Powers and Perils

New Spells

Spell Summary Chart
SpellAlign.RangeDurationDamageMDV LimitSummaryOptional rulesNotes
Turn Undead Varies (EL+1)x2" (radius) EL+1 phases Makes Undead flee from target
Energy Web Balance (EL+1)x2" EL+1 phases Y Creates a web that can entangle and trap enemy Y Strength - 10+(ELx10)
Deafness Sidh Magic EL+1" (radius) EL+1 turns Causes target to become deaf Y Exc.- EL Roll Modifier-EL+1
Sensory Powers Balance
Sight (EL+1)x2" EL+1 turns Y Increases Sight perception for more detail of vision See - Distance x (EL+1)
Taste EL+1)x2 turns Y Tests food for poisons or bad substances BL - (EL+1)x2 +PR-(EL+1)x3%
Hearing (EL+1)x2" EL+1 turns Y Increases hearing perception to hear things better Y Roll Modifier - EL+1
Smell (EL+1)x5" (radius) EL+1 hours Can sense smell and track with those scents
Touch Touch EL+1 hours Y Increases touch perception and can read in dark
Animal Powers Shamanic
Animal Sight (EL+1)x10" (EL+1)x2 turns Allows caster to see through the animal's eyes
Animal Disruption EL+1" (E) (EL+1)x2 phases Causes animals to go berserk and flee from caster Y
Animal Speed EL+1" (60 degrees cone) (EL+1)x3 turns Y Inreases speed of an animal Y PMR Increase - EL+1
Animal Talk (EL+1)x5" Y Caster can ask a animal a particular question Y
Animal Summoning EL+1 miles Y Caster can summon or call a particular animal See spell for formulae
Camouflage Varies Touch (EL+1)x2 turns Y Hides the caster and others through chamelon powers Inclusions - EL
Morale Change Balance (EL+1)x2" (60 degrees cone) Y Forces a morale check for enemy and can scare them Morale Check - (EL+1)x5%
Entropy Elder (EL+1)x2" (radius) (EL+1)x2 phases Y Causes random supernatural changes in area Y See spell for more formulae
Code/Decode Law Touch Y Can code and decode scrolls and texts
Cosmic Powers Balance
Meteor Shower (EL+1)x2" (E) EL+1 phases 1D6+EL+Size* Y Caster can bring down Meteors down from the sky Y See spell for formulae
Star Navigation EL+1 hours Y Can find a destination by way of the stars Y
Moon Shine (EL+1)x2 turns Y Increases night perception for caster and allies Inclusions - EL
Cosmic Time EL+1 phases Y Allows caster to determine the exact time of day Y
Memorize Law (EL+1)x5 turns Y Can allow caster to memorize various pieces of info Time to recall - EL+1 Years
Ice Powers Elder
Ice Dart (EL+1)x2" 2D6+EL Creates a Slice of sharp ice that damages targets Y
Ice Shield (EL+1)x2 phases Y Creates a shield out of ice to block blows AV-EL+1/Shatter %-(10-EL)x10%
Ice Blast (EL+1)x2" 1D6+EL Y Creates a artic blast of cold air against targets See spell for formulae
Ice Bridge (EL+1)x2" (EL+1)x2 phases Y Creates a bridge of ice for caster to cross areas See spell for formulae
Ice House (EL+1)x2 hours Y Creates a quick ice shelter from surrounding terrain Y See spell for formulae
Blizzard 2" EL applies as a power (diameter) (EL+1)x2 phases 1D3+EL per phase Y Causes a great blizzard of snow, hail and ice in area See spell for formulae
Sound Powers Varies
Sonic Blast (EL+1)x2" 1D3+EL Y Creates a loud sonic wave of energy that damages enemy Y Time Stunned - EL+1 phases
Sonic Trumpet (EL+1)x2" (60 degrees cone) 1D3+EL Y Same as Snoic Blast but for an area of enemy targets Time Stunned - EL+1 phases
Sonic Destruction (EL+1)x2" (60 degrees cone) EL+1 phases 1D3+EL per phase Y Destroys inanimate objects through sonic waves
Sonic Boom (EL+1)x10" EL+1 turns Y Increases caster's voice to be amplified for hearing
Cold Resistance Elder EL+1 turns EL+1 Y Gives caster resistance to cold damage and effects
Fire Resistance Elder EL+1 turns EL+1 Gives caster resistance to fire damage and effects
Detect Energy Balance (EL+1)x3" (E) EL+1 phases Y Allows detection of energy sources like life, etc. Y
Knot Untie Law Touch 10-EL phases Can untie a knot that is hard to break out of Y
Earth Bridge Chaos Same as Ice Bridge but made up of Earthen material
Placity Elder EL+1 turns Y Caster can grow or shrink in size HT+:EL+1 feet/HT-:ELx10 inch
Phermones Balance (EL+1)x2 turns Y Can increase chance of influence over others See spell for formulae
Battle Mind Balance (EL+1)x2" (radius) EL+1 turns Y Increases overall small unit tactics as a group See spell for formulae
Tempest Elder (EL+1)x2 turns Creates a sudden rain storm to drench an area
Marbles Sidh Magic Touch (EL+1)x5 turns Creates marble like objects out of rocks like caltrop Number made - 1D10+EL
Strobe Law (EL+1)x2" (diameter) EL+1 phases Creates a strobing light that distracts and confuses
Fog Elder (EL+1)x5" (radius) (EL+1)x2 turns Creates a natural fog bank with magical swiftness Y Visibility - 10-EL Feet
Jump Law Touch Allows caster to jump non-normal lengths & heights Y Len:EL+1 feet/Ht.- EL+1 feet
Weapon Mastery Balance Touch EL+1 phases Y Increases a weapon expertise temporary during combat Y Boost - +EL/3, rounded up
Armor Varies EL+1 turns Y Creates a temporary armor effect for the caster Y AV - (EL+1)/3, rounded up
Entangle Law (EL+1)x2" EL+1 phases Allows ropes to entangle enemy at the whim of caster
Endurance Elder Touch EL+1 hours Increases one's endurance for long duration activities St Increase - (EL+1)x3
Replicate Elder Touch EL phases Y Can copy objects to make multiple copeis of an item Y
Dis-Track Balance Touch EL+1 hours Erases footprints or tracks left by caster Inclusions - EL+1 [Caster=1]
Claws Chaos (EL+1)x2 turns (*) Y Creates sharp fingernail claws for increased damage See spell for formulae
Alertness Balance (EL+1)x3 turns Increases alertness of caster
God's Eyes Law (EL+1)x2" (60 degrees cone) EL+1 turns Spell that allows X-Ray vission
Dodge/Weave Law Touch EL+1 turns Y Increases a Dodge ability for a caster to avoid damage Dodge+:EL/3 / Modifier-EL+1
Telepathic Powers
Emotional Empathy Elder (EL+1)x2" (radius) EL+1 turns Can help to give emotions to others through magic
Mind Reading Balance (EL+1)x2" (radius) EL+1 phases Y Allows caster to read thoughts of others
Nature Powers Elder
Oak Sage Touch (**) EL+1 minutes Y Caster can learn information from a tree or forest Answer time - 10-EL seconds
Vine Carrion (EL+1)x2" (E) EL+1 hours Y Creates carnivorous plants to attack dead bodies Vine Strength - ELx3
Oak Strength Touch EL+1 turns Y Increases strength of caster through a nature tie Str+: (EL+1)+Age Modifier
Vines (EL+1)x3 turns Allows caster to travel in a forest quickly by vines
Thorns (EL+1)x2" (60 degrees cone) 1D3+EL per Allows caster to use plant thorns in combat Y Distance-EL+1"/Number-1D10+EL
Water Detection 2 miles EL applies as a power Can detect and find fresh water sources
Spores EL+1" feet (diameter) Y Creates spores that blind and choke enemey targets
Glow Touch EL+1 days Y Creates a glowing beacon of a plant for various options
Sleep (EL+1)x2" (E) EL+1 hours Y Plant life can warn caster of upcoming dangers
Cocoon EL+1 hours Y Allows caster to regenerate health and energy points See spell for formulae
Corpse Explosion Chaos (EL+1)x2" 1D3+(EL/3 RU) Y Causes dead corpses to explode causing damage
Amplify Damage Law (EL+1)x2" (radius) EL+1 turns EL+1 Increases damage that is scored on enemy targets Exclusions - EL+1
Golem Balance (EL+1)x2" (EL+1)x2 turns Y Creates a fighting Golem to fight for the caster Y See spell for Golem Info
Weaken Chaos (EL+1)x2" EL+1 turns Y Weaken enemy strength and armor strength AV-:EL/3 / -Strength:(EL+1)x5
Power Strike Law EL+5 Y Allows caster to perform one great strong attack
Critical Strike Chaos Y Allows caster to learn of enemy weakness for damage
Charged Bolts Elder (EL+1)x2" (EL)D6+EL Y Bolts of lightning that moves randomly to damage enemy # - EL+1 /Movement-(EL+1)x2"
Dizzy Sidh (EL+1)x2" Causes target to become dizzy and lose his balance
Pyschic Hammer Elder EL+1 feet EL+1 phases Y Allows caster to attack a mind and stun target Falldown - 10xEL%
Block Balance EL+1 phases Y Allows caster a good parry ability in combat
Double Attack Law EL+1 phases Allows 2 attacks (or 4) in combat for a caster
Iron Skin Balance EL+1 turns Creates armor out of the caster's own skin AV - EL/3, rounded up
Howl (Battle Cry) Elder (EL+1)x5" (60 degrees cone) A battle cry spell that can scare enemy targets
Warmth Law EL+1 hours Allows caster to retain body heat in cold climates Y
Static Field Sidh (EL+1)x2 turns 1D3+EL Y A field of static energy around body for protection
Chain Lightning Balance 3 phases (EL)D6+EL Y A series of pulsed (3) lightning attacks
Telekinesis Law EL+1 turns Allows caster to lift and move objects with his mind Weight-(EL+1)x10 / PMR-EL+1
Trap Powers Balance
Fire Blast (EL+1)x2" EL+1 phases 1D10+EL Y Creates a trap that will explode in fire to hurt enemy See spell for formulae
Shock Web (EL+1)x2" EL+1 phases 1D6+EL Y Creates a trap that causes lightning damage effects See spell for formulae
Blade Sentinel EL+1" (radius) EL+1 hours Y Creates spinning blades trap that damages targets See spell for formulae
Blade Shield Balance EL+1 phases Creates a energy force that can block & deflect blades Deflection - (EL+1)x10%
Fire Powers Law
Fire Wall EL+2 Feet (EL+1)x2 turns (EL)D6+EL Creates a wall of fire to block enemy movement Len-(EL+1)x3 / Wid -EL+1 feet
Inferno (EL+1)x3" (EL+1)x2 phases (EL)D10+EL per phase Creates a area effect inferno of fire Area - (EL+1)x2" (Radius)
Nova (EL+1)x3" (diameter) (EL)D10+EL Y A devasting nova of expanding fire that damages all PMR - (EL+1)x2 per phase
Poison Dagger Chaos Touch (EL+1)x2 phases Y Coats a dagger with magical poison for poison attacks Base Line - EL+2
Archery Powers Law
Fire Arrow (EL+1)x2 phases 1D6+EL Enhances arrows with fire damage
Cold Arrow (EL+1)x2 phases 1D6+EL Enhances arrows with cold damage
Multiple Arrow (EL+1)x2 phases Y Creates multiple arrows from one single arrow
Guided Arrow (EL+1)x5" (EL+1)x2 phases Y Caster can guide a arrow to its destination
Exploding Arrow (EL+1)x2 phases 1D10+EL Enhances a arrow with exploding like forces
Slow Missiles (EL+1)x5" EL+1 turns Y Slows down the speed of missiles coming toward caster Y Speed Decrease - 10x(EL+1)
Shield Powers Law
Water Shield EL+1 hours Y Creates a shield for surviving underwater for long time See spell for formulae
Strength Shield EL+1 hours Y A shield that can withstand great pressure and weight See spell for formulae
Energy Shield (EL+1)x2 turns Y A powerful shield that blocks most forms of damage See spell for formulae
Corona Shield (EL+1)x2 turns (***) Y A shield that protects and harms others around it See spell for formulae


(*) Claws Damage: 1D3+(EL/2 RU) [If scratch] per claw or 1D6+(EL/2 RU) if slicing or cutting blow] per claw

(**) Oak Sage Range - Touch (Tree) or 2 miles (EL) (Forest)

(***) Corona Shield Damage - Fire Dart Damage - (EL)D6+EL , Lightning Damage - (EL)D10+EL

Spell Descriptions

Turn Undead

Spell will force the undead (Dead, Ghosts, Vampires, etc.) away from caster and its affect area. It creates a force of living energy around the caster to overwhelm the dead. Those affected will leave the affect area.

Range (EL+1)x2" (Radius)
Duration EL+1 phases
Alignment Shamanic or Law

NOTE - After finishing the Priesthood spells I do realize now there are some spells related to this. However, not everyone uses Priests and not everyone can FIND a Priest in some areas. This alternative gives wizards the ability to do the same thing. To balance it against the Priestly spells one could add a basic chance of failure based on EL since Priest's are mainly trained for it. Because the Priests do use a form of spell like this it may be skipped but it does give a basic alternative.

Energy Web [or Spider Web]

This spell creates two forms of webs that entrap a single target. The web is just like that of a sticky spider web that prevents movement and activity. This spell is used in two ways. If it is a regular entity it is used like a spider web. But if it is a supernatural force a mystical form of web is created with energy rather than a sticky substance. In order to move the entity must have a higher strength over the listed strength. If they do not break free they can't move for the duration and are limited on their actions. The Spider Web is almost invisible in certain light as normal spider web but the Energy Web glows a slight whitish hue.

Range (EL+1)x2"
Duration EL+1 phases
Strength 10+(ELx10)
Alignment Balance

OPTIONAL - Referee can allow this spell to be cast ahead of time and be placed in a particular place. The web can be placed like on a tree where a person may walk. It will last until duration ends and will entrap once target hits it. Cast in this way however, there is a chance to free oneself with a Strength Roll.

NOTE - I know astral web is there. But that's a BMC 4 spell and it does more than one target. This one just does a single target. It also is 1 BMC less. The optional rule can be expanded for another roll like Will or Dex and a variable to that like Will x2. I use basic strength as a outline.


This spell will cause a creature to become deaf for the listed duration. All those in the effected area will lose hearing for the duration. The roll modifier is for attacker rolls as they are confused and disoriented.

Range EL+1" (Radius)
Exclusions EL
Duration EL+1 Turns
Roll Modifier EL+1
Alignment Sidh Magics

OPTIONAL - Cast at 3 times the normal cost this spell can try to pernmanetly deafen a single target. Cast in this way there is no area affect but its cast on one target. The chance to cause pernmanet deafness, as the eardrum explodes from the magical power, is (EL+1)x10%.

NOTE - Blindness is great but it only does one target. Imagine a caster being attacked by a small force led by a leader who shouts orders. If those attackers are suddenly deaf they become confused. The leader would be useless and his troops would become single individuals rather than a distinct unit.

Sensory Powers

This family has the following member spells:

BMC All 3
Alignment Balance


This spell will increae sight perception and range. This spell is used in several ways. Cast at EL0 it can increase the normal perception of vision to help pick out distinctive things in a room or area. Used in this way it gives a (EL+1)x5% chance of spotting a particular thing you are searching for, be it a secret door or a particular rune out of 100 runes on a tapestry. Used in the other way it increases the sight of normal 20/20 vision by telescoping the distance seen. This would be affected by terrain type since some terrain limits vision. This spell does not help in seeing in darkness or magical darkness. It only improves normal viewing perception. Thus viewing through fog or steam is normal perception.

Range (EL+1)x2" (Used in EL0 mode only)
Duration EL+1 turns
Telescoped distance Distance x (EL+1)

EXAMPLE - A normal person in the plains might be able to see 1 miles in any direction in the heat of 100 degree weather. But if a EL3 spell is cast to increase his sight he could now see at 1x(3+1)=4 miles. He would see it as if it was the same distance if his sight was not increased in detail.

NOTE - This spell would help if a caster is being chased or tracked by people and he needs to keep a track on THEM say in a desert or plains. Used in the first method it just increases NORMAL perception (no telescoped vision) but used in the other way it increases the range. IF someone was lucky to get to EL10 they could see say 11 miles down the plains as clear as it was a mile. This would be very useful if a caster served as a military scout for example. The level of detail would be up to the Referee and weather. Would work on the same principal as satelites of today. They would be able to zoom in but they may not get details like reading scrolls at 10 miles away. They might make out groups of people and who they are but that's about it. Spell only cast on the caster.


