Powers and Perils

Simple Healing Table

P&P has a lot of make-work rolling that is not always needed. One of these situations is healing rolls. For the most part, when just hanging about in town for a week or so, making all those rolls is a pain.

On the following table, pick the HC closest (but less, if not exact) to your actual healing chance. Cross-reference this with your StB.

-1111222334445556 6
0123445667889101111 12
+12345678911121314151617 18
+23467810111314151718202122 24
+345791112141618192123252628 30
+4468111315171921232527293234 36
+55710121517202225272932343739 42
+66811141720222528313436394245 48
+/-011122233344455 6

The numbers above represent the number of AHP healed up during a week. If attended by an apprentice healer (EL0-3), move one column to the right; if attended by a journeyman healer (EL4-7) move TWO columns to the right and one row down; if attended by a master healer (EL8+) move THREE columns to the right and TWO columns down.

EXAMPLE - Joe Fighter is resting up in town for a week, and paying to have an apprentice healer attend him. His Stamina of 34 gives him +2 StB, and he has a healing chance of 36. Looking at the table, he gets (on average) 11 AHP back in the week, with the help of the healer.

The +/- row may be used by the GM to tweak the actual numbers, for flavor purposes.

Of course, in the field where every point might count, feel free to make healing rolls as before. But this should make it simple for the GM to "heal up" important monsters if the PC's don't have a chance to finish it up the first time.

Burton Choinski