Powers and Perils


Cha'Chak Kotothi
SSNocturnal CarnivoreMDV10INT6
*Parenthesized values apply when fighting Sidhe or their allies.

Cha'chak look like fanged orangutans with black leathery wings. They are flying minions of Kototh and quite intelligent. They are capable of using spears for hand combat, though some (20%) will also be equipped with Cha-bows (large bows held with the prehensile feet and pulled back with both hands, WSB +3 with the range of longbows)

They tend to nest in large clans, and can sometimes be found in the shadow of larger Kotothi beings (such as Storm Giants) where they act as gatherers who bring stuff up to their floating castles.

The clan as a whole will have treasure, picked from their victims, and each will usually have a piece of fine metal jewelry worth 1d6 x 1d6 SC (the value is a rough indicator of status).

Burton Choinski