This spell increases the taste sensation of the caster's mouth. It serves in two ways. First method is to simply detect if certain foods are good to eat or if poisoned. The caster would take a small bite of the food but be unaffected by its sour or poisoned effects from the magical defense of the spell. It would then give a sensation to the caster of being bad or poisoned. The other way cast at x2 the Mana Cost would make it to block poisoned foods. While the duration lasts the caster can withstand the poison. The Reduction is the amount of Base Line reduction for the poison in its effect. If used to simply detect bad or poisoned food the duration is only for the time it takes to eat the first bite (usually 1 phase). The PR Increase is a bonus used in defending against the poison (PR is Poison Resistance).

Duration (EL+1)x2 turns (if used to defend against poison.
BL Reduction (EL+1)x2
PR Increase (EL+1)x3% [If used to defend against poisons]

EXAMPLE - A BL10 Immediate Death Poison Apple is given to a caster who casts a EL4 Taste spell to defend against suspected poison. The BL reduction is 10 making it BL0 Immediate Death. The duration to defend against this poison would last him 10 turns and give a boost of 15% to his Poison Resistance.

NOTE - This spell does NOT destroy the poison but just simply reduces the effects of poison and its chances of success. Mainly it would be used in the wilderness to detect things like berries if they are poisonous or good to eat for survival. In civilized areas one would use it if they suspect a host might poison them.


This increases the hearing of the caster. The caster's hearing will be increased for the duration. To listen better the caster must see the noise and target while it is within his range. The Roll Modifier is for the one who uses this spell since heightened hearing can also distract and confuse. To give this ability to someone they must touch that person. The spell is cast only on one person at a time so if not the caster then it is cast on another person. The Range is the distance the improed hearing is. Thus noises outside the range will be heard with the person's normal hearing. Those noises in the range will be heard as if the person was right next to the noise and hears it completely. The drawback to this spell is if there is too much noise it can cause problems for the person using this spell.

Range (EL+1)x2"
Duration EL+1 Turns
Roll Modifier EL+1 (Normal and combat success rolls)

OPTIONAL - Cast at x2 the mana cost this spell can affect a area for the person to listen for movement or noises. In this way the range is the listed Range but a Radius. But used this way the Roll Modifier is twice the listed above since more noises are coming to the one affected.

NOTE - Ever want to hear a conversation said by a king about to kill you in a royal court as you stand 40 feet away as they whisper? Well this spell allows it. The one using the spell MUST see the target directly without obstruction. The target does not have to be looking at the one with better hearing. The downside is while you are concentrating on hearing for things the roll modifier is the amount of disorientation you have. Besides conversations this is good for detecting noises in a abandoned area or the wild.


This spell increases the smell sensation of the one affected. How the detail of this spell improves things is up to the Referee. To affect another person caster must touch that person for him to get the spell results. The spell gives the direction of the speicified smell or odor along with the distance. Failure gives only the direction but no distance. Absyamll gives nothing.

Range (EL+1)x5" (Radius)
Duration EL+1 Hours

NOTE - This spell I envision as mainly a tracking spell. If a caster is trying to track a female in a marketplace that has a distinctive odor or perfume this spell will help the caster to track that smell by giving the dirction of the smell as long as the small remains in his range area. It could also be used to track for things normal smell can't like gas in a mine or such.


Caster is only person affected by this spell. It increases the sense of touch. The spell effects are two fold. The first method allows the caster to detect surfaces far better in times where he may be blind or in darkness. Even the slightest touch will yield what the object is likely to be with a simple brush rather than raking the hands over a entire object. Used in this way it is good to find your way out of a tunnel or maze by the sheer wall layout and distinctive touch. It is also good to detect secret traps or doors through their outlines on walls before its too late. The second method is when cast at x2 the Mana cost. Used in this method a person can read text or runes in total darkness or lack of vision. The caster must also know the language of the text read. The Referee is free to limit the use of this spell and its effects.

Range Touch
Duration EL+1 turns

NOTE - This spell s more subjective. But I've had use of it in game at one time. The first method is good to find secret rooms or doors or items in a room that is totally dark. The second method allows a caster to read a book or scroll in darkness. Why is this spell usefull? What if a Darkness spell is cast and a magic -user has to read his scroll or book to cast the spell to negate the darkness. Well this spell allows the reading of the exact details for chanting the spoll. This acts as if the text is raised like braille.

Animal Powers

This family has the following member spells:

Alignment Shamanic

NOTE - Slay the Tame, WildNess and Music could be put into this family group.

Animal Sight

This spell allows the caster to view through the eyes of a selected animal. The Caster must have prior recent (within last hour) knowledge of the animal or see the animal directly. The caster can then see through the eyes of the animal as it moves about. The animal is not affected in any other way. If the animal has non-normal vision like infrared then the caster also sees in that wavelength. If the caster is a Shaman and the animal is a Tonah he gets a -EL to the success roll. If the creature has an ability to resist and is intelligent then he gets his normal MDV to resist. The Range is how far shaman must be to make contact with animal initially. After that the creature can move out of the range or even out of view of the Caster.

Range (EL+1)x10" [Inital contact range]
Duratoin (EL+1)x2 turns

NOTE - This spell is useful for example if you cast it on a Hawk flying over a valley. As he soars you can see the valley and see if your being followed or of other forces in the area. The caster has NO control over the animal just can see through it.

Animal Disruption

This spell is like Abandon but for Animals only. It allows ALL animals in the effected radius area to suddenly go berserk or crazy. They will immediately react and flee the area in some fashion. This affects ALL animal life in the area from the lowest Ant to the biggest of animals like Bear.

Range EL+1" (Diameter)
Duration (EL+1)x2 phases

OPTIONAL - Can allow this spell to remain in place or allow it to move with the caster as he moves.

NOTE - An example of this spell is a caster is in a forest and suddenly he is attacked by bandits. A caster that does this spell suddenly has all the forest animals go berserk. Birds go flying in every direction. Bees swarm out of the area. Deer stampede. The bandits are so confused by this it gives the caster time to attack or retreat. Another example is if on a plains near horses that are simply grazing. If attacked by a few bandits the spell will cause the horses to stampede. Course the direction is up to the Referee but it could be straight for the bandits.

Animal Speed

This spell increases the speed of a animal in a given range area. The listed PMR is the increae in speed. If at any time the PMR increase is 3 times the normal PMR the animal will become exhausted at the end of the duration. At this point they will have to rest 1 full hour before they can move again even at normal speed.

Range EL+1" (60 degree Cone)
Duration (EL+1)x3 turns
PMR Increase EL+1

OPTIONAL - Cast at x3 the cost it can be used to increase speed of animals longer. Used in this way the duration is hours not turns. The PMR increase is halved, rounded up.

NOTE - This spell is mainly used on horses but could be used on other animals like War Dogs or such. The caster can cast it to increae the speed of the horses. It is given a Cone area rather than touch since there may be a few more horses (like a wagon). The regular speed spell seems to affect a single target and persons rather than animals. So this spell helps.

Animal Talk

This spell allows the caster to learn information from a animal. It is not the same as talking to the animal but the informatino gained is more generic. The main use of this spell is to learn if a specific target was seen by the animal and how long ago it was seen. The success chance is helped by the Intellect of the animal. Per Int point the animal has the success chance is decreased by 5%. Spell has no duration but if the spell succeeds the caster learns if the target was seen. If the target was seen a mental image is projected to the caster by the animal of how long ago through use of the sun and moon. Since animals do not judge time they can only determine passage of time by how the sun & moon move across the sky. Thus if the animal projects the sun being at 3 o'clock and the current sun is straight up the time the target was seen was 3 hours prior. The max time this works is 12 hours since above that the animal can't project a valid time. The Caster must know the target to be tracked.

Range (EL+1)x5"

OPTIONAL - Referee could allow for EL days since the target was seen if the animal can project a 'day' by showing the sun and moon move across the sky.

NOTE - This spell is mainly for tracking purposes. A caster can ask a bird through the spell (the communication is not through words but through a mystical questioning of the animal's subconscious) if a person was in the area in the last few hours. The bird will determine yes and no and if so how long ago. This does not act like the basic Communicate spell.

Animal Summoning

This spell will create a urge for animals to come toward the caster. The call is mystical and spreads out from the caster in all directions. The caster must be creative in this spell as it may backfire. Animals summoned may not be controllable and therefore may attack the caster himself. The caster will have to specify the animal to be summoned (like bear, wolf, etc.). The time it takes for animal to come to the caster depends on the animal and his normal mode of movement. The spell fails if he can't contact the minimum Intellect of the animal. This spell does NOT summon supernatural forces.

Range EL+1 miles [Distance away animal can be summoned]
Number Summonable (EL+1)/2 (Rounded up, number of animals can summon)
Mana Cost Mana Cost x Animal summoned
Max Intellect EL+1 (Minimum Intellect of animal can summon)

EXAMPLE - A wizard is being hunted by 2 barbarians. He finds himself trapped in a tree. He decides to call for a local bear he saw earlier that day. He casts a EL2 Animal summoning spell for Bear and requests for as many bear as he can get. The range for the summoning is 3 miles around the caster. He can summon 2 bears and he will request 2. The cost will be 2 times the basic mana cost and he can summon a max Intellect of 3. Unfournately a Bear has a Intellect of 4. So his spell is not powerful enough to summon the bears. The spel fails.

NOTE - This gives a basic alternative to the Summoning Spell. Think of this spell as a Tarzan effect where one can call creatues or a Aquaman effect where he can send for help by creatures. This spell can be dangerous as one may summon a pack of wolves but not be able to controll them. Thus if the Referee chooses he cna do a Optional rule to control the animals at say 2x the mana cost or another Animal Control type spell.


This spell acts like a Chameleon and will hide the person in the terrain he is in. It does not act like an illusion but simply distorts the terrain and phyiscal appearance of the person TO those who are seeing. The caster or target is never affected physically. The type of terrain will affect this spell. It is mianly affected for terrain that allows for good hiding like Snow, Ice, Tundra, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Underground and Hills. Other terrains will be far more difficult to hide in like open plains or just a pasture and will not work in those areas. The person acts hidden as if the Elven Forest Hiding skill for the duration. For those in the area who are specifically looking for the one using this spell they will require a success roll like Active Illusion to find the person hidden even though this spell is not an illusion. For those the caster includes in this spell to be affected they must have contact with the caster. Those affected can't move or the spell will be negated. If target is also damaged the spell will be negted for the attacker. Damaged during the spell like through combat.

The spell only affects the surroundings around those who wish to use the benefits of the spell. It distorts the visual wavelengths of the terrain, clothing and body. This distortion meshes the person into the terrain as if its a cloak. This does not completely turn the person invisible or distort through illusion. Nothing physical is distorted just how the person is viewed by others. This distortation is through he mystical powers of the spell.

Range Touch
Inclusions EL
Duration (EL+1)x2 Turns
Alignment Sidh/Shamanic/Balance/Elder [Either works for me ]

NOTE - This spell is good for eluding enemy. I tried to form a spell that does not act like invisibility or an illusion. The basic concept works out from how a chameleon blends in with his terrain. One could adapt the spell to act like that in which it affects the person's appearance to mesh into the terrain. It is up to the Referee to clarify and refine the spell.

Morale Change [or Confidence Check]

This spell affects the Morale of those affected. The listed Morale Check will be rolled to determine if the enemy's Morale is affected. This spell creates a sense of dread to the enemy so that they will rethink their tactical position in combat. The results of the morale check is up to the Referee but it could result in the enemy surrendering, fleeing or going berserk. This depends on the enemy especially if they are fanatical or under uncontrollable battle fury. There is no duration The check is done once and result is immediate. The situation will have to be considered when using this spell. Situation like terrain, weather, overwhelming odds are all factors in the use of the spell for caster and referee alike. The Morale Check is rolled on a D100 and for success should be less than or equal to the check percentage. Modifiers to this roll like MDV, Spell EL, skills (like stealth or other leadership skills) and other Referee defined modifiers should all be applied. Also if the Referee uses his own Morale system this spell may be ignored. However, for situations when morale rules are not used this spell is useful to prevent slaughters from one side or another.

Range (EL+1)x2" (60 degree cone)
Morale Check (EL+1)x5%
Alignment Balance

EXAMPLE - A EL 5 Morale spell is cast on 3 bandits. The caster is alone so outnumbered. The rnage is 120" plenty of time for the caster not to be attacked. The Morale Check is 30% which means the Refree rolls under this and gets a 23 on D100. The Referee determines the bandits slow and begin to think the enemy is a Wizard of power. Sudden dread overcomes them and they flee the area for a time deteremined by the Referee. If the bandits were Chaos and Fanatical and the Wizard was Law they may not flee but may act cautiously. This spell could use some work and maybe a Morale Results chart. This is just a rough idea and mostly leaves it up to the GM to decide results. There could be a Duration on the spell on how long the people flee or stay away from attacking the enemy. The form of dread is up to the GM. Examples might include sounds, lights, odd affects around the caster like earth shakes. This spell should be used unless a Morale system is in place in pnp2 or in home brew rules. A GM can define a possible MDV limit since wizards may be able to suspect magic is being used agains them. For example a MDV limit of (EL+1)x3 may be a good option.


This spell works through the mystical ways of Fate. This spell affects physical reality or non-physical reality. The exact results are random and up to the Referee. To those in the affected area they will notice some minute change in reality. The Caster is not affected by this spell. this spell can also affect time in a minor way by moving those affected forward in time by a minute amount. Each phase the Referee will determine the results of Entropy and relay those changes to the environment. Any time effects the Caster is not affected by the Time and realizes what has occured. The results of entropy are infinite and up to the imagination of the Referee. It may include pesky things like a object being moved or thrown down. It may include confusing things like cards in a person's hand being changed to a different suit or a book changing text. It could be lethal or risky in that effects of spell may be twisted like a fire dart may bounce off a person and hit another person or a arrow may fly but turn to mush and fall in the air. The changes and the duration of said changes are up to the Referee. The listed duration is how long the spell lasts. If a change requires a duration the default Duration 2 can be used for the effect of that entropy change to take place. If time is affected it must relate in some way to logical time and rules if possible. Common use of time entropy is loops of actions or jumps of events. The referee can bend the laws of physics when using this spell if he thinks it is needed.

Range (EL+1)x2" (Radius area effect of change)
Duration 1 (EL+1)x2 phases [Basic duration of total spell]
Duration 2 EL+1 phases [How long a change may occur]
Entropy Chance (EL+1)x10% [Chance of Entropy to have affect each phase]
Time Effect (EL+1)x3 Seconds [If time is affected]
Alignment Elder

OPTIONAL - Referee can determine if the caster is affected by this spell or not.

OPTIONAL - Cast at x5 the mana cost the caster can control the effects of entropy and should work with the Referee to complete those changes.

EXAMPLE - A Wizard is in a room with 3 others gambling. The Wizard casts a EL4 Entropy spell. This gives 8" range which will affect the entire room easilly. Duration is 10 phases. Chance of Entropy is 50%. If time is affected it will do 12 seconds. First and second phases no entropy takes place. But third phase GM rolls a 33 so entropy changed. He secretly decides it affects Fate of Gamling Chance. Thus that round it may affect the caster in good or bad ways in his favor. The next phase time is affected and the gamblers suddenly find themselves replaying the same hand they did a few seconds ago. Yet the Caster sees it as a Time Loop and replays the hand in his favor. This goes on for the duration.

NOTE - The Referee can have fun with this spell. It could affect things from Gambling to Horse Races to Combat. It is critical the GM wage the results to fit the reality. If in a horse race the caster replays the last curve in the race that occured 5 seconds prior it must fit in reality that those who see the race understand what has occured and it makes logical sense. Any results are completely up to the GM to determine or he can make up his own chart of effects. It may be a strange spell to figure out but once the Referee has an idea and situation to work with it could lead to some interesting events. This works like Luck or Fate to affect things in the environment. In present time think of entropy as socks that are missing in the dryer. Two socks go in but one comes out. Entropy? Or one minute the keys to the car are on this sofa but the next they are missing and can't be found.

