Powers and Perils

Magic Items related to the Sea and Ships

These items are found in some cities around the Perilous Lands. They are created by wizards who love the sea or by merchants who wish to benefit from sale of such items for sailors. The chance of finding such items in a typical city depends on the magical culture bias and supply and demand. If the culture hates magic the chance to find the particular item is halved and prices are tripled.

Grogo Bait - Animal

This is already magical worms that are only found in the Lower World. Those lucky to obtain a supply of these can sell them for fishermen. They do not live long in the Middle World so can't be transplanted. These worms are so delicious to Middle World fish they will 99% of the time go for the bait. This makes fishing almost a certain thing. These worms are purple in color and tend to be 3-5 inches in length. They are harmless to anyone who touches them. They must be preserved in the dirt they were naturally found in to survive more than a month in the Middle World. If not used within that month they will die. These worms are used by the simple fisherman who do it for fun. The price may be too much for mass commercial fishing for most. Sports fishermen have been known to cheat by using this special worm for contests. These worms tend to last three days in the middle world. After that D10 Worms per day will die automatically. No preservation method or magic has been found yet to stop this. Dead worms are worthless as normal dead worms (they do not have the magical effect to catch fish).

Average Price - 1 CC per box of 50 Worms

Available Chance - 5-10% most civilized cities

Ji Fey Stone - Gem

These gems, Carsanite, are only found in the deepest caverns and mines in only a few places in the Perilous Lands. One such place was Katai where a powerful wizard named Ji Fey found the benefit of the stone. By itself the stones are worthless on the gem market since they are a pure gray glass like stone and usually cloudy (even the large and flawless kind). This ugly gem doesn't sell on the market. But when placed in a firepot for 24 hours the stone darkens. Ji Fey then placed a Combustion permanent magic spell on it or uses a firepot with that spell already built into it. After 24 hours and the slightly modified combustion spell is placed in the stone the full benefit is found. When this stone is touched by open skin it will begin to glow a grayish red. It does not become hot to the touch. But those who use the stone will find it drains all water within EL+1 feet of the stone. This drying nature is almost instant depending on the amount of water. The EL is the enhancement spell of the magic-user. Sailors often find this stone to be useful in that it will dry them off completely. So if a sailor is wet from cold storms or going overboard in cold water this stone helps out greatly. The creation process of this stone is now common and found in many market places. The only problem is this water drains everywhere around the person holding the stone. So drinking water and mugs of ale goes away. This drains all moisture not just water including wet mud, ale, beer and so on. Normal use of the item applies as per the Permanent Magic rules. For the person to use the ability it must be touched. It will not do anything if wrapped up in a cloth for example. The drawback is that the person's own moisture can dry off from his skin and so he should drink some water to replenish his body.

Average Price - Normal magical item price rules apply.

Available Chance - 10-15% most civilized cities

Luminous Lanterns

A open torch or lantern can be dangerous on a ship due to fires. These lanterns use a magical spell with luminous sea plants. Once lit they will remain lit for MEL+EL hours. To re-light them one only needs to use some fire on the plant again. The material in the lantern lasts for MEL+EL weeks. The advantage of these lanterns to normal lanterns is that if they are knocked over on a ship they will not ignite and spread fire like oil lanterns. They may continue to shine but they will do nothing further to the ship. Thus the chance of fire is gone. The light from these lanterns is 75% of most normal lanterns but the advantage is worth it. Most ships that can afford to buy these lanterns will. Most folks on the land will not due to their price. In fact these are not found or sold deep inland since they cater to the sailor niche. The additional 2 CC in price is for the actual lantern holder of the plant. Some are simple with a string, hook and a flat open surface. Others are ornate and decorated with boxes of sea creatures or gods.

Average Price - Normal magical item price rules apply + 2 CC.

