Powers and Perils

Even More Errata & Question/Answers

The following is a compilation of several posts to the P&P mailing list.

Does one get experience from subdual damage like normal combat? [Book 2 Subdual Damage]

Experience and expertise is received for all points inflicted, both subdual and real.

The descriptions for the Priest spells Dispersion and Damnation seem to be missing in the Heroes article.

Sorry for the Heroes omission, and other gliches in the game. My original concept for Dispersion, if I remember, was a powerful, special purpose Repulsion/Negation.

Damnation is a high powered curse that must be cast in a SANCTIFIED area of the caster's faith. To do so, he must have religious grounds sufficient to damn the individual AND said individual, in general, must be anathema to the faith. (This applies to standard usage, as Law/Elder almost always will be.)

In lesser cases, a powerful priest (generally of a chaos faith) can utilize arts of damnation to smite an enemy, personal or otherwise, with major irreversible curses (vampirism, lycanthropy).

For all such cases, a specific type of place to cast is required. So also are spit, blood and hair from the victim to grant minimal success chance. To maximize success, the chosen victim should be bound on the altar for the rite.

With all, specific rites, paraphenalia and materials are essntial also. In addition, there is a price to pay to the force granting the power to lay the curse. It is not a simple matter to properly damn someone.

What is the maximum distance one can travel in a day?

Distance one can travel depends on who is doing the travelling obviously. Zule armies, for example, had no trouble moving 50 miles in a day and fighting a battle when they got there. The base intended movement rate is 20 on foot and 40 mounted, as a general rule, when moving on flat terrain on a road. Else the intent is 10 and 20. For those wishing to make it more complex, the MR in miles is the distance a person can travel in a strategic turn without undue stress.

Can one use magical weapons for two-weapon fighting, if the unchanted weapon were allowed under the max WSB rule, but has an increased WSB due to the enchantment? Or weapons that have their WSB increased due to other special factors?

Yes, such weapons are usable. The intent of the rule was to limit the weapons used to swords, daggers and other maneuverable weapons.

Druids (Humans who study sidh magics PLUS shamanism/ Elder Wizardry)- How does this work? In book 2, it says that they CAN take the other paths.

With the current level of Powers and Perils rules, I no longer deal with Druids as Wizards. They are priests. The rules for the priesthood with some modification should be used. The initial druid starts as a Mashmashu and Urigallu. As his rank and experience increases, he adds additional training until he knows all forms of priestly magic except the music (which is handled by the Bards associated with a Druidic faith). Rank 5 +1, Rank 7 +1, Rank 9 +1. Reaching MEL 12, add any he doesn't already have save for the Kalu stuff which Bards will handle.

Can someone teleport while an enemy is holding on to them? Can they leave the enemy behind if they teleport?

Yes, if the enemy does nothing to disturb theit concentration, they can teleport. And no, they can't leave they enemy behind.

What are the rules for fighting blinded or against invisible targets.

The general rule is that if you can't see it, you can't fight it. In such cases, count as fighting blind, which means you add 15 to your roll and attack at half OCV. If fighting in darkness or partial darkness, half OCV and DCV.

Rule 1.32511) INFECTION B) While infected, the Character's Healing Chance is reduced 50%, rounded up. Does Infection reduce HC before or after modifications?


Bandages, herbs and other things give bonuses to HC, StB and CB. In order to use their skill at more than half value Healers need to use a Healing Kit. In treating a wound a Healer uses 1D6 ft of bandage and 1/4 oz of Healing Herbs. Together these should give a +15% to HC if used by a non-Healer. Does the Healer also get the +15% or is this subsumed in the Healing skill? If subsumed, it might be better to be treated by non-healer than an EL1 or EL2 Healer. I play that it isn't subsumed but is additive to the Healer's skill.


If before magical healing a Healer had used their skill to boost the patient's StB is this StB used for both the magical healing AND the separate and additional Healing Chance roll? I play that it does.

Works for me.

What would have been the contents of the Pelara supplement?

The Pelara supplement revolved around the evil Duke Salin, his brother Duke Actin, the ancient catacombs of the E'lici dynasties and other cool stuff. Would have been entertaining.

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