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Priority and Combat Result Calculator

One of the often recurring administrative tasks in P&P is the determination of the combat priority order, the baseline of the combat table the various monsters and character roll on and the net combat modifier, i.e. the difference between the various offensive and defensive modifiers. This excel sheet may help with this task.


Priority List

On the first page you see two sets of three white columns, labeled Char, Monster, Human. Each of these accepts a number, which is a reference to character, monster or NPC databases (see below). In the desired column of the first three (A,B,C) enter a number indicating the first party member and in the desired column of the second set (G,H,I) enter a number for the opposing party. The indicated entries will be lookud up in the databases and the name and combat priority of the combtatants will be displayed. In this manner enter the numbers for all combatants. Now press Ctrl-Q to update and sort the combat priority list shown on the right.

This assumes of course one on one combat. If one person has multiple opponents from the other party, simply reenter the number for the first party member and enter a different number in the second set of columns. Ignore the double references in the priority list.


When you switch to the second page, you will see on the left side a list of the combinations of combatants entered on the first page, followed by two white columns each. The first of these columns accepts the combat situation modifiers (such as +5 for fighting multiple combatants) The second can hold o,d or nothing, indicating offensive (default) or defensive fighting style, i.e. whether to use weapon EL offensive or defensive.

On the right you will see two columns for each party showing the baseline of the combat table and the net modifier to use for each combatant. There is also a column where the combat roll can be entered, so that the resulting roll (Deadly,Severe,Hit,Sh.Hit,Miss) is automatically calculated. Rolling for damage done still has to be done manually.


None of this works of cours eif the information about characters, NPCs and monsters is not entered first. This information is held in three database sheets. The NPC and Character databases are roughly the same, except that the character database needs a bit more information to figure out possible priority ties (length, weight, Dex).

The NPC and Character databases hold the following information:

Actually the weapon class: Axe, Dagger, Heavy Lance, Heavy Sword, Light Lance, Mace, Other, Polearms, Scimitar, Spear, Staff, Sword, Thrown
Combat EL
EL in the weapon used
Magic W. EL
The EL of a magic weapon, 0 or empty if the weapon is not magical
Hit Chance + other offensive modifiers
The Hit chance modifier of a magic weapon and other (magical) offensive modifiers, not derived from the combat skill
Defensive + shield modifiers
Again not derived from combat skill, nor shield skill, but for example protection amulets
Shield EL
The Character database also holds
To break priority ties
MDV (against Chaos)
This is just for GM refernce purposes

The monster database holds all the normal monster scores. Most important are of course OCV, DCV and NWI. There are extra columns for the EL of a magic weapon, shield EL and notes. The magic weapon EL may influence the priority, the shield EL is used defensively, the notes are just for fun.

Wout Broere


Priority and Combat Administration Calculator

Design: Wout Broere