Powers and Perils

Sound Sphere

The spell creates an area filled with a cacophony of other-worldly, infernal sound. Anyone in the area of effect has a chance to be affected. Those that are suffer EL+1 squared days of deafness and must roll their Will. If they fail the will roll they suffer Insanity at 1/2 the EL of the Sound Sphere spell (RD) - if the result equals the Sound Sphere EL no chance of Insanity exists. The caster is not immune to the affect of this spell unless his lifeform is. If he casts the sphere such that he is in its radius, he must roll to be affected.

Casting RangeEL+1 * 2
Sphere RadiusEL (If zero, the sphere will only affect a single individual in the target hex)
DurationEL+1 * 3 phases

IMPORTANT - Demons, Beasts and any being with demon or beast blood of whatever source are immune to the affect of this spell.

The spell may be cast at 1/2 the listed BMC. When it is used in this manner it is used as a tactical diversion. Persons entering the sphere of effect hear strange sounds from random directions. Now and then emphatic sounds shout from nowhere. Used in this manner, the spell disrupts the concentration of people, strikes fear into animals, etc. No magic-user may cast magic while affected by the sphere without making a Will roll each phase. Cast in this way the duration is in turns instead of phases.

Richard L. Snider