Code/Decode [Encryption or Hidden Meaning]

This spell allows the caster to obscure or reveal scrolls and books that he can read in the same langauge he knows. The spell allows the caster to obscure a scroll or other text so it is scrambled and not readable. A Detection or Knowledge spell will only determine it is obscured but not the contents of the scroll or book. This will affect any text or runes in the form of a language. The spell can also be used to reveal the material back to normal. This affects only one scroll at a time. If it is a book or tome with more than one page it will need +1 Mana Cost per additional 2 pages to obscure or reveal. No duration for this spell but in order to obscure or reveal a book it will require concentration that is not broken until it is complete. If any part of the concentration is broken the spell is negated and nothing is obscured or revealed. To reveal a scroll or book the MDV will have to be taken to resist. The MDV of a book or scroll is equal to the caster's MEL plus EL of the spell to obscure the item. If the scroll or text is magical by itself in nature it can resist this spell at its basic MDV on top of any other factors (ie if its been obscured on top of that).

Range Touch
Alignment Law

NOTE - This spell is useful for wizards who may want to keep their arcane knowledge private from prying eyes. I created this spell due to treasure that always had that 'Encoded' part to scrolls And yet the rules never had coverage on how to encode or decode them.

Cosmic Powers

The members of this family are as follows:

Alignment Balance

NOTE - These powers assume that the PL universe uses the basic concepts of the night sky (ie stars, moon, planets and other astronomical constructs). If you run a universe based on Godly separation of the worlds and gods using stellar objects then this family may not be good for you. In my universe PL is just a basic ancient version of earth like world. It uses the basic astronomical constructs as normal earth would. Thus the PL would see comets, asteriod showers and much more. The Upper and Lower Worlds are mystical planes that are not 'attached' to the Middle World by physical means.

Meteor Shower

This pulls asteriods from the Sky and brings them down around the caster. The stone could be from hail size to as large as a 3 foot rock (or bigger) depending on EL. Those hit by the rocks will be damaged. The listed fire chance is the chance the rock on impact with target, if its on fire and can cause additional fire damage or ignite objects. The meteors are not controlled by the caster thus the If the caster rolls an abysmal failure the rocks pulled down will all head straight for him.

Range (EL+1)x2" (Diameter) [Area where rocks land around caster]
Duration EL+1 phases
Numbers of Rocks (EL+1)x10
Time to fall 5-EL phases (If 0 instantly)
Damage 1D6+EL+(Size divided by 12 Rounded up)
Fire Chance (EL+1)x10%
Stone Size
016 37
137 45
288 53
3159 56
42210 60
53011+ 72

OPTIONAL - Referee can determine if there are asteriods in the heavens above the planet to pull down. If none this spell fails. Otherwise the stones are mystically created.

NOTE - I saw a version of this in a computer game and thought it'd be cool to have in pnp. You may notice this is the first spell I've done with damage listed. The Referee can tweak the formulae including the time to fall (or have no time), size, or any of the other factors.

Star Navigation

This spell is used like Desert Navigation but uses the Stars to navigate through the wilderness or seas. This spell does not give a distance but will show the direction of a known target to the caster. It does this by mystically increasing the brightness of a star in the direction it is, and even the color to make it easy to stand out. Only the caster can see this changed view of the sky. Success gives the direction. Failure gives nothing. Abysmal may give a totally different location. Spell only works so long as there are Stars in the sky that are not obscured by clouds or weather. This also only works at night obviously. The destination must be known to the caster specifically.

Duration EL+1 hours

OPTIONAL - Referee can determine a distance to object restriction. Like the destination must be within (EL+1)x100 miles of the caster.

NOTE - This spell is good for sailors mainly who may lose their Navigation skills and spells or charts. If lost on some boat alone in the sea this works. Also works in the wilderness on land.

Moon Shine

As long as there is some form of moonlight this spell will increase the brightness of the moon as if it was a Full Moon. This brightness is not physical by the moon by mystical as seen by the caster and those he includes. The effect is as if the moon is shining at the biggest phase (the full moon). If it is at Full Moon already it will be twice as bright to the caster and those he includes as normal. The effects of ths brightness increases vision for combat and other uses.

Duration (EL+1)x2 turns
Inclusions EL

NOTE - Good for combat at night. I have revamped this spell slightly. It was originally proposed by a player back around '94. From my notes. I tweaked it a bit here. There are several 'see in the dark' spells but this works in area effect with inclusions. It basically gives a SLIGHT edge in combat fighting at night.

Cosmic Time

This spell gives the Caster a exact time of day based on Celestial bodies. It can be cast at day or night. On success the spell will project a sundial illusion in front of the caster with the exact time since the illusion will include minute and hour type tick marks. There is no range for this spell. As long as there are Sunlight and Moonlight this sepll will work. Weather can affect this spell.

Duration EL+1 phases (For illusion or ends at caster's will)

OPTIONAL - This spell can be used to synchronize caster and a set number of inclusions to use the same time. Used in this way the caster can set a specific time for the spell to go off. At this time the spell will indicate a mental sensation to the caster and those he includes. Success reveals the sensation on the exact selected time, failure gives nothing and Abysmal will give a different time off by up to 6 hours. The number of inclusions is EL. The caster must first cast the basic Cosmic Time spell as normal to get the time then recast the spell at x2 the cost plus 1 mana point per person included. Success must be for both spells to be effective. Cast in this way the illusion does not show but alerts those affected by the mental sensation.

NOTE - Since no clocks exist or timex watches are around. This spell is good for determining the exact time of day. The illusion will show the caster the exact time as if it was a true clock. This spell is useful if a person has to meet or do some event at an exact time. This spell should be restricted to cultures who have some form of basic mathematics and astronmy skill sets. Barbarian cultures who have none of these skills would not use it. We know sundials existed in very ancient times so this fits in with pno.


This spell allows the caster or those he is in physical contact with to memorize something. It is single item or piece of information. If it is a simple piece of information like a name or a gate code then there is no duration. If the informatino is text like a book or scroll it will take time to memorize the information. The information will have to be read within the listed duration. For that amount of text read it will be memorized. The Referee will determine how fast the material can be read and memorized. If the material is text the person can memorize Intelligence x 100 words. If more the spell can only trap the memory for that spell and more words will have to be memorized with another spell. The Time to recall is how long the material will be memorized before it fades from memory. If one wishes to increase the length of this time he can cast this spell at EL0 and recall the item to re-memorize. Success will add another period (Time to recall EL+1 phases) to the original time.

Duration (EL+1)x5 turns (for longer items like books, scrolls]
Time to recall EL+1 Years
Alignment Law

NOTE - I know other game systems use this as a Skill. But a spell would be nice. Need to memorize a map then this spell is useful. Referee shuold determine level of memorization, if needed. The main factor is how fast a person reads should be determined before use of this spell. A good rule of thumb might be Read & Write EL words per minute. This could vary for printed and written text.

Ice Powers

This family has the following Members:

Alignment Elder

NOTE - Cold spell would fit in nicely with this family.

Ice Dart

This spell is directed at a single target. The damagelisted is damage from intense cold. There is no freeze chance like the Cold spell. This dart of Ice projects from the fingers of the caster and flies toward the target. The dart may only be about 3 inches in length but on impact it explodes and causes a flux of intense cold in the impact area. Armor protects against this but it can also backfire. Metalic or Iron armor will increase damage by EL/3 (Rounded up) due to how the armor interacts with the cold air. Armors like Leather or Quilted will protect as normal with no side damage. Creatures who are natural to cold climates will take 50% of the damage, Rounded Up.

Range (EL+1)x2"
Damage 2D6+EL

OPTIONAL - There could be given a Frozen Chance slightly less than that of the Cold Spell. Used in this way the person becomes stunned rathan frozen. The stun is through loss of breath from the sudden coldness.

NOTE - Whereas Cold is area affect this is a single target spell. Referee can define the type of 'dart' from a single ice dagger like object to a snowball that hurts.

Ice Shield:

A shield made of solid Ice is created for the caster. It will block most things like thrown objects and arrows. It may not block all melee weapons depending on the blow against it which could shatter it. Hot weather will affect this shield. Per 5 degrees over 80 degress -1 phase to duration. Shape of the shield is up to the Caster. For size use the size of normal shields of the same AV. The Shatter chance is the chance it will shatter from a melee weapon hitting it. In order for this spell to work there must be some form of water vapor in the air or some water nearby to get energy from. If the humidity is such that there is no water vapor chances are it won't be created. The Referee will have to determine this based on weather and climate. Caster must have a free hand for the shield to be formed. Once created the shield will have a hand hold and it can then be tied to form a back shield if needed. The chance to shatter is when damage is done that equal's the shields AV. At this point a shatter chance roll is made. If the roll is less than or equal to the shatter chance the shield remains intact otherwise it shatters completely.

AV EL+1 [AV of Ice shield created]
Duration (EL+1)x2 phases [How long shield lasts]
Shatter Chance (10-EL)x10% [IF EL0 then Chance is 95%]

EXAMPLE - A EL 3 Ice shield is created. It has a AV of 4, Duration of 8 phases and a Shatter Chance of 70%. Thus if it takes 5 hits in one blow it could shatter 70% of the time. Thus a roll of 0-30 is needed to prevent the shield from shattering on a D100. If this spell is cast in desert during 105 degrees the duration is decreased by 5 phases so the shield will only last 3 phases due to the heat.

NOTE - Fire Powers has Fire Showers like a shield of some sort so why not a Ice Shield. Those in the far north would use these a great deal compared to folks in the Desert. Its mainly for folks who don't have a shield and suddenly find themselves in a mob with rocks thrown at them. I revamped the Shatter chance making it decrease as AV and EL increase. I had initially ELxAV% but that did not seem as efficient. The referee is free to use the shatter chance or modify or even delete it all together. One could use the default shield rules of breaking shields.

Ice Blast

This is a combination of Cold and Ice Dart. It only affects inanimate objects like doors and locks. It has no affect on animate objects. The intense blast of cold acts like Dry Ice. So on impact the item is frozen. The range is the distance from the object the Caster must be. The effect area is how large a area the item is frozen but is only a max value that can be varied by the Caster. The Item becomes so brittle it can be then kicked or hacked in and destroyed easilly. If the item can't be completely covered by the Ice Blast the listed Damage is done to the item in terms of its physical resistance. Otherwise the door is completely frozen and acts like it has been dipped in Dry Ice. If the targeted item is magical it will use its MDV in resistance to this spell.

Range (EL+1)x2"
Damage 1D6+EL [If not completely covered]
Effect Area (EL+1)x2 feet
Depth Affected (EL+1)/2 feet

EXAMPLE - A wizard is locked in a cage so he casts a EL2 Ice Blast on the door lock which is only about 8 inches wide. The Range is plenty for the small cell. The Damage would be 1D6+5 but the lock will be completely covered. The Effect Area is 6 feet and 1.5 feet thick. This will cover the lock and most of the cell door. The wizard can then kick it and break out.

NOTE - I always liked the Destruction spell but it can be a bit over abusive. So this spell allows limits on it and puts it into a non-mystical effect (cold rather than magical). As the spell incerases one could say at EL10 destroy a castle wall 22 feet wide and 5.5 feet thick. Might not affect an entire side of a castle but its big enough to take out a castle gate at the front. There are 2 waysa Referee can balance this spell. The first is to restrict it based on weather. If extreme heat (say over 80 degrees per 5 degress is -X to range, duration and damage). Another way might be to restrict it by target type. In that it will affect say all metal but the effect ends when the substance chances. In the above example if the cold hits the sand floor the effect ends there. Thus it might only affect the METAL. But those options are up to the Referee.

Ice Bridge

This spell allows one to move over terrain through use of Ice.It creates a small path of ice for the caster to move across to the other side. The Range is the distance the ice can extend to some other point. Weather can affect this spell. In hot climates like desert or where temperatures reach over 90 degrees the duration and range is reduced by 50% rounded up. IN climates where cold is the norm like Tundra, Artic, Snow, Ice Fields and Glaciers the range and duration is doubled. Fire natural or magical can damage these ice bridges as normal fire would damage ice. The listed resistance is the amount of damage the bridge can take from fire. Weapons can damage the bridge but due to the magical nature of the bridge the damage from normal weapons will be reduced 50% rounded up. The caster can allow certain included people to travel over the bridge without risk of slipping. The caster and those included can travel over the bridge at normal speeds without risk of falling. However, winds can affect this movement. Those who are not included by the caster will have to do a Dex x 3 roll to cross the bridge without slipping and possibly falling. Boots and other footwear for ice and snow can help those move across and they will only need a basic Dex x 1 roll. In attacking the bridge the bridge will have to be attacked in logical parts to destroy it. To cut people from crossing to one side they should destroy ONE side and the rest of the bridge will crumble and fall away without support. Destroy it in the middle and both ends fall and break but the ends are still standing. The referee and player will have to work on the details of the attack. IN creation of this bridge there must exist enough moisture in the aire to do so. In a hot desert where there may be NO water vapor thsi spell will not work. In a jungle where it tends to be rainy there is a good chance it will work. The referee can assign a humdity factor as a base chance of success. If there is 100% water vapor or concentrated water (ice, snow, etc.) then the spell automatically succeeds. But if there is only 5% humdity in some desert it will be harder. Failure in this spell creates no bridge. Abysmal will create the bridge but the bridge will suddenly break up mid-way across the bridge.

Range (EL+1)x2" [How far bridge can cross]
Bridge Height EL+1 feet [Caster can vary]
Resistance (EL+1)x5 [Hits needed to destroy bridge]
Inclusions EL+1 [To allow movement safely over bridge]
Duration (EL+1)x2 phases
Creation PMR EL x 5 feet [Bridge expands at this rate] per phase
Width of path EL+3 feet [Max width defined by caster]

EXAMPLE - A wizard is chased by bandits and comes up to a river that is 50 feet wide but deep and has alligators in the water. He casts a EL3 Ice movement spell. This makes a ice path that crosses the river 8" but the caster doesn't need that much. The Duration is 8 phases. The Width can be 6 feet. Hopefully his MR can cross the distance and hopefully the bandits won't be on it before it ends. This is done in forest and since the river is there the water content/vapor allows for use of this spell. The river banks are 60 feet across. So the bridge will be plenty long. The bridge expands at 15 feet per phase. So it will take 4 phases for the bridge to form before the caster can move across.

NOTE - I always liked SuperHero Iceman. I know cheesy but this spell somewhat modifies his ability into a spell for pnp. A Referee could make it LIKE his power in that he slides on ice and moves. But that's up to the Referee. A form of Earth bridge could be made for earth powers as well. I envision this used for things like ravines and such. The width allows others to travel on it as well since the bigger the more people can go on it.

Ice House

This spell creates a quick ice shelter of igloo like construction. This spell can only be cast in cold climates like Artic, Tundra, Ice and Glacier Fields or terrain covered with at least 3 inches of snow. The spell fails in any other climate automatically. The listed Capacity is how many folks can occupy the space of the built shelter. The shelter is built from the surrounding terrain. It resembles that of a igloo with a small opening, hole in roof for smoke from fire and a round dome area or square area (up to caster) for the people to occupy. It has the same color of the terrain and blends in well. The listed Wind Resistance is how strong the superstructure can resist against strong winds. The Structure HPV is how many points the structure can resist in damage before collapsing entirely. The opening to the shelter is open to the air and will have to be covered by cloth or other material. Size depends on the capacity. It is just enough for the person and a stretched out bedroll of normal length plus a small portion of equipment. A fire can help bring down the temperature of the shelter greatly. But this fire does not affect the shelter since the fire tends to be far enough away from the walls and not hot enough to affect it. however, if one is to put a small fire near the wall it can hinder duration and the hit points of the shelter.

Capacity EL+1 [Not including caster]
Wind Resistance (EL+1)x10 Mph Winds [If can resist against winds]
Structure HPV (EL+1)x5
Duration (EL+1)x2 hours [How long shelter lasts before melts]
Build Time (EL+1)x2 turns [Time to construct shelter]

OPTIONAL - Caster can spend increase the duration, HPV of the structure and wind resistance of a shelter. Per ONE mana point in addition to the basic mana cost the duration increases by 30 minutes. The HPV also increases by 1 and wind resistance increases by 2 MPH.

EXAMPLE - A wizard and his friend are caught up in a upcoming blizzard. The Wizard casts a EL3 Ice House sepll. It will allow 4 people big enough for both and plenty of gear. It can resist winds of the blizzard as strong as 40 mph gusts. If the winds are stronger the structure will begin to shake and shatter. It can resist 20 points of damage say from a weapon. It will last 8 hours enough time to sleep the night during the blizzard.

