Powers and Perils

The Site Book

This book outlines seventeen major encounter sites that are located on the continent. The details provided for each, except for the Tower of the Dead and Doom Manor, give the Referee an idea of what they are like and allows him, with his own creative input, to produce adventures of his own within the framework of the Perilous Lands world.

Sites are listed in numerical order, based on the number found in its hex in the Map Book, i.e. the site with a 1 in its hex is listed first, the site with a 17 is listed last. (Consult the index to find a list of the sites and the page they are found on.)

Each Site Listing includes the site's history, a description of its layout, notes that detail its basic alignment, goals and attitude, the forces likely to be found in it and, in some cases, ideas on how its forces should be used. Some listings also include details for non-player Characters who are the central figures at the site.

At the end of the Site Descriptions the book gives the Referee suggestions on how to set up an adventure. These suggestions include ideas for laying the foundation, establishing the forces that Players must deal with and balancing the adventure such that the party has BOTH a chance of success AND a deadly challenge to face.

The Site Book


The Site Book

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