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The Creations Of Abnaric Elgar

as reported by Drachir Redins, Scholar

The career of the mage Abnaric Elgar is a thing of legend in Gom. Many revile his name for the great evils that he sponsored in his youth. Others hold his name in reverence and fear because of the sheer magnitude of his power. Before discussing his major creations, some background history would be of value.

Some years back I met Thabolan Elgar in Roghara. This son of Abnaric told me much about his father. Abnaric Elgar began his life in magic at the age of ten, when his father gave him to a Chaos Wizard in exchange for relief from a curse. Little is known about his apprenticeship. He rarely spoke of it and never with other than extreme coldness. It is likely that the years he spent with his master were not pleasant ones. It is known that Abnaric Elgar's appearance in Gom coincided with the disappearance of his master from the environs of Araou. That wizard was never seen again.

Abnaric's early career was unremarkable. The turning point in his life was his eviction from Gom by the wizard Esharal, a law wizard of some power. In his journey to Araou, Abnaric ran afoul of the forces of Kototh. By the greatest of luck, and because of his natural talent, he made a deal with these creatures. In performing their will, and seeking his own advantage thereafter, he gained a position as Master of the Kotothi in the Southern Continent and, according to his son, defacto ruler of Gom, Port Doman, Shurikal and the Rogizini Empire. While I consider this claim to be exaggerated, I do believe that it is likely that he held considerable power in these areas.

What made this mage so formidable was his natural gift for magic of all kinds. According to legend, he learned and mastered every form of magic known to man, from Shamanism to the hidden rites of the Sidh. It is obvious from what is known of his career that he was a natural magician of great learning.

What is germane for the purpose of this article is his study, mastery and use of the powers of Creation. He is responsible for creating new races, some of which are growing with significant speed. The grimoire below lists five of these beasts, their synthesis and facts about them that travellers need to know if they wander south.



Only females of this species have ever been encountered. These creatures are seven to seven and a half feet tall and weigh two hundred to three hundred pounds. They have the bodies of women, a grayish cast to their skin and the heads of elephants. Their trunks are short and useless as a manipulative organ. Their tusks are sharp, efficient weapons.

NOTE - The Elefan have a home range centered around an island in the river that flows down to Port Doman. Males of the race are only encountered on or near this island. They have twice the Strength and Stamina of females, half the Dexterity and Agility and an Intellect rating of eight instead of nine.

SPECIAL - The Elefan are an immense physical force. Females range wide, seeking knowledge and serving various forces as mercenaries. When encountered the Elefan warriors will be wearing Chainmail or Plate Mail. They are armed with Spears (if wearing Chainmail) or Halberds (with Plate Mail).

Elefan are intelligent and loyal. If serving someone, they obey to the letter. Otherwise, they are peaceful creatures who fight only when they must. According to rumors, they have a written language and a strong culture in their homeland. One informant went so far as to say that they are strongly versed in Philosophy and take great enjoyment in scholarly work. Given this, it is quite likely that they would rather read and debate than fight, when they have an honorable choice.


From all accounts, the Elefan were Abnaric Elgar's first creation. They were created during his campaign leading a major native rebellion against the Fomorians in Port Doman. From their inception and control, they served as his personal guards in the jungle and, to a limited extent, as shock troops in battle.

It is extremely likely that the synthesis of these creatures was entirely in the imagination of the mage. There are large creatures in the foothills of the Ny'lasa Mountains that certainly gave him the idea for the size and features. Putting this together with his preference for female associates, and the fact that females are dominant with this creature, you have the Elefan.



Leons range from six to six and a half feet tall. They weigh 180 to 220 pounds. They have the appearance of a maneless lion walking on its hind legs. They are lean and wiry with incredible strength. Their eyes glow a baleful green. Their teeth and claws are composed of magic iron that has a devastating affect on any Sidh creature they strike.

SPECIAL - The first Leon was created to destroy an Asrai castle populated by Asrai who had earlier offended Abnaric. They are solely dedicated to the destruction of the Sidh and are especially potent in the water.

All Leons are totally immune to acid, poison and disease of any kind. They use Water Powers at MEL8/EL4 and have EL4 immunity to both Storm and Fire Powers. All can breathe water and air with equal facility. They are designed to make the water their home and strike from it onto the land beyond.

Leons are potent weapons against the Sidh. They have EL8 Immunity to both Sidh and Elder Magic. Their claws and teeth allow them to apply DOUBLE their normal SB against Sidh creatures, i.e. + 8 instead of + 4. When a choice is available, Leons will attack Sidh creatures before any other target. In judging this, remember their intellect. They are too smart to ignore targets on the ground while a Faerry, for example, flits above them trying to be a distraction.

IMPORTANT - Any person tied in any way to the Sidh is considered to be Sidh by these creatures. If you have innate power in Sidh Magic, carry an item enhanced with Sidh Magic, etc, you are Sidh to a Leon.


The Leon was created as a weapon against the Asrai. Early in his career, Abnaric suffered a slight at their hands and never forgave them. The Leon was designed to avenge that slight.

