Powers and Perils

P&P Houserules and Changes

Book I

1.221Battle Fury - Controllable battle fury allows the character a will roll to enter or leave fury irregardles of hit points.
C) The damage in excess of DTV, if not healed, will kill in 1-10 minutes (not immediately).
D) And the furious character may not use a shield.
E) Innate powers may not be used.
F) SB is increase by four.
G) -10 to the attackers roll ONLY.
H) Characters effective Int = 2, will recognize friends (not companions), with Int roll may stick to SIMPLE plan.
I) Regenerates wounds, all hits on furious character are one step less severe.
1.3242Dodge must be declared before the spell has been rolled for, and if failed, ½ MDV is used to resist the spell. Current dodge list; Lightning, Fire Darts, Fireball, Killing Light, and Smokeless Flames.
2.56Disregard AV/NAV restrictions, but hits against hard armors will do (N)AV - 1 (and -1per 3 ELs RU) to the attacker (although this will not do more damage to the attacker than target).
2.6In general most skill tasks can be made one step easier by doubling the base time to complete it.
3.4Magic experience for non-opposed spells is Base Mana x 2, El does not apply.

Book II

1.51Use OCV of attacker and DCV of defender as well.
1.54Some missile weapons may be strength adjusted.
2.21If DR is exceeded AV drops by one, gaining new DR.
4.41Order is not determined by player character status.
4.521Such weapons do 1 point of damage to armor.
4.9Again, initiative ties are not broken by PC status.
6.121Roll vs highest MDV, may only abysmal vs highest, experience for highest MDV affected, abysmal vs highest means spell fails.
6.131Unused ELs are subtracted...not all ELs.
12.0 Creation - For the creation to be permanent the making takes several hours and components worth 10 to 100 GC must be used.
Darkness - Damage is (El+1)*3, ending spell. Battle fury is only for creatures of Light.
Destruction - Range is (El+1)*2", Area is 2 cubic feet (El factor as a power), Defensively forms a 6" envelope about caster.
Earthquake - Add ABx5 to MDV for resisting this spell, minimum depth 10', maximum depth 1000'.
Transport - Inclusions = El.
Elemental Powers - Clarification, after summoning an elemental normally, cast elemental powers upon it to extend the duration and grant willing service.
Elf Shot - In addition to dedication, elf shot must be cast upon each arrow. Note that the spell must overcome a creatures MDV to affect them, but cannot abysmal.
Fascination - Cost to maintian is (El+1) per day.
Forgetfullness - May be made permanent with targets consent. May also be made permanent if cast at triple cost and combined with a draught of Goideli Wine which a enhanced Chelidonius has be crushed into.
Healing Light - Caster may heal himself. Has no chance to kill. Increases heal chance and StB as Healing.
Fire Darts (Hell Powers) - For 2x mana the darts may be cast in a line, for 3x mana the darts are cast in a cone.
Invulnerability - The spell has no reductions to its effectiveness if used on the caster. Invulnerability toughens the target and thus applies after armor and shield.
Killing Light - OCV = MEL + El, Offensive Modifiers = EL, DCV = DCV or MEL, Defensive Modifiers = Dodge Value or ½MEL (Dodge value must be used if attempted to dodge spell and failed and is at half value).
Might - May be cast upon self. Does not drain energy level.
Permanent Magics - No longer a group, each is learned separately.
Purification - For a purification to be made permanent the casting will take several hours and require components (incenses, etc.) worth 10 to 100 GC.
Friendly Current - The additional distance per strategic turn is (El+1) * 20.5 miles.
Water Breathing (Sea Powers) - May breathe fresh water for ½ normal duration.
Shape Changing - Stats are based on targets stats minus average humans stats added to average critters stats. Eyes remain human, noticed by careful examination or critical empath roll.
Perpetual Trance - Range is (2" El factor as a power)/4. The radiance fades after the duration ends. Note that even after the spells duration expires, the sleeper will not waken unless touched or disturbed by a loud noise.
Sleep Mist - The mist remains the entire duration. Any entering the mist may be affected by it.
Sleep Touch - Duration El + 1 days. After the duration expires the sleeper may be wakened normally.
Speed - Will increase flying or water walking PMR although it does not bestow these abilities.
Thunderhead - May summon lightning bolts 1/phase and control winds every phase.
Sweeten Water - Can affect any fluid. Affects 2 pints (El factor applies as a power).
Mind Burn - The damage is permanent but can be negated by a Negate Curse. After the duration ends, anyone can command a husk with a sending or communicate.
Mind Shield - El+1 Immunity to Soul Sight and Telepathic Powers.
Transmutation - Will retain intellect unless cast at 3 x mana. Stats are modified as per shapechange.
Friendly Current (Water Powers) - Current may be used in either direction, adding or subtracting from the speed of the stream, but cannot make the river flow in reverse (although it could stop it).
Water Breathing (Water Powers) - May breath salt water for ½ normal duration.
Wounds - The spell must roll to overcome MDV to leech.

Book III

4.2Double all creatures AHP and stats.

Book IV

1.1Normals have a roll of 11 in each stat modified by race and then multiplied by 2.5 (multiplied by average multiplier for constitution or appearance).

Experimental Changes (Current Only)

Max El of 20 in all non or 80 skills/weapons/spells (critter power, runemage, etc still add). If stat determined max El is lower than 20, levels to 20 are double cost (or 80 can go to 80 at double over stat max also).

Alignment specific enhanceables have rituals or ordeals whereby they may be enhanced and used by any.

Rune Mages gain an EL bonus of relevant skill/10 (rune magic includes all of permanent magic plus automata and inamimate creation; note that making rune items takes twice as long as the runes must be inscribed).

Magic Paths are Law, Chaos, Balance, Elder, Sidh, Shamanic, and Rune. A wizard may take from two to four paths at a cost multiplier (to learn and increase only) of 1/2/4/4 or 1/2/2 or 1/1 or 2/2/2/2 (true natural magicians have a cost of 1/1/1/1/1/1/1).

Charles S. Remis

Margaret M. Lasater