Powers and Perils


Cost to Learn:80
Cost Next Level:7
Maximum EL:(I+Em) or 80

This skill is the art of making poisons and anti-dotes. It also includes the ability to find and recognize the necessary ingredients. It enables a character to make plant-based poisons, but also animal- or mineral-based ones. The EL controls the kinds of poisons that can be made and the various ways they can be administered.

1-20slow death / other poisonsingestive
21-40death poisons"
41-60paralytic poisons / debilitating poisonsweapons
61-80immediate death poisonsgaseous

At a higher EL the character can also make all the poisons from a lower EL. The maximum baseline of the poison is EL/5, r.u. The same rules apply for anti-dotes. An EL 30 poisoner can make slow death, death and other poisons, and anti-dotes for these poisons.

Succes with the skill yields 2D10 doses of the poison. Failure yields an innocent mixture. Succes rolls should be taken by the referee.

Debilitating poisons
The poison causes the person affected to lose energy, strength and stamina. Each value is reduced by BL * 2 if the poison succeeds. The duration of the reduction is BL days. Per succes the reduction is implemented. If at any time the victim's energy level reaches zero or less, the victim is dead.
Other poisons
Can cause effects similar to some spells. Possible spells are: blindness, disease, disorder, forgetfullness, pain or insanity. Other spells at discretion of referee. The BM of the spell must be less than or equal to EL/10, r.d.
Gaseous poisons
These posions have to be inhaled to take effect. They have to be kept in a container until used. If the container is opened, the gas spreads in a EL+1" radius. It will stay 1D6+1 phases. In open areas the poison will work in a 1" radius only, during a single phase.

Wout Broere

Mathijs Tuynman