Abnaric formed the Leons using an advanced Creation ritual which employed magical tools and components of various creatures. The items that feature in the creation of the Leon are magical iron of his creation, the skin of a Waste Lion, Grundwergen blood and other components to enhance its powers.



The Nar'morel are perfectly proportioned, beautiful physical specimens. The males are heavily muscled, yet lithe. The females are fantastically limber and beautiful women. The basic appearance of these creatures is human. They are covered with a light, barely perceptible, fur and have sharp, catlike, teeth. All also have retractable claws and eyes more kin to the cat than to man.

SPECIAL - The word Nar'morel is taken from the Kacili name for these creatures. It means "Death Shadow". The Nar'morel are supernaturally attuned to Desert and Badlands terrain. They have double the normal chance to ambush when they are encountered and the chance that a party can ambush them is reduced by 15, i.e. if a party has a 29% chance of ambush in the desert with their highest EL the chance is 14% if they encounter the Nar'morel.

The Nar'morel are hunters who live together in communal bands. They enjoy hunting, killing and combat. They also possess the love of pleasure and luxury that all cats savor. They act for the good of their own kind whatever the cost to others. If the pride's needs do not call for a set action, they can be reasoned with and even enjoyed. If you must die for the good of the pride, they are implacable.


The purpose for the creation of the Nar'morel was to provide night raiders for Abnaric's Kacili campaign - his last act before his disappearance. From the name given them by the Kacili, it can be seen that they were quite effective at their appointed task. The Nar'morel were created with a ritual fusion of the Waste Lion with humanity. The result, as seen above, is a fighting creature of great potential.



Shiroona are russet brown to red hounds with six legs and large, saucer shaped eyes. Their appearance is extremely fearsome. They have large, viciously pointed teeth, heavy claws and massive forebodies. Shiroona average two feet at the shoulder and weigh eighty to one hundred pounds.

SPECIAL - Shiroona were created for use as messengers and guards. They are capable of MEL10/EL10 Travel Powers. They also have total immunity to iron and EL6 immunity to Elder Magic.

Though the powers of the Shiroona are potent, and their appearance is fearsome, they are not as dangerous as they could be. Shiroona are garrulous creatures who are quite friendly and very curious. They are also a bit cowardly, unless they are encountered in packs. In general, these creatures only fight when they must, either to protect themselves or someone or something that they have a great fondness for. In other situations, they would rather avoid combat. In no way can they be considered to be vicious. In fact, sometimes the extremes that they go to to avoid a fight can be very humorous.


The existence of the Shiroona is proof that the Great Mage was a doting father. He created them, originally, as a long range strike weapon to terrorize his enemies. When they proved inadequate to this task, because of the kindness of their natures, he was most upset. Except for the intervention of one of his daughters he would have destroyed them. Because this girl asked her father "not to hurt the pretty doggies", Abnaric found a use for them. As messengers and guards, they served him quite well.

Little is known about the actual creation of these creatures. It is likely that something of the Cu Sidh went into them but what else is part of their nature can only be guessed. It could be anything, up to and including hair from the mane of Odin's steed.



Midges were created to spy for Abnaric. In appearance, they are much like the Faerry. They are exquisitely beautiful creatures with uncommon, and sometimes troublesome, wit. The average height of a Midge is three inches. Their weight is usually less than a few ounces.

SPECIAL - It is difficult to detect the presence of a Midge if he or she does not want to be seen. They have an innate ability, MEL8/EL4, to conceal their presence when they choose to do so. The MDV of the perceiver does NOT apply against this role. Persons trying to spot the Midge are allowed to roll their Empathy divided by FOUR, rounded up, to detect the Midge. With success they see it, with a partial they feel or sense something in the general vicinity of the Midge but pick up nothing definite.

Midges are gregarious pranksters with a good sense of humor and a good deal of kindness and compassion. They have been known to be attracted to a person or group and stay with them, unknown to anyone, for weeks on end, enjoying their adventures and playing pranks. Midges have a strong liking for wine and sweets. They are also curious creatures. There have been instances where a person being tormented by their whimsy has captured them by using one or both of these traits against them.


The creation of the Midge race was one of Abnaric's most perverse and vile actions. Through mystical corruption of captured Faerry, the first pair of Midges came into being. The Faerry subjects did not survive this act. Their descendants have survived quite well.

A Final Note

While this in no way gives a full listing of Abnaric's creations, it does give a sample of his best. From all reports, this mage was fascinated with the act of creation and went to great extremes to perfect the creatures that his mind gave birth. If certain informants can be believed, he considered them to be, and often treated them as, his children. Despite the great evils attributed to this man, he was a creator who cared for his creations and did not abuse his ability to shape new forms of life. Every creation of his making was made for a specific purpose, either for his own good or to enhance the effectiveness of his empire in the southern continent. Other creations of Abnaric exist. These are the most prolific and notable of his "children".

Richard Snider
Heroes Vol. II, No. 3


The Creations Of Abnaric Elgar

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