Powers and Perils


Allows the Caster to move bodies of FRESH WATER in such a way as to flood surrounding terrain, or to move water away from an area in order to uncover the bottom. The source of water must be a part of the affect area. There are three ways the water may be moved.

Firstly, as a flood the Caster causes the waters of a river, pond or lake to overflow its banks into the area affected, spreading out at the indicated Speed as the MR, up to the indicated range. The waters will then remain in the region for the listed duration. When the duration ends, the waters return VIOLENTLY to their original banks over 2 phases. Anyone in a flooded area must make a 1d100 roll against Strength or be washed away, taking (EL+1)x1d10 damage from impacts and drowning. Drowned characters can be saved through the use of an Average (x10) Healer skill, subtracting the amount of damage the victim is below 0. If saved, they recover all but 25% of the lost Life, otherwise they are dead if damage exceeds DTV. Rescue must take place within 5-DTV minutes, and it takes 1 minute to make a rescue attempt.

EXAMPLE - An EL10 flood has an effect Radius of 220 feet around the Caster. He can draw the water from the source to cover any portion of that area at a rate of 110’ per turn and the area will remain flooded for up to 33 turns. A character with DTV -4 that has been drowned must be saved within 9 minutes.

Secondly, the Caster may raise a body of water UP so that fixed structures will be placed under water, or grounded ships floated. For this method the water may not travel more than the indicated range from its source but the target area may be raised by the indicated depth above the normal water level (or ground) for the indicated duration. The water returns as for the wider flood above, though the return is not as rough, allowing anyone in the flood area to use DOUBLE their Strength for their test.

EXAMPLE - A wizard is pissed at a merchant who he feels has robbed him. He uses an EL6 Flood spell to raise the waters of a river next to the merchant’s warehouse by 14’, flooding the space and ruining his stock of spices.

Thirdly, the water may be lowered within the source and pushed aside so as to expose the bed. The indicated depth is the amount that the depth at any point in the effect area can be reduced. The water moves away at the indicated speed and remains parted for the indicated duration. When the waters return, anyone that is in the bed takes drowning damage as noted in the first form above, resisted by an Average Swimming skill roll instead of Strength. Boats that have been grounded by this spell will take damage to their Structure, resisted by their Tightness – those that are in the flood area but still floating take HALF damage, rounded down.

NOTE - The primary value of this spell, in play, is to put impediments in the way of enemies, cross water and get at of treasures on the bottom of Lakes, etc.

Range(EL+1)x20" radius
Duration(EL+1)x3 turns
Depth(EL+1)x2 feet

Burton Choinski