Powers and Perils

Elder Priest Spells

In the description of the Elder pantheon three new spells were introduced. These spells may only be cast by the priests of the respective gods: Chauntea for Crop Protection, Silvanus or Mielikki for Tanglevine and Malar for Lycantropy Curse.

Crop Protection

Area:EL+ 1" (a radius)
Duration:(EL+1) squared strategic turns

The spell protects crops within the affected area against natural threats such as diseases, hail, frost and vermin for the Duration specified. If cast at twice the normal cost, the spell grants crop within the affected area immunity against the spells Cold, Disease, Foyson Theft and Withering Hand as well. The EL of the immunity equals EL of the Crop Protection spell.

Mathijs Tuynman


Casting Area:(EL + 1)* 2"
Effect Area:EL + 1"
Duration:20 + (EL* 10)
Strength:(EL+1)* 5 turns

The spell creates an area of intense plant growth that catches any creature within its area of effect for the duration specified. The strength listed is the minimum strength required to move 1".

Mathijs Tuynman

Lycantrophy Curse


All parameters of the spell are as specified for the Black Curse (of the Necromantic Powers). The victim changes into a lycanthrope or a beastman (caster's option).

Mathijs Tuynman