Powers and Perils

Miscellaneous Throwing Weapons

Throwing Net

Throwing nets are attached to a 2" rope which is held in the shield hand. When the attacker misses, he may haul the net the next phase and throw again the phase after that. (Like the reload time of a crossbow: the "reload time" is 1 phase).

When a hit or better is scored, the victim is trapped in the net for 2D6 + EL phases. This duration is reduced by S/10 (R.U.) or, if the victim has a dagger or sword, by D/10 (R.U.) phases, whichever is highest. The minimum duration is 1 phase.

During the time the enemy is trapped, he is unable to move for combat purposes. The attacker receives a combat modifier accordingly. The victim may not cast any other magic than innate magic while trapped.

A Shield hit is considered a Miss.


Unlike the net, the bolas is not attached to a rope. When the attacker misses, the bolas is thrown away.

When a hit or better is scored, the victim's legs become entangled. He may roll A/2 each phase to see if he falls or not. If the victim still stands, and decides to fight, he falls automatically when he scores a Miss.

Victims that have fallen receive a penalty on combat rolls equal to 5. Attackers receive a 10 bonus on combat rolls against prone victims. Victims may try to disentangle the bolas: this takes 4 phases and a normal Dexterity check (D*2 or less on D100).

A Shield hit means that the victim's Shield arm has become entangled. The victim may not use his Shield and Shield skill while entangled.

Mathijs Tuynman