Powers and Perils

Two-Handed Weapons

These are some extra rules I have on 2-handed weapons. Thought you might be interested. (point form, for ease of reading during game play);

  1. The WSB of the weapon is multiplied by the SB of the character to get the effective WSB. (*Note: the minimum WSB to use the weapon is still applied, as normal, to determine if the character can even wield the weapon).
  2. The AV of shields is reduced by 1/2. (ru).
  3. On a Severe or Deadly hit, the defender of the attack must make a (S+St) check or be knocked down. The difficulty of the check depends upon the Strength & Stamina of the two combatants:
    Attackers S+St is > than the defender: = DIFFICULT
    Defenders S+St is > than the attacker: = MODERATE
  4. When an opponent is knocked down, the attacker gets a -15 bonus to hit when attacking the downed opponent.
  5. Defenders choices:
    Fight from ground:
    +15 penalty and NO CHANCE of scoring Deadly hits. Any hit suffered is increased by one severity (a Miss is still a miss, however). (ie, if hit while downed for Hit, it is actually a Severe).
    Get up & Defend:
    No attack possible (obviously). Must make a MODERATE A test to stand. At this point, if the defender is hit again (even just a normal Hit), another test for knock down must be made.

Well, those are my rules. They seem to work (and strike fear into the hearts of people facing huge barbarians wielding battle axes!).

Paul L. Ming