NOTE - I always hated being caught in the snow with no where to run. This spell allows one to create shelter quickly. I thought about a Earth Powers equivalent but can not come up with a good way to handle it as Earth tends to be more loose and not structurally sound as snow and ice can be.

Blizzard [or Glacier Spike]

This spell pulls in the artic winds and creates a sudden blizzard of snows, ice hail and winds. The caster is protected at the center of the spell. In order to cast this spell the caster must be in a climate where cold is the norm like Artic, Ice/Snow Fields and Tundra. Any other terrain this spell will fail unless it is the Winter Season and the temperature is at least 20 degrees or below. If this temperature exists then it is cold enough to create this spell. The effects of the spell will cause vision to be lessened and the enemy to suffer damage. This coldness will prevent them from actions that may normally occur. As the enemy continue to be in the effect area (consecutively time) they may be frozen. The Frozen length is th elength of time it will take for the person to be frozen. At the end of this time the frozen chance is rolled each phase until frozen. The effect of being frozen is stunned and no action by the target until blizzard is over and then it will take 1D6+EL phases to wear off. The damage is taken each phase by those that remain in the affected area by the hail and coldness. Clothing can help prevent against this damage depending on the clothing (Referee's option). The listed visibility is how far in front of the person he can see. The caster is not affected by the cold or lack of sight. The winds created will reduce PMR by the listed amount. If the PMR of a person is ever reduced to 0 he can not move and if negative he is blown down. If blown down he will need a Strength roll to stand and then try to move again.

Duration (EL+1)x2 phases [Lengt o blizzard]
Frozen Chance (EL+1)x10% [Each phase]
Frozen Length (10-EL)+1 phases
Range 2" (EL as power / a Radius)
Damage 1D3+EL per phase
Wind PMR EL+1 mph
Visibility 10-EL feet (If 0 then blinded)

EXAMPLE - A wizard is in the mountains and being surrounded by wolves. He casts a EL3 Blizzard. This will last 8 phases, create a area of blizzard that is 8" aroundthe caster. It will cause 1D3+3 points to the wolves each phase. The winds from the blizzard are only 4 mph but can be cold. The frozen length is 8 phases. So if the wolves remain in the area for 8 consecutive phases there is a 40% chance each phase the wolf will freeze.

NOTE - I know Cold exists. But this adds a bit of a more dangerous area affect. In some ways it is less dangerous than Cold but in other ways it is better. The Referee is free to vary the oormulae to suit his needs. A optional Inclusions can be included for the spell as well if Referee wishes to do so.

Sound Powers

This family has the following members in the group

Alignment Sidh or Law

NOTE - These spells give a good balance since there are Silence and Sound sphere spells which can be modified to react to these spells.

Sonic Blast

This spell creates from the Caster's mouth a sonic wave of ultra sonic frequency. The sonic wave is so high pitched it can be felt and heard but it also disrupts living tissue. This is cast on a specific target only. The main effect is to stun the person as he is helpless to perform actions due to the noise. There is some damage to the tissue and organs of the body. The main damage is to the ears and eardrums which if burst can cause pernament deafness. MDV of the target will be taken into account when using this spell. If the spell succeeds then the person is stunned but the caster must roll a Hit (Shield hit counts as Hit) or better on the combat table using the caster's MEL+EL as the spell OCV for the spell. If not hit occurs the person is not stunned but does feel a slight effect from the spell while taking no damage. There is no duration as it is a single event spell. During the time he is stunned the target will not be able to do any action as his nervous system is razzled.

Range (EL+1)x2"
Damage 1D3+EL
Time Stunned EL+1 phases

OPTIONAL - Depending on strong Willed folks he may roll Will x 3 to try to begin to move slightly or defend himself when stunned.

EXAMPLE - A MEL5 Wizard casts a EL4 Sonic Blast on a Ogre. The spell range is 10" and does 1D3+4 points on impact. If the wizard rolls using a OCV of 9 and hits the ogre will be stunned for 5 phases.

NOTE - We all know the Siren and their calls were devasting. We all have heard of creatures in myths who can damage the mytical heroes with noise. This just allows the good guys to use the same ability in pnp.

Sonic Trumpet

This creates the effects of Sonic Blast but occurs over a ranged area and affects multiple targets rather than a single target. A Hit as for Sonic Blast must occur to affect each target and the Caster must turn and face that target to affect them. Object can obstruct the sound waves and protect from the spell.

Range (EL+1)x2" (60 degree cone)
Damage 1D3+EL
Time Stunned EL+1 phases

NOTE - This expands Sonic Blast to occur more than one target. I increased BMC from 1 to 3 since more than one target has to be affected thus its harder to cast. A BMC of 2 may also be used.

Sonic Destruction

While Sonic Blast and Sonic Trumpet affect animate tissue this spell only affects inanimate objects. It acts like the basic Destruction spell but through sound waves. The damage is done to the object's resistance value (hit points). Once the object reaches 0 resistance it will crumble into pices. This mainly affects things like stone, earth, and cloth as examples. For harder structures like metal or iron the listed damage is reduced 50% rounded up. Once the selected target is destroyed the caster can end the spell at his will. Magical structures will use their MDV in resisting this spell.

Range (EL+1)x2" (60 degree cone)
Duration EL+1 phases
Damage 1D3+EL

EXAMPLE - A wizard is caught being a wood door which has a resitance of only 8 points. He casts a EL3 Sonic Destruction which will cause 1D3+3 points of damage per phase and last 4 phases. So on average 4-6 points he should destroy the door in 2 phases.

NOTE - Another alternative to destruction but less messy. Iron/Metal is reduced since those are stronger materials and takes longer for them to heat up and dissolve from the sound waves.

Sonic Boom

This spell does not cause damage to anything however it does increase the caster's voice level to a booming level. It allows him to project over a great distance. The caster can choose to speak using the heightened voice or normal voice during the spell. Besides raised voice it can create other things like morale to be checked by those who hear it (if trying to scare a crowd for example) or to influence those as some may feel the caster is more powerful than he looks.

Range (EL+1)x10" (Radius where voice is heard)
Duration EL+1 turns

NOTE - Just a simple spell to increase the voice of a person as if they had a bullhorn. The range may have to be tweaked depending on the terrain and structure. A good rule of thumb is if you can be heard normal voice in a room that is about 50x50 feet in any where in the room then it should be beyond this range in EL based increments.

Cold Resistance

This spell creates a temporary resistance to Cold and damage from Cold (magic or otherwise). The Damage listed is the amount of protection the spell creates against cold damage. The damage does not act like armor but is a constant protection.

Damage EL+1 [amount of protection]
Duration EL+1 turns
Alignment Elder

OPTIONAL - This spell can be also allow a Immunity to Cold spells

at the EL of the spell.

NOTE - This gives a basic defense againt the Ice Powers and from simple coldness. The damage is constant thus if 3 Ice Darts hit the target it will protect constant and not decrease as each spell hits. Referee can change the Duration from turns to Hours for Stragetic type movement if need be. Also another possible damage formula could be (EL+1)x5 as an alternative. But that may be too powerful.

Fire Resistance

This spell works exactly like Cold Resistance but instead for Fire effects and Fire Damage. All parameters are the same including the optional rule.

Damage EL+1 [amount of protection]
Duration eL+1 turns
Alignment Elder

Detect Energy

This spell will detect a specific form of energy for the caster and let him know of its existance. The caster must define the type of energy to sense for. Success reveals its location and distance to that energy. There are four basic energy forms to detect for. Life Energy can allow the caster to detect the presence of lifeforms in their range. Fire Energy works just like that of Fire Detection. Magic energy works just like mana sensing for detection of mana and magical forces. The last form is Cold energy. There may be other forms of energy the Referee and Player cna work together to devise.

Range (EL+1)x3" (Diameter)
Duration EL+1 phases
Alignment Balance

OPTIONAL - Cast at 2x the mana cost the caster can detect the LEVEL and strength of the energy. How strong the lifeform is (weak, damaged or full strength) for example.

NOTE - I know there is the basic Detection, Mana Sensing and Fire detection spells. But this spell gives an alternative spell to those and lumps all into one spell. For those without innate mana sensing abilities this allows the caster to detect mana as would those with innate mana sensing. The main use I see this is for detecting lifeforms when entering say a villa the caster can detect how many enemy he is up against.

Knot Untie

This spell will work only on rope, cord or some form of leather or cloth type restraint device. Cast on said object it will magically releae and untie knots and thus loosen the restraint for the caster to escape from. The Caster does this through use of a mind's eye view of the restraint. This does not work against metal or iron type restraints that use some form o lock mechanism. For those spells a Open Prison is required. Success loosens the restraint enough for the caster to escape. Failure does nothing. Abysmal will actually tighten the rope and could cause circulation problems. If the restraint is enhanced magically it will have its MDV in resisting this spell. The spell only unties one restraint at a time, for more restraints another spell must be cast.

Range Touch [Caster's own or other restraint]
Duration 10-EL phases [time to untie the knots]
Alignment Law

OPTIONAL - Cast at 2x the mana cost this spell can be used to untie knots at sight and range of the target. In this case it is not used for restraints but used to untie ropes that restraint objects like rigging on a sail. The range in this case would be (EL+1)x2".

NOTE - An alternative to open prison but for ropes. It allows the wizard to escape being a prisoner. Used in the optional way it can untie things like on a ship's rigging and suddenly have a beam fall on a sailor as a distraction for the prisoner to flee the ship. Another alternative or optional rule might be Knot Tie in which case it does the reverse. It will tie a knot or restrain a target. Used in this way the rope would have a temporary MDV in restraining the prisoner or may be used to capture a person or creature in a rope trap.

Earth Bridge

This works just like the Ice Powers - Ice Bridge spell but uses the Earth terrain as the bridge. It has the same parameters as the ICE bridge except for the weather/temperature effects. Earth bridges will remain until duration ends in which case it will return back to the earth. There is no movement problems over this bridge unelss the referee deems loose earth as a consequence. The resistance of the earth is half that of the Ice Bridge since the earth bridge is less sturdy unless it uses Rocks and boulders as its foundation. All other parameters are same as Ice Bridge.

NOTE - This spell could fit in the Earth Powers family and alignment.


This spell allows the caster to increase or decrease his size for the listed duration. It does not affect physical characteristics other than the size change. Weight remains proportional to the change. The caster remains the same weight but in proportion to the size change. The caster can define exactly how far he grows or shrinks. If the caster is shrunk down and in a place where he can't get out of and the duration ends he will grow in that space and could be in serious trouble. Failure does nothing. Abysmal failure will cause the caster to grow or shrink in a random amount determined by the Referee.

Duration EL+1 turns
Height Increae EL+1 feet
Height Decrease ELx10 inches
Alignment Elder

NOTE - A basic shrink/grow spell. Ok. So I got this spell from the Fantastic Four sue me. but seriously it has merit in pnp in times when jsut the right size is needed for some situations. The main issue with the spell is the Weight. It can retain proportional or can vary with the change. But the change would likely affect things like attributes and hit points. The referee is free to determine his own weight rules for this spell. AN alternative is to increase weight proprotional to the increase. An example if a 5 foot man 100 pounds grows to 8 foot. That is a increase of 60%. So his hit points are 10 but would increae to 16 as well as other attributes like Strength and such for the short duration.


This spell is mainly for females. It will cause phermones to leave the body to attract men to influence them. All males in the range area will suddenly be attracted to the female. They may be able to resist at a Will x 3 (MDV is included int eh roll to resist the basic spell) roll. On top of this resistance chance the Modifier is added to the roll to decrease the chance of resistance. On success the spell will attract and get the attention of the male and the benefits below.

Appearance Boost ELx3 [Added to Ap for duration]
Influence Boost ELx5% [Added to Influence Chance]
Duration (EL+1)x2 turns
Modifier (EL+1)x5 (added to roll for resisting)
Alignment Balance

NOTE - A basic succubus type effect. A male option could be used but there are other spells like Fascination for that. This is more to increase the womanly ways.

Battle Mind

This spell merges Clairavoyance with luck to form a new type of combat spell. The caster will learn through supernatural methods tactics that will help in a battle. Using this spell the group he is in becomes a slightly more cohesive tactical unit that uses the new tactics subconsciously shared together. The level of tactics and details of those tactics is up to the situation and the Referee. Examples may include choice of better terrain, spells to use in magic, which weapons may do the best damage, how to surround the enemy, how to route the enemy, who might be in charge in the enemy force and much more. Success gives the tactics needed and benefits below. Failure gives nothing. Abysmal failure will give the Roll Modifier but as a INCREASE to the caster's roll (not those in the group just to the caster).

Roll Modifier (EL+1)x3 [Decreae of all combat/skill rolls]
Range (EL+1)x2" (Radius around caster for spell effects)
Inclusions EL+1
Ambush Increase ELx5% [Chance less of being ambushed by enemy
Duration EL+1 turns
Alignment Balance

NOTE - This spell actually came from a book from the Star Wars series. It was a Jedi trick which increases the Jedi Squadron to fight better as a unit. In fantasy terms this would work as well. The Referee could use clues in the tactics like what spells might do the most damage to the enemy wizards or creatures. It is up to the Referee what he gives out or explains.


This spell will create a sudden rain storm to hit the area. It can only be cast in open sky where there are clouds. Only the affected area will get the rain. The caster will also be included in the area of rain.

Duration (EL+1)x2 turns
Alignment Elder

NOTE - Ever get in a forest fire and need rain? This spell will do it. It can also help in crops who may need rain.


This spell creates marble objects from ordinary rocks and pebbles that are found on the ground. This spell is cast in two ways. Cast at EL0 it will create quickly grabbed pebbles or rocks and convert them to circular marbles. Cast in any other way it allows the marbles to stay longer to be stored in a bag for later use or as projectiles. There must be enough rock material to create the marbles. To make one marble it shoudl be enough material to fit in a thimble. The rock material must be broken up to form the marbles. If a large stone is used it should be broken up to smaller pieces.

Range Touch [To conert the rocks to marbles]
Duration (EL+1)x5 turns [Length of time they stay rocks
Number 1D10+EL [Number of marbles created]
Alignmnet Sidh

NOTE - An alternative to caltrop. This spell can be used to create objects for enemy to stumble on. As a basic throwing weapons marbles have no real value. But used right they can make enemy tumble. They can also be used as sling projectiles. The first method allows a wizard to quickly in times of battle to grab pebbles to throw on the ground. The second method just allows marbles to be stored for later use. Alignmment could be Law or Balance but Sidh makes it more michievous as a spell the sidh would cast.


This spell creates light in the form of flashes that act as a strobe light. It will cause the enemy to be distracted by the light and disoriented. Actions may be slowed or tedious during the light. Even time seems to be slowed down during the effect but its more mental than actual time. The range is where the light is more concentrated but outside the listed range the effect is lessened but can still be seen.

Duration EL+1 Phases
Range (EL+1)x2" (Diameter)
Alignment Law

NOTE - A basic strobe light effect. It has no damage effect but just disoriented creatures and enemy. We've all seen the strobe lights in discos and its hard to tell what is going on at times as the flashes increase. This spell might best be suited in the Light Powers family.


This spell will create a dense fog bank to move in around the caster. In order to cast this spell conditions must be suitable for the fog to exist. This would include times of day (like sunrise, sunset) and temperature/humidity conditions. Coastal areas tend to increase chances of fog over a desert area which would have no ability for fog. This spell does not damage like Fog of Death but does diminish visibility of those in the effect area. Since the fog is not magical the caster is also limited in vision as the others. The fog is natural but helped created or moved by the magical effects of the spell. The caster can move once the spell is cast. He can also cast other magic spells. At the end of the duration the fog will begin to melt away. Since conditions are ripe for fog naturally the fog will drift away slowly rather than just disappearing all at once. Visibility will improve immediately as it begins to break up. The visiblity is how far a person can see clearly in the fog. Afte the duration the visiblity will increase 2 feet per phase until the fog is gone.

Range (EL+1)x5" (Radius)
Duration (EL+1)x2 turns
Visibility 10-EL Feet
Alignment Elder

EXAMPLE - A wizard is surrounded by 3 strong bandits. Wizard casts EL3 Fog in hopes to elude the enemy. He is in a forest at sunrise so conditions for fog are good. On success the fog rolls in fast and surrounds the caster. The area effect is 200 feet around the caster and lasts 8 turns. For the enemy and caster it only allows them to see 7 feet clearly in front of them.

