Powers and Perils

Size Factor and Damage Effect

Below is a simple system that gives less weight to Hit points and more to special factors.

Substract the Size factor difference, from table below, from any damage scored on larger creatures. This would help the survivability of creatures like Giants making them more than "walking walls of meat." Basic idea is a factor of 1 per normal 3 feet of height. Humans would be 2. Mountain Giant would be 7 or 8. This would mean that a human scoring damage on Mountain Giant would subtract 5 or 6 from what he scores. He would need a severe or deadly hit to do squat.

< 1 foot 0
1 foot - 4 feet 1
4 feet to 7 feet 2
7 feet to 10 feet 3
10 feet to 13 feet 4
13 feet to 16 feet 5
16 feet to 19 feet 6
19 feet to 22 feet 7
22 feet to 25 feet 8
+ 3 feet +1
The factor is based on height or length/2 (RU), whichever results in the HIGHEST factor value. This allows for a better rating for immense serpents and such.

EXAMPLE - A 30 foot serpent is only a few feet at the shoulder but is massive. Its Size factor would be based on 30/2 = 15 for a value of 5.

NOTE - Where an encounter can include children of the race, their size factor will be ONE less than the adult form IF the adult size factor is 1-3. If it is 0, the size factor is unchanged. If it is 4 or more, the size factor is 1/2 the adult form (RU).

Richard L. Snider