Powers and Perils

Two Weapon Fighting

Fighting with two weapons, or light weapons, is a unique style that can be used. The requirements to do so are:

  1. A two-weapon user must be trained in both weapons if they are different.
  2. A two-weapon user must complete a 10 expertise point course specifically in using this technique. (Maximum EL = (St + D + A)/15, Cost to advance is NEL x 7). After completing the course, he will raise his two-weapon EL sperately from his skill in the weapons that he uses. (he gains expertise in the weapon(s) used and in two-weapon skill, when they are used in combat).
  3. A two-weapon user must have two, functional weapons, that fit within the size limits required to use this skill, in order to use the technique once it is learned.

EXAMPLE - If he is carrying a sword and a dagger, he can use the technique. If he is carrying a sword and a broadsword, he may not.

The basic methods of using this technique are:

  1. He may use his EL offensively and attack twice in the same phase. When he does, his EL is divided as he desires between the two attacks. In addition, his first attack will strike one position higher on the attack priority table.

    IMPORTANT - When the two-weapon user uses this option, people who attack him during that phase, in normal melee combat only, will substract FIVE from their roll to hit, i.e. a 41 becomes a 36.

  2. He may make one attack during the phase and use his other weapon to block incoming attacks, as for a shield. In this case, he will divide his EL between offense and defense as he desires. His defense will apply as a shield using the FV of the weapon as its shielding AV.
  3. He may fight defensively, without attacking. In this case his full EL applies defensively and the highest FV of the two weapons + 2 is used as the shielding AV, i.e. if he has two swords, the shielding AV is 9 + 2, 11.

Special Rules

  1. The shielding effect in 2 and 3 above does not apply against magic. It is negated against attacking creatures and weapon-users if the SB + (NWI x (-1)) or SB + WSB is greater than or equal to the shielding AV.

    IMPORTANT - Do not include the EL in calculating this factor. Do include it in determining wether the blow will break the weapon. (Only the portion of the EL that is applied defensively will ever be applied in any way in resisting breakage.)

  2. Damage and breakage rules are as specified for shields in Book Two of Powers and Perils. If two weapons are used defensively, both take damage if damage is scored. If the blow is sufficient to break the weapon, when two are used, one is broken and the other takes 1 damage point.

    IMPORTANT - In all cases when breakage occurs, and two weapons are blocking, the weapon with the lowest FV is the one that breaks.

  3. Only weapons with a base WSB of ZERO or less, excluding magic enhancements and special benefits gained through specific uses, AND a weight of TWO pounds or less, that are not solely missile weapons, may be used for this technique.

    EXCEPTION - Unless the Referee specifically allows it, only swords and sword form weapons can be used for this technique. Axes may not be. (They are light enough but do not have the physical dimensions necessary to be used effectively.)

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