OPTIONAL - Cast at x3 the cost the caster can change the color of the fog from grayish/white to any color he wants. He can also add light or eerie sound effects if he wishes to.

NOTE - This spell is an alternative to Fog of Death and allows the caster to use this spell to elude or disorient his enemy. Cast in a pernament manner it can also create fogs around homes as a pernamnet deterent to enter them. Since the fog is is not magical it allows the caster to use it but also suffer from its effects. In mass combat situations it allows small armies to be stopped as they consider attacks. This spell would fit nicely in Storm Powers or a Weather Power type family where other weather oriented spells like the Tempest one above is included.


This spell allows the caster and any that he touches (max of 1 on each hand) jump either across something or upwards. The effect is a one time jump. The boost is a magical increase in jumping power. There must be normal method for jumping before this spell. In case of jumping upwards he must be prepared for a phase (ie bending the knees, etc). To jump across he must get a normal running start to the jump.

Range Touch [For others]
Length EL+1 feet [How far can jump across something]
Height EL+1 feet upwards [Over walls, etc.]
Alignment Law

OPTIONAL - Referee can allow failure to do normal jumping while Abysmal to create short fallings in the magical jump.

EXAMPLE - A wizard has a princess in his arms and needs to jump across two buildings to escape enemy. The Princess holds on to him and they both back up. The space is 10 feet which a normal jump could not do. But he casts a EL6 Jump spell which will increase the jump distance by 7 feet. All the wizard has to do is a normal 3 foot jump to cross to the other side.

NOTE - This only boosts NORMAL jumps. If the distance is not viable for normal jumping then this spell should be used. This spell would work good with Burton's Jumping rules for Jumping Indexes and modified to improve the Jumping Index.

Weapon Mastery

This spell increases your Expertise Level in weapons that are known to the caster to be increased. This does not affect untrained skills (ie those not een EL0 yet). The caster can affect one person on touch for this spell if not used on the caster. This increases only combat oriented skills (weapon or skills that help in combat like hand-to-hand). The increase is for the skill currently being used during the duration. This EL increase can affect damage done by those skills. The EL increase can never exceed TWO times the MAX EL for that skill.

Range Touch
Duration EL+1 phases
Increase +EL/3, rounded up [To EL of skill]
Alignment Balance

OPTIONAL - Spell can be used as an area effect spell to increase the ELs for all allies in the group. Used in this case the spell is cast at 3x the cost. Inclusions are EL+1 people to include for this effect. Range in this case would be (EL+1)x2" a radius around the caster. The Caster should be one of those included if he wishes the effects of the spell.

EXAMPLE - A wizard is in a fight and casts EL6 Mastery. He is using a War Staff and gets a +2 EL to his normal EL2 making it a EL4 for damage and roll purposes.

NOTE - Special attributes has Skill Mastery but this allows a temporary increase in ELs during combat. A Referee may want to limit this EL increase in Assassin skill as it is a powerful skill already. I thought about a attribute increase spell but theres enough NAtrual magic items out there to do that but it could be a option for a Referee. If a caster does not know how to use a Pike and picks up a Pike this spell will not increase the EL in that spell since it is unlearned.


The spell will create a temporary armor effect for the caster. The protection from this spell is for missile or melee attacks. Magic attacks that are not resisted using the MDV of the spell will be blocked by the damage of the magical armor. Those who are not resisted against magical attacks on this armor will have HALF the damage listed for the magical armor plus the nromal AV of any armor worn. This magical armor that is created can be reduced and destroyed as if normal armor through the Armor rules depending on the amoung of damage done to the armor. If the armor is destroyed it is just negated at that time and effect ends. The magic effects what is worn at the time. If it is normal clothing that clothing is stiffened in such a way to act as tough cloth/armor. If there is plate worn then that plate is enchanced for the duration. If nothing is worn the body frame (bones and skin) become tough and will withstand the damage.

Armor Value (EL+1)/3, rounded up [AV of magical armor created]
Duration EL+1 turns
Alignment Chaos or Law

EXAMPLE - A wizard casts a EL4 Armor spell while wearing just leather armor. This will give a AV of 3 for the person (AV1 for leather and AV2 for the magical enhanced leather effect). The duration would be 5 turns.

OPTIONAL - as a downside the Referee can allow exhaustion to be set in after this spell is done. The person will have to rest and do no actions for EL minutes after the spell since the armor created has a burden of weight (though in reality there is no weight increase).

NOTE - Going on the optional rule there could be a weight increase using the natural AV of the worn material. Ie if plate weighs 50 pounds and the AV increase by this spell is 2 then it would be 2x50 or another 100 pounds increase. This could make caster's think of using the spell. If he is just wearing clothing like a tunic then the weight is maybe a pound more. If wearing nothing then it would just seem to increase his body weight by ELx10 pounds or something the Referee can determine. I created this spell since alot of creatures have Natural Armor. This creates a Carapace and option for those wizards who always are limited to wearing say just leather armor. I made the BMC 4 but it could be higher or lower. I made it fairly high since it could be abused. This spell fits well with Chaotic or Lawful alignments.


This spell will cause rope to tighten around a object or cause objects like vines or plants to entangle the enemy. In case of rope it allows the caster to tighten around a enemy's hands so they can not escape beyond basic knots. The caster cna control the way the object (rope, vine, etc.) moves around the target.

Range (EL+1)x2" (How far object like rope can be from caster)
Duration EL+1 phases (How long it can control rope movement]
Alignment Law

NOTE - If one wishes to use Knot Untin spell this gives the reverse of it. It may have to be devloped more but gives a basic outline of the spell to use. A strength limit could be used so the person can resist based ona Strength roll. In another way it could be used with a Whip to help movement of the whip or a lasso/bolas.


This spell increases the endurance of the caster or for those he touches if not used on himself. The endurance will allow prolonged activity for the duration. At the end of the duration he or the others will be exhausted for the amount of Stamina increase elow in hours. If the person is using this to avoid sleep he will fall asleep after the spell.

Range Touch [if used on others]
Duration EL+1 hours
Increase (EL+1)x3 [To stamina]
Alignment Elder

NOTE - This spell has many uses. It is not really designed for combat but for strategic things like long distance running, swimming, climbing mountains or other activities which require long periods of endurance. If a person has to cross a sea from losing his boat and it takes 4 hours to swim but he will get exhausted after 2 hours he can cast this spell to help increase his endurance to cross the sea. The referee should limit this to strategic methods but not for combat. He may allow it for combat but in this case it would only crease the StB rather than the full Stamina attribute. There could be other effects like a Constritution boost if needed.


This spell will duplicate objects for the caster. The caster must touch the object to duplicate it. The object will be an exact copy of the original object. It only affects inanimate objects. The following characteristics apply for the spell:

A food item like a Apple or a loaf of break is the basic unit to copy. It creates the full nutritional value of the item and the same size of the item.
Clothing items are an exact copy of the original like a tunic or a pair o boots.
A weapon can be copied but will take a bit more time. For weapons an addtional EL phases is required. For projectiles like arrows or sling projectiles the caster can grab a handful and duplicate the exact amount of those in another pile. So if 10 arrows are hold it will duplicate 10 more on the ground. But for weapons like swords or bows it will only create 1 copy.
Magical Items
Magical items can be coied but will use MDVx5 to resist the spell and if this is the case it will copy it as for 1 object and 1 copy.
Other items are dependent up to the Referee within reason. Only small objects should be copies. Things like Wagons or Houses can not be duplicated. A general rule of thumb is if the person can hold the object and lift it then it is able to be copied.
Range Touch
Duration EL phases [time to build plus any addtional above]
Alignment Elder

OPTIONAL - Cast at 3x the cost it can be used to copy the CASTER himself. In this case it effects animate material. It acts as a Doppleganger type spell. It will create EL+1 copies of himself. The copies act as if the caster would act normally. But if the caster is touched or attacked and hit the copy will disappear. If the duration ends the copies fade away. Used in this way he can place the copies within (EL+1)x2" away from the caster.

NOTE - This is a good way to help in times of need to copy a sword, arrows or a loaf of bread to feed others. The referee can assign a weight limit or a size limit to the objects copyable. A typical weight limit could be (EL+1)x10 pounds or a size limit of say ELx10 inches as examples only. It is only a guideline. I know other systems have a doppleganger spell and this optional rule allows that without creating a new form of the spell. In this case it acts as a distraction for enemy. The caster can place the copies where he wishes. I always liked the Superman II movie where Superman copies himself in the Fortress of Solitude. One could use this spell optional rule in that exact manner. The copies would have a life of their own but not likely attack or do magic since that would negate their purpose.


This spell creates a magical method to elude enemies. It will cause footprints or tracks maybe by horses or wagons to disappear for the listed duration. The tracks disappear as soon as they are created. Thus makes tracking of the caster and those he includes impossible to follow. This does NOT affect other means of tracking like limbs bent or fallen objects from caster. This only affects the footprints and tracks created by movement. To affect a horse or a wagon the caster must touch that horse. If the person on that horses gets off his footprints are not affected. If the caster touches a wagon that wagon and the horses are all considered to be one object for purpose of this spell inclusion.

Range Touch [if Include others]
Inclusions EL+1 [Caster has to be one]
Duration EL+1 hours
Alignment Balance

NOTE - Tracking someone is great but this spell allows a alternative method to avoid being tracked. This does NOT affect things like a piece of cloth fallen, campfires left, bent trees or scents. It only affects tracks left. If a track like bent grass is done it will de-bend that grass back but not anything beyond that like limbs or moved logs. In a desert for example this would make tracking virtually impossible. In a forest it would still give a chance of following them based on other terrain effects. The name of the spell is silly but De-footprint or footprint doesn't work since it could also affect a wagon.


This causes the fingernails of a person to grow and become sharp as a weapon. If the claws are then used in combat they can add damage to basic hits. If the fingers are separated the claws cause scratching damage. If the fingers are kept together the claws combine into a single blade like structure. Used in this way the hand claws will do slicing or cutting blows. The damage only affects normal tissue and will be blocked by normal armor. Clothing can limit the effect of the claws depending on material. if its a simple tunic for example it can rip through and cause damage. If its 3 layers of cloth and a coat it may act as a form of protection for the target. If the claws hit a hard object like armor or non-tissue/cloth it can possibly break off. The break chance below is used to figure out if the claws break. If they break the fingernails become normal length again. This affects both hands thus if one breaks the other can still remain intact. Because this creates fingerneails that grow no weapon can be used in the hands of the caster. The caster can determine if one or both hands are changed. If only one then a weapon can be used in the other hand. Only the caster can be affected with this spell so there is no Range. the damage is added beyond normal hand-to-hand damage attacks.

Duration (EL+1)x2 turns
Break Chance 100-(ELx10)% on D100. [If less than or greater no break]
Growth EL inches in length per fingernail
Damage 1D3+(EL/2 RU) [If scratch] per claw
1D6+(EL/2 RU) if slicing or cutting blow] per claw
Alignment Chaos

EXAMPLE - A wizard is cuaght in a room without his weapons. He is attacked by a thief and casts a EL3 Claw and decides it to be used on both hands. The fingers instantly grow 3 inches beyond his normal length. He uses both hands in slicing attacks and would do 1D6+1 points per claw if he hits the thief's skin. If he hits the thief's ring mail then the damage will be blocked. If the armor is hit then it could break on 70% chance.

NOTE - Good hand-to-hand combat spell. The referee is free to vary the damage as he sees fit. It may be too low or too high. A +EL might work better than a divisor would but may be too high for a simple weapon.


This spell works like the Priestly Awareness, Clarivayance and Watchful sleep but in a new form. In this case the caster is awake and becomes more alert of his surroundings. The effect is to give the caster time to react to danger before it happens. It gives EL+1 seconds to react before the danger occurs. This may include a sudden attack, a object falling from the sky or a upcoming ambush. As the experience grows his danger sense becomes greater and gives more time to be warned. Failure gives nothing during the duration. Abysmal may give a wrong reading and even give the danger warning to the caster AFTER the event occurs. The danger sense is a mental warning sensation to the caster.

Duration (EL+1)x3 turns
Alignment Balance

NOTE - This spell works like a few of the others. It gives a alternative for non-priests and for those who are awake. The effect is just a danger sense warning before it occurs. The exact nature of the warning is up to the REferee to decide. This is good for when a person is in a bar with someone trying to find the target. This could warn them the person has entered the bar and give him time to flee.

God's Eyes [X-ray Eyes]

This spell causes the caster to see through inanimate and animate objects within his range. The caster can wish which object to see-through and then go to the next area to choose another object to see through. The effect is normal vision of the area beyond the obstructions ignored. This spell only affects the caster. Magical obstructions or items like boxes will use their MDV to resist the spell. There is no depth limits to this spell to see through as long as the range is used. The view that is seen outside the cone range is seen as normal. The caster can switch from normal view to x-ray view during the spell. Failure does nothing. Abysmal will cause the caster to become blind for EL+1 turns.

Range (EL+1)x2" (60 degree cone view)
Duration EL+1 turns
Alignment Law

NOTE - A typical x-ray spell. I made the BMC high since it coudl be absued so it limits use. It could be lowered to BMC 3 though. The referee could vary it by allowing the caster to only see in x-ray and as a downside not seen in normal view. Thus he is able to be attacked and may not react as normal. This could allow a downside to the spell.


The spell causes the target to move in a evasive manner to dodge missile weapons. The movement of the target is normal but the magic effect increases the chance the missile weapon will miss the target as if there were great evasive maneuvers being used. If the target stops and remains still there is no effect and can be hit as normal but it only works when the target is moving. The target must be running but not walking at least a running or a fast jog movement to take benefit of the spell. If walking the spell acts at half its effectiveness. If the target runs and then stops. The effect ends until target runs again during the duration. This does not affect melee weapons just thronw or missile fired weapons. It can affect magic spells that use a ranged type attack but as for Dodging Magic.

Range Touch [if affect others than caster]
Duration EL+1 turns
Dodge Boost EL/3, rounded up [To dodge Value]
Modifier EL+1 [Decrease in chance to hit for enemy combat rolls]
Alignment Law

EXAMPLE - A Wizard has to cross a courtyard where Archers on the wall are ready to fire on him with bows. His dodge value is 3. He casts a EL2 Dodge spell and runs at full speed across the courtyard. IT will last him 3 turns and give a boost of 1 to his dodge Dodge value. The enemy must add 3 to their combat rolls to hit with the Bows. If he stops and stands then combat is normal.

NOTE - We have basic Dodging Magic and Missile Fire and Dodge Value rules but this gives a boost to those rules.

Telepathic Powers [New spells for family]

NOTE - The following 3 could be added to this family Sending always seemed weak but on second review it does seem to work for a basic Telepathy spell.

Emotional Empathy

This spell will project to all those in the affected area a sense of empathy and ease. It can be used in many ways. It can be used to give the emotions of the caster to others to influence others. Examples would include sending empathy of ease to wounded in the area so they feel more at ease. it would not decrease their pain but might ease their mental stress. In a crowd it could be used to send paranoia, fear, hatred or other emotions to the crowd to influence them. MDV of each target in the area will use their MDV to resist the spell. This only sends emotions to the subconscious of the targets but does not directly influence them. Based on those emotions the target will react normally based on those emotions. Only one emotion can be sent out in the area at one time. The referee is free to decide the actual effects.

Range (EL+1)x2" (Radius) [Or touch if one person]
Duration EL+1 turns
Alignment Elder

EXAMPLE - A wizard sees a mob that has trapped a felon in a barn. The mob is considering actions. The evil wizard will cast a EL3 Emotional spell to send out hatred. The mob mentality is suddenly increased and they burn the barn down. But if the person in the barn also casts a spell like this he could send fear or love and may negate the evil wizard's spell.

Mind Reading

This spell allows the caster to read the thoughts of others in his ranged area. He will have to see the person but not is not required to have eye contact. If there are obstructions in the area he can't read the target. It will read the immediate thoughts of the target for the duration. From this information intent and motiation can be gained for the caster. If the person is a magic user MDV will be used to resist the spell. There is no MDV resistance for non-magic users (innate or trained). Success will read the immediate thoughts. Failure gives nothing and Abysmal will give wrong thoughts or flashes of old thoughts.

Range (EL+1)x2" (Radius, must see target)
Duration EL+1 phases
Alignment Balance

NOTE - This and the first spell will give actual reason to use Mind Shield in defense against these spells. Otherwise Mind shield does not get much use in the game. The thoughts can be complete thoughts since mental thoughts are split second and not limited to any particular time. But the Referee could allow a thought to last only a phase amount of time if he wishes. As if the thought was spoken.