Available Chance - 10-15% most civilized cities

Spotlight - Gem

This item is cone shaped about the size of a human fist. At the base of the cone is a Star Ruby. The cone is usually a wooden configuration or metal. The cone can be mounted on something or held by a person. With the ruby in place and another Light Power permanent magic spell on it the effects are seen. It creates a solid form of light that acts like a spotlight as for the Light spell at the MEL+EL of the creator. Sailors use this item to navigate fog banked waters or to brighten things in some situations like when pirates attack a ship. Stone has to be touched to be used. This is usually done by placing the palm on the back of the cone where the gem is or by pressing the thumb on it while holding the cone with a pistol like grip. While the light is white some sailors and wizards have made ways to make different colors. Some simple tricks like placing a color thin cloth over it can display other colors but at less of its overall effect. Sailors use the various colors for signals to other ships.

Average Price - Normal magical item price rules apply + price of the Star Ruby at current market prices plus 3-5 CC for the metal or wood cone.

Available Chance - 1-3% some civilized cities

Balance Chain

This simple metal chain has been magically enhanced to gain Dexterity benefit plus to gain a Balance Effect. People who wear these chains will have balance on a ship without the Seaman skill. Instead of the 50% reduction as per the Seaman skill those who wear the chain will suffer only 50-(ELx10)%. Thus a wizard with EL5 spell can make chains that suffer no reductions. These are popular for visitors on ships. Those on the land have been known to use these for workers on high places like construction of tall buildings or balance for horses. But such uses aren't as common as they are on ocean going ships.

Average Price - Normal magical item price rules apply.

Available Chance - 10-20% most civilized cities

Magical Spyglass

Those who can see the enemy before they are seen themselves will always have the advantage. Therefore sailors use common spyglasses to view the ocean for dangers. In this case the magical spyglass is just like a normal spyglass but uses the MEL+EL of the spell as the Sensory Power - Sight spell. This increases the range and detail of the spyglass. A wizard will have to invoke the Sight spell onto the glass and make it from scratch.

Average Price - Normal magical item price rules apply + cost of the spyglass materials.

Available Chance - 20-25% most civilized cities

Navigator's Star

Using a Detection spell on a specially created needle to get the full effect. The needle is placed in a simple round object the size of a thimble or larger. It will also point north for the sailor who uses it. There is no limits on the use of this item it will never stop. A normal compass is fine but in places where electromagnetic effects interfere with them this is a must have. Some wizards can instead of placing True North place a specific location on the item as well. For example, a wizard could place Sivas city on it to always point to Sivas no matter where. The location must be known to the wizard. This only points to general locations not specific items. So a city, town or True north. Not to where a warehouse is located.

Average Price - Normal magical item price rules apply.

Available Chance - 50-60% most civilized cities

Locator Ball

This metal ball is connected a tiny metallic chain that is only so big it can be held by a person's hand. This stone is often used by pirates to hide treasure. It will determine the location of hidden treasure on maps. To activate the stone should be placed in a cup of water for one minute. Then the person who wishes to use it will touch it. At this point he should hold it in his hands and concentrate on where he has hidden treasure. The stone will imbue the location in its magic. Later the person who activated the stone only needs to hold the stone above a map and it will glow where the treasure is when the ball is directly over the spot. It can do this for EL (creator's EL in the spell) maps. For example a wizard who makes a MEL3/EL3 Locator stone can use it for 3 maps. This means he can use it on a large map that shows coastline 500 miles in area. Then a smaller one within 20 miles. Lastly the stone can then be used to locate on a 3rd map that is within a 200 square feet area. The ball allows the user to locate his hidden treasure without making any map marks or notes. Only those who activate the stone can use it for that set of treasure. If the stone is stolen by a thief it won't reveal the treasure location. The person must concentrate in using the stone so must be alive. This only locates a single item or group of items. It will not reveal general objects like a city or person. The effect is normal for a group of items (usually one set of treasure buried). But if the person wishes to use it for a single item the range is doubled. The base range is (EL+1)x100 miles for a map range. So a EL3 Stone only can detect within a 400 specific diameter. A detection spell is invoked on the chain.

Average Price - Normal magical item price rules apply + 1 CC (chain)

Available Chance - 3-5% some civilized cities, many pirate havens

S'Kor - Plant

This plant grows naturally in the mountains of Iravoy. Natives learned of the benefit of this plant centuries ago when they took the plants indoors. This plant has no enhanced form but will naturally soak in bad odors, smells and some forms of limited gas. It will then convert it to oxygen and a fresh smell. Plants do this already but this plant seems to do it 300% better. Sailors use this plant for their holds where packed rowers and passengers can get a bit smelly. This plant will freshen the air as if there was no odor there. The plant will last for 3 weeks with limited water before it dies and has to be replaced. Some lucky people have been able to transplant the plant from Iravoy with limited success. Ticasi is one such place where they are studying this plant. In order to help sell the plant the Iravoy merchants have created a myth that this plant also serves as good luck on ocean trips and so sailors believe it. The range the plant soaks in is (EL+1)x10 cubic feet (radius).

