Powers and Perils

Locations of Plants

The draft list of rare and magical items gives no locations. Have you ever wondered about WHERE these plants actually grow? Some areas might have them in abundance while others must import. Some magic users might even have greenhouses in which they might "grow their own". Need for some might trigger an adventure. Here's a list of some info.

Adingantida(e)No information (Google search for this turned up the P&P site...only the P&P site)
AgrimonyEngland/Scotland (AKorchu/Goidan?)...grows in hedgerows, and edges of fields...probably in other areas with same climate (true of all of these)
Amaranth Seeds(e)Tropical plant...RARE in colder climates [Wild Aramath (different variety):sometimes found in rubbish heaps.]
Anemonefound in England and Europe....not in wooded areas but in open fields.
Angelica(e)Virginia and Japan (Taolisa?)
Balim(e)no information
Basil(e)rare in Ireland....found in dry hedeges, copses (not corpses), higher elevation situations
BelladonnaCentral/South Europe....SW Asia....Algeria
BetonyWoods and copses, heaths and moors
BindweedIT'S A WEED! NOT well liked by farmers....probably found just about anywhere
Celadine(e)Europe, W. Asia, N. Africa, England....old walls, waste ground, hedges, human habitations
Chervilpretty much throughout Europe...probably elsewhere as well
Chimedon(e)nothing found
Cinquefoil(e)Europe, Russia, Central Asia...woods and hedges
Clove Pinkpretty much anywhere
Elder Berries(e)Mid-range climates
EuphorbiaMorocco....slopes of their mountain ranges
Fennel Seeds(e)Temperate Europe...shores of Medeterranian....India.....near waterways and shores
Fern Seed(e)common in wet forrests
Garlic(e)pretty much anywhere
Hellebore(e)Mountains of Central/Southern Europe, Greece, Asia Minor
Hemlock(e)Europe, Temperate Asia, N. Africa
Houseleek(e)Mountains of Central/Southern Europe, Greek islands
Hypercium(aka St. Johns Wort)...native to Europe, western Asia, North Africa, Madeira and the Azores
Laurel(e)Asia Minor, Europe
MandrakeSouthern Europe
Mephis(e)nothing found
Mevaisnothing found
Mistletoeeverywhere....northern hemisphere
Moon Rose
Mugwort(e)hedge banks
Purslane(e)pretty much anywhere in the northern hemisphere
Qadishi Root(e)[R. Snider: Loved the powers but knew no one would buy the purported source so I changed the name to one of my own. Qadishi Root is a RADISH.]
Rowan Berries(e)Rowan occurs widely throughout Europe, in western Asia in Russia and the Caucasus region, and in north Africa in the mountains of Morocco. Throughout its range it occurs in a variety of habitats, but it commonly grows in mountains and has been recorded at elevations of up to 2,000 metres in France.
Rue(e)southern Europe
Snake Grape(aka Briony)...nothing found...[R. Snider: Going just on the name, Shurikal or the Ghazai lands would be a great place for the best of it. ]
Vervain(e)Europe, Barbary Coast, China, Japan

David A. Sanders