Nature Powers

This family has the following member spells:

NOTE - This family is actually for future Druids if they are ever developed in the game. Since Druids are oriented to protect and use nature and the earth as their focus this family gives a good start for spells for them. The referee can assign this family for other alignments and orientations.

Oak Sage

The caster can ask nature for information. It is used in two ways. Cast at basic cost the caster can ask a tree for information it may know. The caster is actually asking the Earth and Tree spirits for information. Typical information requests may be if a animal or certain plant is in the area. If a person (the person's image is flashed via subconscious mental images) has passed the area recently. The questions asked must related to what is KNWON to the spirits of the area. If it is beyond their reason or logic then it will not be worth asking. Cast at double the mana cost caster can ask the entire forest as a single entity of nature the same question. In which case only one answer is returned. The answer will take longer to respond however. Success reveals the answer, failure nothing. Abysmal may give misleading or wrong information. Cast in first way tree must touch. Cast in the second way the range is an effect area for all trees and plants in area. The type of question and any qualifiers is up to the Referee.

Range Touch or 2 miles (EL as power)
Duration EL+1 minutes [Time spell remains in effect]
Answer time 10-EL seconds
Alignment Elder/Druid

EXAMPLE - A Druid sees a red flicker in the sky at nightfall. he wonders if there is a forest fire nearby. He casts EL4 Oak Sage and asks the entire orest if there is a fire and where it may be. The forest is about 12x10 miles in size. The spell will do 16 miles so will cover the entire forest easilly. It will take him 6 seconds to get a answer back and learn that the forest fire is on the edge to the west about 3 miles and spreading fast. This allows the druid to either help fight it or leave the area before the fire approaches.

NOTE - The information must be limited by the Referee. Something like "How many magic users are in the forest" can't be asked but a "How many humans are in the forest" might be answerable if the forest knows it. The use of this spell works through the spirits of Earth and Forest. If the Druid has been bad to those spirits the spirits may not answer. This could allow a sort of Infamy value for the druid. If he has been good to those spirits and trees then he will get good response. This allows al evel of good/evilness to the druid for nature.

Vine Carrion

The nearby plants will project out vines and leaves that will begin to attack and eat a target. The level of attack is minimal and a simple Strength x 2 roll is able to escape the attack. But the target is eaten if its already dead or knocked out. The vines will turn carnivoorous. The method of attack is up to the Referee but can include mouths, acid, slow digestion or other forms of attack. The type of plant will also determine level of attack. A large elephant plant is huge and could eat a animal but a small bonzai bush might only eat a rat. The main effect is a carrion scavanger type attack. Once duration ends and the plant has not completed digestion or eaten the target the plant will revert to its original state. If the plant is already carniorous it will eat the target but in its original form (like instead of mouths with spell it might attack by slow digestion). The range is an assigned area where the plants will change to this form. Once the area is assigned it will remain in place. If the caster is in the center it could be attacked. The center of the area can be assigned away from the caster. Caster can move and cast other magic after area is defined. The strength is a modifier added to the strength roll. It determines the level of strength for the plants trying to grab and hold the target.

Range (EL+1)x2" (diameter)
Duration EL+1 hours
Strength ELx3
Alignment Elder/Druid

EXAMPLE - A druid spots a hunter in the woods poaching illegally deer. He decides to help the animals. He casts a EL2 spell and throws it out toward the hunter who is nearby. The trees around him begin instant attack. The hunter is not strong enough to free himself. The referee determines the plants will use a form of acid to slowly digest the hunter. It will take 2 hours just to kill the target as he is slowly eaten. He also determines a plant will drain 2 energy points per hour away from target. It is a painful and slow death which might allow other hunters to fear the forest.

NOTE - A simple Plant Attack type spell. The Referee is free to decide the parameters of the attack. It could be anything like strangulation, acid, cutting blows, bludgeon, impaling, mouths, blood or energy drians to anything he can decide. Depending on the level of attack will determine how logn the target dies and is eaten. This typically will attack any living things in the effected area. This could be a very nasty and cruel spell to use which could help spirits but make the druid very scary to outsiders.

Oak Strength

The caster gains strength through local touch with a strong and ancient tree. The tree must be at least 30 years old and have some form of constant contact with the caster through direct contact with tree or its roots/branches. If contact is broken the caster will immediately lose the effects of the spell and be exhausted for EL phases. During this exhaustion he can do no other action. The contact is for ONE specific tree. It does not work with small plants or bushes or even the grass. The older the tree the more strength is gained through its ancient strength of the tree spirit itself. Per 50 years the tree has been around add 1 to the boost for strength. The caster can end the spell at his will with a Will roll and subtract EL of the spell from the D100 roll. If he does this then there is no exhaustion. In tapping this strength the caster will lose EL Energy points per turn in contact. This allows the symbiotic relationship for both tree and caster. The tree uses this energy for its own purpose to gain water or convert it to photosynthesis.

Strength Boost (EL+1)+Age Modifier
Range Touch [Constant touch of tree or parts of tree]
Duration EL+1 turns
Alignment Elder/Druid

EXAMPLE - A druid is fighting a Chaotic Wizard and 3 bandits with him. He casts EL4 Strength. The tree he finds is a ancient 300 year old tree one of the oldest in the forest. He gains 5+6 11 to his strength. This could increase his Strength bonus if it goves to the next level. The tree will gain 4 energy from the caster and he is draine 4 energy points at the end of the spell.

NOTE - This is a modified form of Earth Strength but oriented for Shamans or Druids. It shows how a druid is tied to the forest.


This spell is mainly used in Jungles. Forests can use this spell but there must be long enough limbs or vines to work with. Use of this spell allows the caster to move across large distances with the trees helping him. Vines from trees (or limbs) are reinforced by the magic of the spell and help by the tree spirits. Success reinforces their strength to hold the caster. Failure does nothing and uses the basic vine strength. Abysmal may actually weaken the vine and cause anger of the tree spirits. The spell is cast and the aura from the spell reinforces the vine or limb on touch by the caster. No other magic an be cast during this spell. The Caster can end the spell with a Will x 2 - EL of spell on D100.

Duration (EL+1)x3 turns
Alignment Elder/Druid

NOTE - Ok. So this is your basic Tarzan ability of swinging on vines. But druids could use this as a mode of movement in a large jungle. There must be enough vine and material for the caster to use for this spell and movement to work. The referee will have to determine the chance of such material existing. The amount of movement will also be up to the Referee. A good rule of thumb is a mile can be crossed in the span of a minute using this ability if there is enough material.


This spell causes plants to grow thorns. If a plant like a rose has pre-existing thorns they will be also used. The thorns will then eject from the plant and shoot toward the target. The amount of thorns from a group of plants are in the Thorn Amount formula below. The range is how far the plants are from the caster. The distance is how far the thorns can be ejected toward the target. Thorns will regrow back and eject again once a turn. They are fired at the wish of the caster. But once fired it takes a turn for them to regenerate back. The chance for each thorn to hit is using the MEL+EL as the OCV on the combat table. The target can dodge and uses his normal DCV to avoid the thorns. Armor protects as normal.

Range (EL+1)x2" [60 degree cone)
Distance EL+1" [How far thorns are ejected at target]
Damage 1D3+EL per thorn
Number 1D10+EL per plant
Alignment Elder/Druid

EXAMPLE - A druid is attacked by 2 bandits who think he has no weapons. They approach. The Druid spots 3 plants near them. He casts a EL4 Thorns spell. The range is easy enough sa they are only 30 feet away. The distance the thorns are ejected is up to 50 feet. Since the bandits are only 10 feet away they are attacked. The plants create 8, 3 and 4 thorns each. All 15 thorns are ejected at the two enemy. 8 hit one bandit and do a total of 16 points of damage. The rest fly by and miss the enemy.

OPTIONAL - Spell can be used for Poisoned thorns. Used in this way the spell is cast normal. But the amount of thorns is reduced 50% rounded up. The damage is reduced by 50%, rounded up. But the thorns are laced with a Base Line EL slow death poison.

NOTE - The druids main attack spell.

Water Detection

The Druid can ask the trees and plants around him like that of using a Oak sage spell but wher ethe nearest fresh water source is. The answer is given on success with distance and how far underground it is. Failure gives nothing and abysmal gives misleading information. This works only in places where plants or trees exist. The range is how far the water source can be found. If the roots of a tree can't reach water bigger than some pool it gives nothing in reply.

Range 2 miles (EL as power)
Alignment Elder/Druid

NOTE - Yes there is Detection and Fire Detection but this works with Water. Since the druid may have a tie with Water spirits this gives him a spell for his family of spells. It gives resh water. But it could give other sources of water if the Referee wishes. The tree could also point out the nearest source of water is a canteen on the caster's very back.


This spell will create spores or use pre-existing spores to eject from plants. The spell works exactly like that of Thorns. But there is no damage from the spores. The spores cause the targets in the area to cough, breath hard and become blinded for a short period of time. It can be used as a distraction tool for the caster. If someone is allergic to spores this could be deadly to them however. The spores ejected do not roll to hit the targets but explode within 1 foot of the target in the air. The dust cloud covers the area listed below. The spores will remain in the area magically for EL phases. But wind can move the spores if it is magical winds. Normal winds will just stir the spores up in the cloud. The druid entering the cloud can be affected as well.

Range EL+1" feet (Diameter of cloud from spore explosions)
Alignment Elder/Druid

NOTE - Could add edge for a druid to flee or fight.


The caster will cause the plants to glow in a faint greenish hue. It converts plant cells to glow. The use of this spell can cause plants to glow as a signal, warning or to help caster locate his way in a forest. Cast at 2 x the cost the glow is only seen by the caster. Used in this way the caster can tag the plant and use it as a beacon. He could dig treasure near the plant and use the plant as a beacon for it. He can spend 1 mana point per day the glow will remain. The distance this glow is seen in a unobstructed area is ELx100 feet. But the caster can vary that distance to make it brighter or lower as he wishes.

Range Touch [to plant]
Duration EL+1 days
Alignment Elder/Druid

EXAMPLE - A druid has a bag of a plant that is of great healing value. He places it in a sealed bag and digs it under a tree. he then leaves the forest after casting a x2 EL4 spell on a plant. The plant will glow only for him for 5 days. He can then return as he sees fit to regain the treasure. He could also cast it at normal to warn others to avoid that plant or area.

NOTE - A cool spell with many uses. Ever walk a path and find the road littered with skulls as a warning? A totem? Well this could be used to dot a path in a pernament magic effect to warn others of entering the forest.


This spell works like Watchful Sleep. But it has the trees and plants around the caster to be the one to warn the caster of danger. The caster will sleep during this spell. Anyone that enters the ranged area will alert the plant life. They will then move, howl (as if wind is blowing through them) and send a sensation to the caster. This would include animals that enter the area that intend harm to the caster. The effect could scare those that enter the area and wake up the caster. The basic wake chance is that of Watchful Sleep.

Range (EL+1)x2" (Diameter)
Duration EL+1 hours
Alignment Elder/Druid

NOTE - A modified form of Watchful sleep for Druid. The howl can be just as eerie for the enemy as the druid waking up.


This spell will regenerate energy and hit points back to the caster. It works like a Regeneration spell but slightly modified. The caster must sleep during this spell. The caster must be surrounded by plant grown (branches, leaves, moss, etc.). If there is no plant life then the spell will not work. Once the spell is cast the caster will try to fall asleep. As soon as he does the spell will go into effect. If the caster wakes he will negate the spell. If he wakes up before a hour is completed for that part of the spell he will gain nothing. The spell must work for at least 2/3rds of the house to gain the benefit for that hour. Once the spell ends the plant life around him will be decayed and drained of life force and energy. If the plant life around him is touched with a Withering Hand the effect of the spell is actually reversed and will DRAIN not heal the listed amounts. The frequency is the amount of times it can be cast once. The amount of decay from the plants depends on how long caster sleeps from the spell duration. Thus a spell that lasts 10 hours and caster only slees 3 the decay would be 30%.

Duration EL+1 hours
Hits back EL+1 per hour [HPV back]
Energy Back EL per hour [Energy poitns back]
Frequency 10-Max EL days
Alignment Elder/Druid

EXAMPLE - A druid is helped to prepare a area by allies. He will then sleep for the night and cast a EL4 Cocoon spell. The spell will last for 5 hours once he falls asleep. It will heal 5 hits and 4 energy back per hour. He an only use this epell every 4 days (Max el is 6). He sleeps for 3 hours and gains 15 hits and 12 energy back. On the fourth hour he is awaken early 20 minutes into the hour so he gains nothing for that hour. When he wakes the plants are decayed.

NOTE - A druidic regeneration form of spell. I added the withering hand part since that spell exists. It allows evil wizards to actually harm a druid using this spell.

Corpse Explosion

The caster can target a already dead corpse and cause it to explode into a million pieces. The body must be dead. It will fail on damaged, unconscious or fully walking living persons. This can affect animal as well as humanoid corpses. The explosion can cause minor damage to everyone nearby the corpse within 1 hex of it. It is used on one corpse at a time.

Range (EL+1)x2"
Damage 1D3+(EL/3, rounded up)
Alignment Chaos

NOTE - This could easilly fit in Necromantic Powers. The explosion from bone and tissue can impact against others and cause minor damage that would typically range from 1-6 points. It can also cause the enemy to be distracted or cause an alarm as suddenly their allies are exploding around them. In some cultures this would be the ultimate in messing with with this dead and could anger them greatly. It is a very disgusting spell but gives another power for the Necromancer.

Amplify Damage

This creates an Aura around the caster that causes enemy damage to be amplified. The listed damage is added in additional to any normal damage. The Rang eis a area effect where all those in the area are affected. The spell moves with the caster. He can not cast any other magic during this spell. Caster does not suffer from this spell but he can exclude his allies from the damage. The damage increase can be if the damage is physical, mental or energy based damage.

Range (EL+1)x2" (Radius)
Duration EL+1 turns
Damage +EL+1 [Each time those affected are damaged]
Exclusions EL+1 [Those caster can exclude from added damage]
Alignment Law

NOTE - A basic Damage boost spell. A optional rule could be used for one target and that target takes more damage. A good example Damage formula might be +(EL+1)x3.


This spell will create a companion that will fight for the caster. The caster can control its attacks and movements. The caster can cast other magic and move while the golem is around. There are three types of Golems which can be created. The type of golem created depends on the EL as follows:

EL Golem
0-2Clay Golem
3-4Iron Golem
5+Fire Golem

The golem has the form of a human but has no mouth or nose. It has eyes and ears which can allow it to see and hear. It will fight hand-to-hand and can not use any weapons. The characteristics of the golems are as follows:

Clay Golem
Made of earthen type clay which is strong enough it acts as natural armor. The clay has a Immunity to Fire at the EL of the spell. It however will take double damage from water or cold spells.
Iron Golem
Golem made of metal or iron like substance. It is as hard as steel in some cases and can be very hard to fight hand-to-hand without a weapon. It could even break weapons based on the level of hardness. It is immune to missile weapons which just bounce off it unless they do 3x the AV of the golem. It has the Fire immunity as for Clay but at half the Immmunity. It will take double damage for Cold or Water spells.
Fire Golem
This golem is a Iron Golem but has the ability to emit fire in its strikes with its hands. It will add fire damage beyond the basic damage. It also has the ability of Clays in immunity to fire. The internal heat it has will negate the disadvantage of Iron Golems to Cold or Water so it will take damage as normal for those.

The golem will appear where the caster assigns it and if the caster does not direct it to a target it will fight the nearest target (ally or enemy). It will remain until the duration expires. The Distance listed is how far the golem can be away from the Caster. If it leaves the area it will retreat till it is within the area again.

Range (EL+1)x2" [How far away golem can appear]
Distance 2" (EL as power) [How far Golem can be from caster).
Duration (EL+1)x2 turns
Alignment Balance

The attributes of the Golems are as follows:

Clay Golem (EL+1)x2EL+4EL+2EL+3EL+4+21D6+EL EL
Iron Golem (EL+1)x3EL+6EL+4EL+4EL+5+31D8+EL EL+1
Fire Golem (EL+1)x4EL+8EL+5EL+5EL+6+41D10+EL EL+2

EL - Combat EL in hand-to-hand

MDV of Golem - MEL+EL of Caster/Spell

A caster can create any golem within his EL limits or below. If one is of EL 10 he can create any of the three. If his EL is 4 he can create a Clay or Iron golem. All rolls for above formulae are made by the Referee and he secretly keeps the information.