Average Price - 5-10 CC

Available Chance - 15-20% in Iravoy, 5-10% Ticasi, 2-3% elsewhere

Preserver Ring

When a sailor goes overboard rescue is critical especially in high active or stormy seas. Over the centuries sailors have learned of items to help rescue like ropes and items that float. Magic users and merchants have helped in this area by creating a magical preserver. It is the shape of a circle where a body can fit inside it. It is made of cloth wrapped around a thin wood material which is known to float. The creators cast a floating spell so it does not sink. They then cast another spell which makes the item unique. When a person touches the ring and is in water it will glow. This glow can be seen for half a mile away even in rough seas. It can be seen in heavy fog up to about 500 feet. This unique feature lets rescue be faster in case a overboard person gets separated from his ship. The glow will last (EL+1)x12 hours before it fades 10% per hour till its gone.

Average Price - Normal magic item rules apply + 5 CC for material.

Available Chance - 15-20% in most ports

Ronas Carving

This wood carving is usually a hand held wooden statue which is placed in the front of a ship on a shelf or deck. It has magic placed on it which gives it the benefit of detection. When held it will allow the person holding it to detect sandbars, reefs and other obstructions (coral, sunken ships, etc.). It is used mainly at night when its too dark for visual contact. The person holding it will detect how far out ((EL+1)x3 hexes) in front of him the structure is. It will also give him the sense of how big and deep it is under the water. Thus the sailor can determine if the ship is able to sail in that direction safely. This stone is used for harbors and rivers where navigation may not be known to the sailor.

Average Price - Normal magic item rules apply + 1 CC for carving.

Available Chance - 40-45% most cities.

Land Locator

This object is usually shaped in the form of a chain with object or statue. It has a detection spell placed on it which will detect the location of land. It will glow when land is near the ship within (EL+1)x5 miles of it. In order to then learn the direction of that land it must be held. Where the land is located and the person is facing that direction it will get slightly warmer. This is useful when ships get lost from storms or sailing at night.

Average Price - Normal magic item rules apply

Available Chance - 20-30% most cities.

Camas Bags

These hand sized cloth bags are the poor man's version of Blue seaweed. Inside is a dye which is made from a Lemasan bug which gives off a dye like substance. When thrown in the water and broken open it will repel harmful sea creatures like sharks within 1 hex of the dye bag. The bag is solid enough to contain the dye while keeping it until needed. It is usually cut open or opened by a tie string. The dye only lasts 5 minutes in the water before it starts to lose its punch. The drawback is strong currents will move the dye away so it has to be used at the most critical time.

Average Price - 3 BB per bag

Available Chance - 60-70% Lemasa, 25-30% in most other cities


Grogo BaitAnimal1 per 505-10%Catches fish 99% of the time.
Ji Fey StoneGemNormal10-15%Drains water within EL+1 feet
Luminous LanternsPlantNormal+2CC10-15%Plants light up the area
SpotlightGemNormal+X1-3%Shines bright light from cone
Balance ChainMetalNormal10-20%Balances 50-(ELx10)% effect
Magical SpyglassMetalNormal+X20-25%Sight spell effects
Navigator's StarMetalNormal50-60%Finds North or City/Town
Locator Ball MetalNormal+1CC3-5%Finds item in (EL+1)x100 miles
S'KorPlant5-10 CC2-20%Takes away bad odors to Oxygen
Preserver RingWoodNormal+5CC15-20%Floating ring and glows
Ronas CarvingWoodNormal+1CC40-45%See reefs, etc. (EL+1)x30 feet
Land LocatorMetalNormal20-30%Find land within (EL+1)x5 miles
Camas BagsAnimal3 BB per25-70%Repels harmful sea animals

Scott Adams