Powers and Perils


Cost to Learn:100
Cost Next Level:8
Maximum EL:(I+D+Em)/2 or 80

Skill in recognizing and enhancing natural materials (similar to Permanent Magics BMC5 spell) and in creating potions that have some of the natural material magic though made from inferior material. Example an inferior gem, while unenhancable as an item could still be ground up and used as the base magic material for a potion that would have some of the qualities of an enhanced large flawless gem, but only for a limited time after swallowing and only at reduced values.

To make a potion the Alchemist must make a skill roll adjusted by the following factors: Using gems/jewels the roll is modified by the appearance and clarity factors of the stone that is ground up (note that small stones make one potion, medium stones can make two potions and large stones can make four potions).

Equipment: Creating a potion without at least a 5 GC kitchen equivalent gives a -5. A full 500 GC laboratory with the proper glassware and heating sources gives a +5 to skill. Some use magically enhanced laboratory sets to further enhance the effective skill of the Alchemist.

Time: Potions take 8 hours to create. Given the proper materials multiple potions can be created at the same time if the equipment can handle it. Add 20% to the cost of the equipment for each additional potion it can handle. [Example: a very large laboratory that could handle making 4 potions at once would cost 800 GC.] Being hasty imposes a penalty of -5 if done in four hours and -10 if done in two hours. Taking extra time gives a bonus of +5 for 16 hours over two days and +10 for 32 hours over four days.

Results: Failure by more than 25 results in totally ineffective or ineffective and mildly poisonous potions. Failure by 1 to 25 results in a potion of reduced potency, dropping effectiveness and time by half. Success gives a 1 ounce potion that for EL/2 turns will affect the person that consumed it. [Note that magic users that use the BMC Permanent Magics Enhancement spell create potions that last ELx5 turns.] Healing potions do their curative effect 30-(EL/2) phases. Any adjustable feature of the magic is adjusted by being multiplied by the EL/100.

EXAMPLE - A master Alchemist buys a medium sized, severely flawed and dull piece of Jet. Taking it back to his large laboratory he grinds it up and spends only 2 hours creating two potions. As the potion can only grant one power he selects the power of granting the imbiber total immunity to disease for 24 hours IF it is first swirled in a gold vessel before drinking. His skill of EL80 is adjusted by -7 for the poor quality of the materials, by +5 for the equipment used and by -10 for the haste giving an adjusted EL of 68. On a success it can provide immunity to disease for 24 hours multiplied by 68/100 = roughly 16 1/3 hours. A partial failure would only provide immunity for 8 1/6 hours. Both potions use the same roll.

Alex Koponen