The effect of Severe and Deadly hits do not increase the Golems basic damage but will add to it. For severe hits the Golem will add (EL/2 RU) while Deadly will add EL to the damage.

OPTIONAL - Cast at x4 the cost a number of Golems can be created equal to the Caster's EL.

EXAMPLE - A wizard creates a EL3 Iron Golem. The Referee does all the rolls and the Golem ends up with the following Stats - HPV: 12 OCV: 9 DCV: 7 MR: 7 [2/2/2/1] NAV: 8 SB +3 Damage 1D6+3 EL: 4.The caster has a MEL of 8. Thus the MDV is 11. A ready made fighter is created that will last 8 turns. IT will take a hit doing 20 points to kill the golem. The golem will do an average of 7-12 points on each hit with a -4 to each combat roll. On a deadly hit it will score 11-16 points of damage.

NOTE - A very powerful companion thus the high BMC. We have Dark Companion and Shadow Warriors but for those not into those powers (more Lawful rather than chaotic or Shadow oriented) then this is a good alternative. There are ways to limit this spell like frequency of its use or to decrease the formulae above.


This spell will weaken a target by zapping his energy reserve. It does not actually weaken his energy level but weaken his strength reserves on a temporary basis. The other affect of the spell is to weaken armor's atomic characteristics thus making the AV reduced in value. It does nothing to natural armor for creatures. It is cast on one target. Success will do the benefits as listed while failure does nothing. Abysmal will backfire and cause the caster's armor and strength to weaken.

Range (EL+1)x2"
AV Decrease EL/3 Rounded up
Strength Decrease (EL+1)x5
Duration EL+1 turns
Alignment Chaos

EXAMPLE - A wizard casts this on a strong fighter with a EL3 Weaken spell. IT will last 4 turns and weaken the heavy fighter by 20 points and weaken his armor (plate mail) by 1 AV making it a AV of 3 instead of 4.

NOTE - This will balance out a wizard who finds himself aloen with a heavy fighter who will slaughter him. It will give him a fighting chance. The Strength reduction could affect the Strength Bonus and thus damage he does or in hand-to-hand situations.

Power Strike

This spell allows a caster a one-time Power Strike on a Target. It will add damage to the strike it may do normally and it will strike using one category less on the combat table. A miss is a hit, shield hit is a hit, hit is a severe hit, severe hit is a deadly hit and deadly hit will kill instantly regardless of amount of damage. In order to learn this spell the caster must be strong enough thus have at leas ta Strength of 50 or better. If they do not they can not use this spell as they are too weak. The range would be touch on impact of the spell. There is no duration. The listed damage will be increased to normal damage by weapons or hand-to-hand. To get the benefit the spell must suceed AND the hit must be scored on the combat table as normal. A hit in this case would be anythign below a 90 for him due to the category decrease. A 90-100 is a fail to hit at any result for this spell.

Damage +EL+5
Alignment Law

EXAMPLE - A wizard finds himself fighting a Giant Ape and will cast a Power Strike at EL4. He has a great sword and tends to do 4-8 points on a average strike. On use of this spell though he will do 13-17 points of damage and will do one category less.

Critical Strike

This spell has a two fold purpose. It takes TWO phases for this spell to work in both manners. But it does not require 2 consecutive phases to use. The spell should be cast first to learn of a critical or weak point in a target's body frame or armor. Cast in this way the caster will learn the weak point. Then the caster can use the spell AGAIN to gain the benefit of this knowledge. It will give the benefit of a Power Strike in terms of its added damage but any strike of Hit, Shield hit or Severe hit is a Deadly hit. A miss will act as a regular hit. This spell can be used on animate and inanimate targets. For inanimate objects it could be used say on doors or walls to find the weak structure or weak point so it can be hacked at or fired at to reduce time to take it down. To learn the critical weak point it must be cast at EL0. Because of this situation though the Base Mana Cost is reduced 50%, rounded up to use in this way. Once the weak point is learned it can be retained in memory for unlimited time. To gain the benefit of the Power Strike and Deadly hit it must be cast a full normal cost and hit as listed above must be done.

Alignment Chaos

NOTE - A high value spell but it could be abused thus have a high BMC for it. This should be used rarely though for large creatures. Normal combat doesn't help much since combat may be fast and furious. But if a person finds himself fighting a Dragon or Hydra or some creature he has never seen this might just do it.

Charged Bolts

This spell creates lightning that leaves the caster in a random zig-zag fashion to hit any targets in its path. The number of bolts depends on the EL of the spell. Each bolt leaves the caster and moes away in a zig-zag way. It does not move in a straight light. Use of this spell allows a area effect for lightning and could even go around obstacles and around them if the bolts move in such a fashion. The lightning is in the form of a round ball of lightning that twirls and shows in the form o a static field. Each bolt will leave the caster two per phase. If the caster is damaged before all bolts leave the caster the remaining bolts are negated. Once the bolt hits its target it will explode and the lightning will discharge all over the target's body. The movement is how fast it can move each phase.

Range (EL+1)x2" (How far out the bolts go before dissolving)
Damage (EL)D6+EL per bolt
Number EL+1 Bolts per
Movement (EL+1)x2" per phase
Alignment Elder

EXAMPLE - A wizard casts a EL4 Charged Bolt against 8 Orchi. They will shoot out to a max distance of 100 feet and will do 4D6+4 points of damage each. He can create 5 bolts taking 3 phases to discharge all 5. Each bolt will move 100 feet in one phase and thus is very fast and hard to dodge.

OPTIONAL - Cast at 4x this cost the spell can be used as a forced lightning spell that discharges all bolts at a specific target. In this case the bolts are directed (do not zig-zag) toward one person and that person takes all the bolts.

NOTE - A alternative to Lightning. In this case its a area effect spell and does less damage than basic Lightning. The thing about this spell is it can miss targets. To dodge such bolts one would use the Dodging Magic rules.


This spell will cause one specific target to become dizzy and lose his balance. He will have to roll Dex / EL (if EL0 then x1) on D100 to remain balanced. Otherwise he will fall down or off what ever he is on. The level of dizziness depends on the EL. There is no duration but effects are immediate. MDV is used to resist this spell normally.

Range (EL+1)x2"
Alignment Sidh

EXAMPLE - A wizard casts this on a guard on a castle wall. It is within his range and he casts a EL4 Dizzy spell on him. The wall the guard is on is not wide so if he falls he could fall into the castle but hopefully will fall outside the castle. The guard has a Dex of 21 and will have to roll Dex / 4 or 21/4=5. he will have to roll 1-5 on a D100 or fall.

NOTE - This spell could be used for targets on horses as well or many other things. It was a suggetion by a player I had one time.

Pyschic Hammer

This spell creates a visible mental ball of energy to attack a single victim. The effect of the strike is to stun the person. Once stunned he can not perform any action. There is a chance the target will fall down from the attack. MDV is used normally in resisting the spell.

Range EL+1 feet
Duration EL+1 phases [Time stunned]
Falldown 10xEL% (Percentage chance of target falling down)
Alignment Elder

EXAMPLE - A wizard will attack a guard down a hall at a door. He will walk up to him and at the last instant use the spell during the bluff. He casts a EL3 Hammer spell but has to get within 4 feet of the guard to do so. It will stun him for 4 phases and has a 40% chance of knocking the guard down to the ground instantly.

NOTE - This power would fit in with Telepathic Powers. It is a stun alternative to Mind Burn.


This spell is a limited form of clairavoyance. It allows the caster to pre-determine where a weapon is to strike. He will then use this knowledge to gain a free weapon or shield parry. The duration is how long he can gain the benefit. He can gain this parry ONCE per phase. Thus if attacked 3 times the spell gives him a free warning once for those 3 attacks in that one phase.

Duration EL+1 phases
Alignment Balance

NOTE - This allows a magical alternative to normal Dodge/parry rules. The Referee can determine if this free party is the one action allowed or a action ABOVE normal parries.

Double Attack

This spell allows 2 attacks per phase rather than the standard 1 attack for the caster. The duration is increased for how long this spell continues as EL increases. This does not allow double magical attacks but just melee weapon strikes.

Duration EL+1 phases
Alignment Law

NOTE - If two-weapon fighting is used for the character then he will gain 4 attacks based on the spell.

Iron Skin

This spell creates natural armor out of a person's skin. It toughens the skin to affect it like normal armor. This will act even if the caster is wearing other armor.

AV EL/3, rounded up (If 0 then AV 1)
Duration EL+1 turns
Alignment Balance

NOTE - Even at EL10 this only adds a AV 3 skin armor. To give a downside to the spell a Referee could allow exhaustion or stun/sleep effects after the duration ends.

Howl (Battle Cry)

This spell allows the caster to yell a Howl or Battle Cry out to a group of enemy. The battle cry is raised in tone and octave in such a way it litterally is felt in the bones by the enemy within the targets range. Because of this loud battle cry it can cause the enemy to scatter or require a morale check to retreat or even surrender. The benefits of the spell will have to be determined by the Referee. For creatures with a Int of 3 or less it will automatically cause those creatures to flee away from the caster (non-supernatural forces). There is no duration to this spell.

Range (EL+1)x5" (60 degree cone)
Alignment Elder

NOTE - I envision this being used by Barbarians who can use magic. Barbarians are notorious for their battle crys and howls to intimate the enemy. This spell if used en mass by other casters at once could cause an enemy large force to scatter. The odds and situation will all ahve to be factored in by the Referee.


This spell increases body temperature to pretoct against coldness. IT is mainly used to protect against the environemnt of cold weather. But it could be used to defend against cold spells. The temperature is constant so that it acts as if 3 layers of clothing plus a coat is on the caster. The caster can vary that temperature depending on how cold it is.

Duration EL+1 hours
Alignment Law

OPTIONAL - Caster can convey warmth to a target. In stead of the caster warming the target (on touch) is warmed. This is useful if a person is suffering from frostbite.

NOTE - If one has no coat in the middle of snow country they could freeze but using this spell it increases their body warmth to that of a coat. The effects of cold spells on thsi spell are dependent on the spell being used. The referee will have to determine results.

Static Field

This spell creates a field of static energy of charged particles around the caster. Cast at normal cost it will have a field of charged particles (that is not seen until touched) surround the caster. Anyone that touches or comes within half an inch of the caster will then suffer the listed damage. Cast at 3 times the cost it will create a field that will shoot out particles of static energy that will damage targets it may hit. The particles emit out in a random direction and speed.

Duration (EL+1)x2 turns
Damage 1D3+EL
Alignment Sidh

NOTE - Another user defined this spell. I never was too keen on it but i see where it could be useful. Its a primitive form of lightning if you will.

Chain Lightning

This spell creates pulses of lightning to hit a specific target. IT will create 3 pulses of lightning energy. Each pulse will take 1 phase and must be consecutive. If the caster switches target the pulses will be negated and spell fails. All 3 pulses must be for one target even after the target may be dead. The caster can defend himself with a shield or weapon with his free hand. The other hand casts the pulses of lightning. The caster can move to avoid attacks but can not cast any other magic till all 3 pulses are discharged.

Duration 3 phases [1 pulse per phase]
Damage (EL)D6+EL
Alignment Balance

EXAMPLE - A Hydra attacks a caster who casts a EL4 Chain Lightning spell against it. The hydra will attack each phase but it will suffer 4D6+4 points of damage per phase.

NOTE - This spell should be used against LARGE targets like a dragon or something the caster may not be able to handle. For npcs it might be overkill. For player characters it could work with 2 pulses so it should be used mainly for things like a Dragon. The referee could allow this spell to be used against inanimate objects like a door or wall as well.


This spell allows the caster to move objects with his mind. The weight limit is how much he can lift the object. He can shift the object around with his mind (ie move it around or upside down or such). The caster must concentrate on the object for the full movement. If his concentration is lost or he is damaged he will lose concentration and the object will fall and spell will be negated.

Duration EL+1 turns [How long spell lasts]
Weight (EL+1)x10 pounds [How much object can weigh & be moved]
Speed EL+1 PMR [Object moves at this rate each phase]
Alignment Law

EXAMPLE - A caster needs a key in a drawer in a desk he can see to escape a jail cell. He casts a EL1 Telekinetic spell. He can lift and move objects weighing 20 pounds or less. The drawer should not weigh much. So he first opens the drawer with his mind and then lifts the contents of the key. If he knows it is specifically on top in the drawer the key will move. If its under a folder or something the caster could have trouble. The key will float toward him and then he can escape.

OPTIONAL - Cast at 3x the basic mana cost he can use this spell to move (EL+1)x3 objects that weigh no more than 5 pounds each. An example might be to move 10 Daggers straight toward an enemy. Used in this way the speed and force will cause each dagger to hit the enemy with damage. Used in this manner the force of the blow is as if a Strength bonus of EL/3, rounded up, is being used as if the object was thrown normally from the caster.

NOTE - I'm surprised this spell was not in pnp when I first read it back in the '80s. But this finally gives that alternative to the spell. A high powered mage could even lift another person with a EL10 spell. OF course if this was the case their MDV would be used in resisting the spell. The basic spell only affects 1 object while the optional rule allows multiple objects but small ones.

Trap Powers

This family group has the following member powers:

NOTE - Traps are spells that are left in a area for others to set off and be damaged.

Fire Blast

This spell creates a blast of fire that explodes and ignites when a person enters its effect area. The trap will explode on the first sign of movement in its area. It is fire in such it can ignite flammable objects. The fire quickly will burn out in EL+1 phases. Anyone that enters the fire will be damaged. Duration 2 is how long the trap remains in place. After this time it will simply disappear. The caster will designate a place away the trap will be placed (Range 1). The area affect is Range 2.

Damage 1D10+EL
Duration 1 EL+1 phases [of fire once set off]
Duration 2 EL+1 hours [How long the trap will remain dormant]
Range 1 (EL+1)x2" [How far away trap is set]
Range 2 EL+1" (Radius of fire)
Alignment Balance

NOTE - Good to place right behind a door. So that once the door is opened the fire will damage those who enter it.

Shock Web

This spell creates a trap of lightning that acts just like that of Charged Bolts above. Once the trap is set off it will ignite bolts in a random direction and may hit targets. It will emit 2 bolts per phase until duration ends.

Damage 1D6+EL
Duration 1 EL+1 phases [of bolts once set off]
Duration 2 EL+1 hours [How long the trap will remain dormant]
Range 1 (EL+1)x2" [How far away trap is set]
Range 2 EL+1" [How far away bolts will go from trap point]
Alignment Balance
Movement (EL+1)x2" per phase [Each bolt moves PMR wise]

NOTE - This trap is easier to avoid. Once it goes off one only has to leave the area to wait it out.

Blade Sentinel

This spell sets a trap of spinning blades that fly in every direction to do cutting and slicing damage. The blades will spin in the effect area until duration ends. The caster must leave the daggers in the area to be used. If no dagger is left the spell is useless. The number of daggers left is the amount od flying daggers that will be used by the spell. It causes each dagger to fly up and fly in random directions to stab, cut and slice targets that may be in the effect area. The daggers will use a OCV of MEL+EL of the caster and spell EL on the combat line. This trap will activate when the blades are moved or touched.

Duration 1 EL+1 hours [How long trap will remain in place]
Duration 2 EL+1 phases [How long the blades will spin]
Range 1 EL+1" [Radius of flying daggers]
Range 2 (EL+1)x2" [How far away trap can be set away from caster]
Alignment Balance

EXAMPLE - A wizard leaves 3 daggers in a small room and casts a EL2 Blade Sentinel. He leaves 3 daggers and walks away. Soon a guard finds them lying on the ground and goes to pick them up. He goes to pick them up and they suddenly fly around. He drops the dagger he touches and is suddenly in the middle of spining wild blades. He will likely be hit and damaged before he escapes.

NOTE - A fun spell but it could cause problems for innocent victims as the other traps. A maid or child who touches them could be hurt when the caster doesn't mean to. There could be other traps like Cold, Poison or simple traps like ropes, noises. Each could be developed by the Referee.

Blade Shield

This spell creates a energy shield that only protects against blade weapons. Any blade that enters the field may be deflected away and no hit will occur. This mainly is for melee blade weapons but not for missile or magic effects. The energy field is a full inch away from caster's body. Blades not deflected will do their normal damage.

