Powers and Perils

Invisibility Sphere

An invisibility sphere is a spherical area, which has no effect on the earth or inanimate structures. All persons who are within the sphere, or who enter it, are invisble to people outside of it AND visible to anyone inside of it.

The spell may be cast, by the caster, on others without including himself in its effect. It is cast to effect a specific number of beings and is negated when any of those beings leave the sphere, or when the duration ends.

Duration:(EL+1) x 5 turns (If the spell is cast at three times the normal cost, the duration can be doubled.)
Number of Inclusions:EL+1
Range:EL x 1/2" (A diameter)

NOTE - If the spell is cast at increased power, it will only effect entities that are specifically included in it regardless of who may enter the diameter at a later date.

IMPORTANT - The Base Mana Cost for this form of invisibility is 4 instead of 2.

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