Powers and Perils

Fighting Aggresively

A thought came to me a few nights ago. Figured I would bounce it off the group. The combat rules allow a person to use his EL offensively or defensively. The logic of both is obvious. Offensive use means he uses his skill to maximize his chance of striking his opponent somewhere. While preferably somewhere deadly, somewhere is what counts. Defensive use is seeking to minimize the chance of being hit and, hopefully, eliminating the chance of being sorely wounded by a blow.

My thought was to add a third option. I call it fighting aggressively for lack of a better term. In this mode, the individual is pressing the attack intent on maximum mayhem. The effect of this would be as follows:

  1. One half of his EL rounded down will be used as his combat subtractor. If he is EL 12, he may subtract 6 instead of 12.
  2. His EL divided by 4, rounded down, is ADDED to his SB for all hit resolution, normal, shield, severe and deadly. If the EL 12 person above had a SB of +2, while fighting aggressively it is effectively +5.
  3. Where fatigue rules are being used (which I must greatly improve upon) the cost to fight aggressively would be DOUBLE the cost to fight offensively or defensively.

Richard L. Snider