Powers and Perils


In the existing books there isn't much to help you when it comes to determing jumping distances. The following is a small attempt at some rules, with ideas borrowed from GURPS.

In general, lighter characters may jump higher than heavy characters of the same strength, agility and acrobatics level.

A character's Jumping Index (JI) is equal to: ((SB + AB)x50 + 1850 + Acrobatics ELx20)/weight (round nearest)

This index is used in the following formulas to determine distance.

High Jump:
(JIx3)-10 inches, add 2 feet if you have a running start. If attempting to find reaching distance, add height * 1.33 inches.
Standing Broad Jump:>
JI-3 feet
Running Broad Jump:
(JI-3 feet) + 1 foot for every yard take off distance, up to double your standing broad jump distance.

Burton Choinski