Powers and Perils

Alternative Rules for Powers and Perils

I took a 90 degree turn to simplify game play (to a degree) and altered systems, though this remains in the perilous lands.

The idea behind the new system was to make things more streamlined in terms of core mechanics, primarily to eliminate the table lookups which is the major slowdown in any conflict. Also, there was a need to be able to handle larger scale conflict which the existing system really chokes on. However, the overall feel of the characters being "heroic" and able to take on the world needed to be retained.

I'm not advocating that anyone change to this system -- as I come up with new stuff I still plan to make an "original recipe" version for Wout's site. Also, since it borrows heavily from other systems there is no way this could be peddled as a new system. However, I figured others might enjoy looking at what all we are doing, if only for GM and game-design curiosity.

Burton Choinski


Alternative Rules

Alternative Rules for Powers and Perils

Design: Burton Choinski