Powers and Perils

Find Traps & Secret Doors - Skill

Cost to Learn:15
Cost Next Level:3
Maximum EL:(I+W+Em) or 80

Find Traps and Secret Doors is used to determine if a character is able to find a secret door or trap when actively searching for it. It gives the chance a secret door is found, not opened, or a trap is discovered without springing it. When a character is not actively searching for traps other rules apply.

The chance determined to find a trap or secret door is modified by the following factors:

Category of Trap or Secret DoorEL-modifierTime required
Easy*21 turn
Normal*12 turns
Clever/24 turns
Ingenious/36 turns
Very Ingenious/48 turns

Bonus to chance: 3 * (turns seeking - turns required)

The bonus can be a penalty if the character does not spend enough time for the kind of trap or secret door. Furthermore, the bonus can never more than double the chance after the EL-multiplier has been applied.

The chances are for searching a 20 * 10 sqft area. The minimum time required for such an area is always 1 turn.

The thief will gain a starting level in 'Find Traps and Secret Doors' in addition to the other benefits as defined in Book I.

NOTE - This skill has been superceded by the problem solving rule for finding traps and secret doors.

Wout Broere

Mathijs Tuynman