Powers and Perils

Moving while Casting

Normally a mage may not move while casting magic. A GM may allow a mage to cast while standing on a moving object with enough freedom to cast if standing still. Depending on the situation this could be on a ship, a wagon or a platform carried by an elephant. If there is insufficient room for unhindered movements of the arms, the mage cannot cast. If the GM wants to allow exceptions to this rule for experienced mages, the following rule can be used.

If the result of ((MEL + EL in spell)/15(RD))-((Mana Cost of Spell/5)(RU)) is less than ZERO he can not cast the spell while moving. If not, the result is the EL he can use while moving AND the cost to cast while moving is double.

EXAMPLE - The magician is MEL8. He wants to cast a spell with a base mana cost of 3 that he has EL4 in. The formula is (8+4)/15(RD)) - (3/5(RU)). That is 0 - 1. He can not cast it. If he was MEL11 and EL4 or MEL8 and EL7, he could cast it at EL0 at double cost.

Richard L. Snider