Powers and Perils

Lethality Index

Each character has a Lethality Index. The value = DTV * 4. If your DTV is -4, your LI is -16. Effects are as follows:

Death Table

Roll Meaning
3 or LessMuch of the affect of the blow is in fact a STUN. Recover 2D6 hits in 1D6 turns.
4 - 7Increase damage ONE point per CB phases until the bleeding is stopped.
8 - 15Damage increases 1D6 - CB points each phase with a minimum increase of ONE.
16 - 19Damage increases 1D10 - CB each phase with a minimum increase of TWO.
20 + UpThe wound inflicted is instantly terminal. (Head removed, Heart pierced, etc)

Stopping The Bleeding

The character is allowed to roll to stop the bleeding if the blow does not kill him outright. If he succeeds, the damage level no longer increases. Until he succeeds it increases as specified in the table above. The absolute value of the LI is used for this. If the roll on D100 is .LT. or equal to the LI the bleeding is stopped. If it is greater but less than 95 it continues. If it is 96 - 100 the loss increases ONE point per phase.

Should the player manage to get access to healing supplies while dying, roll against LI * 2.

NOTE - The system above covers only an individual doing what he can solo. Aid from another player or a healer will modify the situation as covered in the extant rules. Those involved in the effort can do nothing else while attempting to save the threatened life.

Richard L. Snider