but this is not guaranteed.
Version 1.1: Corrected
This is the original text (version 1.0), with errata corrected. These are the errata that have appeared in print, plus the Snider/Koponen errata. Nothing was changed (as far as possible) that fell outside the scope of the errata. This includes typos and incorrect calculations. Even calculations that were wrong in the errata were reproduced. The S/K errata could at some point be separated quite easily from the published errata.
Version 1.11: Salaqi calendar
This is version 1.1, with all date references changed to the Salaqi calender. Only the Culture Book is available in this version.
Version 1.2: Revised
This is a revised version 1.1, with the following changes: All sections, tables and pictures got captions. All references were made explicit (e.g., table 4.1, rather than the table below). Typos and calculations were corrected. Part (most?) of the published P&P extensions were incorporated in the text, and some sections from later books were included (most notably, more details on Elves, Faerries and Dwarves referenced in the Common Knowledge section).
Version 1.3: House rules
This is the Amsterdam P&P players' group house version, which includes specific changes to and interpretations of version 1.2. Some errata introduced in version 1.1 are reverted to their original in this version.
Version 1.0-pre1
This is part of the text as it originally appeared in the printed books. This version is not complete; it is a work in progress.

P&P v2

Version 2.0-pre1
This is the working version of P&P version 2.0 by Richard Snider. Not all parts of the books are revised yet. This is kept in the shape that Richard left it.
Version 2.0
This is the latest version of P&P version 2.0 by Wout Broere, based on the partial rules set by Richard Snider. This is an ongoing project.