Duration EL+1 phases
Deflection (EL+1)x10% [Chance the blade is deflected]
Alignment Balance

NOTE - The spell only needs to go up to EL9 and it will deflect blades automatically. A hit by the blade will hit the field and may be deflected.

Fire Powers

NOTE - More members for this family group

Fire Wall

This creates a Wall of Fire around the caster. Anyone that touches or enters the wall will be damaged. Missile weapons fired into the wall will have projectiles engulfed. Magic may affect the wall depending on the spell. Basic water can negate the spell if used en mass. Once the wall is put into place the caster can leave it in place till burn until the duration ends. If the area he puts the wall is too small like a doorframe he can limit the wall to only fit in that place. Otherwise it will do tis full size and try to burn things it has contact with.

Length (EL+1)x3 feet [How long the wall is from side to side]
Width EL+1 feet [How thick fire is
Duration (EL+1)x2 turns
Damage (EL)D6+EL
Alignment Law
Range EL+2 feet [how far away wall can be placed by caster]

NOTE - This spell could be used to block enemy from entering a area. It could also be used to create 4 walls around a caster to protect himself from all enemy.


This spell creates a area of fire like an inferno. The caster will place the spell away from him otherwise it will affect the caster himself. The fire will explode in a rage of inferno fury and burn everything in the effect area. The entire effect area is ablaze with fire. The caster can move and cast other magic while the inferno was blazing away.

Range (EL+1)x3" (How far away fire can be placed]
Area (EL+1)x2" (Radius of fire)
Damage (EL)D10+EL per phase if target is in the fire
Duration (EL+1)x2 phases
Alignment Law

NOTE - A powerful spell that can ignite an entire small room and burn everyone alive.


The spell creates a circle of fire that emits from the caster and expands like a supernova. The fire will expand out to its radius limit and burn everything in its range with the listed damage. The spell will last until the fire reaches its radius limit and then dissolve.

Damage (EL)D10+EL
MR (EL+1)x2 PMR per phase [Expansion rate in every direction]
Range (EL+1)x3" (Diameter)
Alignment Law

EXAMPLE - a Wizard is surrounded and casts a EL4 Nova spell. The fire explodes out from him moving at 8 hexes per phase (very fast moving). At that speed it can not be avoided. It hits all enemy in its range and will do 4D10+4 points to each target. It will expand out to 150 feet. It will take 2 phases for the spell to last (80 feet movement per phase).

NOTE - Probably the most powerful spell pnp could have. There could be balances of MDV to resist the spell but the spell would move so fast that it may be hard to avoid. The BMC could be increased to make it hard to cast say to BMC 8. Another way to balance this spell is to assign a pre-defined height for the nova to move at. It could expand at the height of the caster's hands (usually 5 feet or so). The fire could be thin in that it is a stream of fire and the target could fall to the ground to avoid the fire over his head. That could balance it or he could slow down the movement.

Poison Dagger

This spell places a magical poison on a dagger. A dagger must be held while casting this spell for the spell to work. If no dagger is held or touched the spell fails. It will give 3 levels of poison type effects as follows:

EL Effect
0-1Paralytic poison
2-4Slow Death Poison
5+Immediate Death poison

The effects of slow or immediate death are as for the normal rules of poisons in book 2. The paralytic poison will cause the person to be paralyzed for (EL+1) phases. The magic of this spell will coat the dagger without poison. Actual poison material is not needed for the spell. The poison effect remains on the blade until the duration ends. The dagger must hit and inflict at least 1 point o damage to inflict the poison on target.

Range Touch
Duration (EL+1)x2 phases
Base Line EL+2 [Base Line for poison effects]
Alignment Chaos

NOTE - Burton has a poisoner skill and chart variant that can allow more poision effects like for this spell. The Referee can vary those effects. The most common weapon found seems to be a cheap dagger so this spell uses the dagger as a increased powerful weapon.

Archery Powers

This family has the following members:

NOTE - Casters who have skills in archery can use this spell. It enhances the arrows or projectiles fired by the caster.

Fire Arrow

A normal arrow that on impact will ignite and cause additional fire damage. Success will cause any arrow fired during the duration to use the fire arrow effect.

Damage +1D6+EL [Added to normal arrow hit damage if any]
Duration (EL+1)x2 phases
Alignment Law

Cold Arrow

As for Fire Arrow but causes Cold damage. All other parameters are same for Fire Arrow. On impact it causes a wave of cold in a small area in the wound.

Multiple Arrows

This spell will cause one arrow to magically duplicate and create the same type of arrow multiple times. It will create EL+1 copies of the sme tyep of arrow or projectile. The caster will cast the spell and fire as normal but once the projectile leaves the weapon it multiplies. Each arrow will hit and cause damage per arrow.

Duration (EL+1)x2 phases
Alignment Law

EXAMPLE - A Wizard casts EL3 Multiple Arrow using a Bow. The spell will last 8 phases. Since a bow can fire a arrow once per phase he can use the spell 8 times. He fires the arrow and it will suddenly duplicate and become 4 arrows (1 original and 3 copies). If one arrow would hit doing 3 points then all 4 would hit doing 12 points.

NOTE - The projectiles will all hit if one hits. But the Refere could allow each to hit as a distinct roll.

Guided Arrows

The spell will cause a normally fired arrow to be guided by the caster. For the duration of the spell the caster can guide the arrow by sight and concetration to its target. In effect he gets a automatic hit with the projectile as long as he can guide the projectile. If he loses concentration or damaged the arrow will fly on its normal flight path. The spell can not be combined with any other Archery spell or the caster can not cast any other magic during it. As he concentrates on guiding the projectile he can not move.

Range (EL+1(x5" [How far away the caster can guide the projectile]
Duration (EL+1)x2 phases
Alignment Law

NOTE - A nice spell that could be useful. To balance it the Refere could add a basic chance of hit even if the arrow is guided or a modifier to basic hit. One could also add a rule that if a miss is done this chance is rolled. Otherwise anything else is a normal hit. If this chance is rolled on a miss and is guided the arrow will hit anyways.

Exploding Arrow

This spell creates projectiles that will explode causing more damage beyond their basic damage on impact. The explosion is a slight fire explosion but improved damage over Fire Arrow.

Damage +1D10+EL [Added to normal arrow hit damage if any]
Duration (EL+1)x2 phases
Alignment Law

Slow Missiles

This spell will cause missiles fired at target to slow down such that they could be seen, tracked and even grabbed. As a general rule of thumb most objects will fly at 95 feet per second to their target. In reality this may be increased or decreased but for purposes of this spell 95 works. This spell w ill affect a group of EL projectiles fired at him that are in one area. A group of archers for example. If ther eare 4 archers in each cardinal point then only one archer can be used against this spell since they are spread out.

Speed Decrease 10x(EL+1) [How much it slows down]
Duration EL+1 turns
Range (EL+1)x5" [Hwo far away projectiles must be targeted]
Allignment Law

OPTIONAL - Cast at x3 the mana cost. The spell can create a area effect using the Range above as a radius. All missiles that enter this range will slow down as per above.

EXAMPLE - 3 Archers fire on caster at distance of 50 feet. At normal speeds the arrows would hit that phase. But the caster casts this spell at EL5. The speed decrease would be 60. Thus speed is 95-60=35 feet per second. This means the caster will be able to move out of the way since it will take 2 phases for the arrows to hit him. First phase they will move 35 feet per second (3.5 hexes). Second phase they only have 15 feet to go but the caster has moved away they complete the last 15 feet and hit nothing. A powerful mage with a EL9 in this spell could do wonders with this spell. The speed reduction would be 100 feet per second. Using the core 95 as a basis this would make all projectiles stop completely (if negative speed). If the arrow was cast at say EL8 the speed of the projectiles would be 5 feet per second. At this rate it could be possible for one to even grab the arrow if quick enough. The basic rule of 95 feet per second is a rule of thumb. If some can determine the actual speed of various projectiles they should use that speed. Physics could help in this determination.

NOTE - These spells are used as the weapons are used. However, a Referee could allow dedicated items like Bows (example) and arrows to use the abilities above. To do this the spells must be cast at X3 to dedicate the bow (x3 the cost to cast the spell used above) and must pay 1x(EL+1) mana point per projectil to dedicate. Example might be to dedicate a bow and 10 arrows for Fire Arrow would cost x3 mana of Fire Arrow for dedication of the bow (scuccess dedicates). The caster then must pay 10 more mana to dedicate each arrow. The duration of said dedications last for the spell being used (in this case the Fire Arrow Duration). But used in this way the duration is doubled. The caster could make pernament dedicated items using this method.

Shield Powers

This family has the following members:

NOTE - This family is the most powerful defensive spells that could exist in pnp. They have to be used with caution and be limited in their use. Each spell has notes on how to restrict and limit them. The above spells Blade Shield and Static Field could all be put into this family as well.

Water Shield

This spell creates a circular bubble of air in the form o thin membrane. It allows the caster to submerge and survive in water. The membrane will protect from the water and allow the caster to breath normal air. This bubble only allows one to sink and submerge in the water and move with the current. To actually moe on a voluntary way the caster will have to use other magic. The best suggestion is a Friendly Current or levitate spell that can allow the bubble to move. The shield will dissolve and the water and pressure will soon overtake the caster. He will have to swim up to the top to avoid being crushed and drowning unless he uses other magic. The Max depth is the max how far it can go underwater. If it goes beyond that the pressure will crush the bubble negating the spell. The caster cna also cast this spell but not be in it. In doing so he can se tit for another person at a range of (EL+1)x3". He could also use it to place items with a weight limit of (EL+1)x20 pounds in the bubble and send it into water. This is why the duration is longer since the air is not needed for objects. In this use, the caster will have to obtain the object or bubble back through other methods like spells (Teleport, Telekinesis, etc.).

Air Reserve (EL+1)x30 minutes [for 1 person]
Bubble Size EL+1" (Diameter) [Can vary]
Duration EL+1 Hours
Max Depth (EL+1)x20 feet
Alignment Law

EXAMPLE - A wizard is in a river and the bank is full of enemy soliders looking for him. The river is only 20 feet deep. He decides to cast a EL3 Water Shield and will sink to the ground. He swims out tot he middle and casts the spell. The bubble pushes out the water and keeps in the water. The bubble size is 4" but he only needs 2". He can sit on the bottom and just wait it out. It will give him 2 hours of air. The shield will last 4 hours. By that time the soliders should have moved on.

NOTE - This shield will burst on any real attack on it. It can withstand just the level of water around it. But a simple hacking of its membrane will destroy it. Referee could allow a Membrane HPV - (EL+1)x5 to give it some resistance against fish or creatures in the water who may wish to attack it.

Strength Shield

This shield creates a hard membrane that can withstand intense weight nad pressure. It should only be used in emergency situations. The membrane can withstand up to the crushing weight listed below before it will burst. Uses of this spell might include a sudden avalanche and caster may be crushed by rock and snow. IT could also be used in a cave in to hope to keep air and remain uncrushed. There has to be at least a short time to create this spell. This is meant to withstand pressure from all sides. If there is pressure from one single point it will break and spell is negated.

Air Reserve EL+1 hours [for 1 person]
Bubble Size EL+1" (Diameter) [Can vary]
Duration EL+1 Hours
Max Pressure (EL+1)x20
Alignment Law

EXAMPLE - A Wizard is on a mountain and sees a avalanche start about a mile up. He only has about 10 seconds before it reaches him. He casts a EL4 Strength Shield. This will create a area bubble of 40" in diameter (a large enough area others could be in it and have room for sleeping). The air reserve will last 5 hours and the bubble lasts 5 hours. After that time if he is not rescued by friends and dug out he will be crushed and likely die.

NOTE - This should not be used in combat. This is why I added the downside of one point of pressure will snag the bubble. In this case this would mean a intense hacking point by a sword or pick or some other weapon. Referee can determine this precise bit of weapon and pressure. This would be a rarely used spell but could save a person from certain doom. The air pressure per square cube or such should be refined based on the depth and type o problem (sand, rocks, underground, water, or snow).

Energy Shield

This spell creates a shield of energy around the caster. In this case it is not a bubble but the caster can set it as a bubble. It is more a energy field that covers the body and is a inch above the body's surface as the surface moves. The basic form is a inch above surface but caster can assign a uniform width away from the body to form a bubble. In the bubble format it will have to be large enough, minimum, to circle the body in a uniform shape. This shield will protect against combat weapons and magic that cause damage. This does not act like armor with its AV that can break or be reduced. The constant strength will remain in place until a crushing attack is done in one phase in one strike that does 3 times the strength. There is no need for air reserves as it is able to have air enter the shield as normal. This shield works through the lifeforce of the caster. Due to this it will cost energy level points equal to HALF the mana cost spent to cast this spell. The caster can expend 1 Energy point to increase the Strength by 1 and increase Duration by 1 phase. The shield This shield will protect against all melee weapons, missile weapons and magic that can not go over the shield strength. Melee weapons that hit the shield will spark against it and be deflected slightly. Missile weapons that hit the shield will just slide off and down. Magic will splash against the shield and could affect others nearby. Certain forms of magic that does no physical damage can damage the caster. Examples might include mental attacks, time spells or such that do not have to physically touch the caster to damage him. The strength will also have to be withstood against things like falling rocks or water pressure. In order to increase the strength and duration the energy must be paid at time of casting the spell. The caster can not fight with melee weapons as it will break the shield from the inside. He may not touch others since the shield prevents actual physical contact. The caster may use spells that do not require them to leave the body. For example casting a Fire Dart in a shield could be deadly as the spell will bounce off the shield and hit the caster. Thus spells like mental attacks or those which do not leave the body will be castable by him. He can also move with the shield.

Shield Strength (EL+1)x10
Duration (EL+1)x2 turns
Energy Loss Half Mana cost to Cast, rounded up
Alignment Law or Chaos

EXAMPLE - A wizard is attacked by 10 people. He is alone so casts a EL4 Energy Shield. This creates a shield strength of 50, duration of 10 turns. It costs 25 to cast mana wise and 13 energy to use the spell. He could spend more energy to increase strength & duration. The enemy will have to do in a single blow 51 points of damage to even break the shield with a single weapon.

NOTE - This is probably the most dangerous defenseive spell. Thus I restricted it by making downsides of spells to cast by caster, and by the high BMC and energy loss. Referee could vary the strength of the shield to lower it if need a good balance. If there exists a powerful mage out there with a EL10 Energy Shield he could be virtually impossible to stop. The Referee could devise a Achiles Heel to this spell to balance it further. For example one could make it that the shield under the feet is HALF the strength. Thus one wizard could lift the bubble with telekinesis and then try to hack the feet area and bam the shield would break. Things like would balance the shield. I envision this spell more used for the Chaotic alignment than Law. I figure evil wizards would use this to menance society. But I added Law. Its up to the GM.

Corona Shield

This spell is one step up from Energy Shield. It has all the same characteristics as that spell. But in this case the shield is both defensive and offensive. It creates a shimmering shield of fire and static energy. It may be hard for people to see through the shield (caster and those outside) due to the shimmering static and fire energy. Those who get near the shield will be hit by fire darts and lightning bolts from the shield. They will only shoot out in the listed range. If they go further they will fade and disappear. The caster can not control how the bolts of fire and lightning shoot out. They will fire out in random directions and random intervals. There is no order to which will shoot out first. It could be 3 Fire Darts and 1 lightning. The Referee will have to determine this through secret rolls. For the Fire or Lightning to Hit Referee could use the Magic Table as normal or use MEL+EL as OCV for combat table purposes. The bolts per phase is how many fire darts or lightning bolts may be discharged per phase.

Shield Strength (EL+1)x5
Duration (EL+1)x2 turns
Energy Loss Half Mana cost to Cast, rounded up
Alignment Law or Chaos
Range of Magic EL+1" [How far Fire or Lightning goes out]
Fire Dart Damage (EL)D6+EL
Lightning Damage (EL)D10+EL
Bolts Per phase EL/3, rounded up [If 0 1 per phase]

EXAMPLE - A Wizard finds himself surrounded by 20 Trolls. He casta EL4 Corona Shield. The strength is 20, lasting 10 turns. The magic can extend out to 5" (50 feet). The fire dart will do 4D6+4 and Lightning will do 4D10+4.

NOTE - Notice I decreased shield strength to HALF that of the Energy shield. Those who dare to get closer have a better chance of killing the shield. This is to balance out the damage it can do to others. The same level of balance could be used for the Energy Shield.

Scott Adams