Powers and Perils

Gods of the Waters

There are many Gods that represent the waters. The below is just a sample of the main gods. While this is not all of the possible gods these represent the main ones only. These Gods can be used in the game to flesh out more details on sailors and those who worship them. This material is directly from Richard Snider's Gods documents with some notes (which are not his).

Manannan Contact Level - 5

God of the Elder Seas, Patron of Sailors, bane of Tiamat, Lord of the Burning Spear, the lustful sailor.

Appears riding the back of a pair of dolphins carrying a trident that burns with eldritch flame. If summoned to the land he is ALWAYS hostile.

NOTE - Many sailors may wear or have posession of trinkets that represent this God. As a patron to sailors they sometimes believe he gives them good luck.

Tiamat Contact Level - 7

Sister of Kototh, Mother of Gods, the Eternal Sea, enemy of man, the Serpent Ocean, eater of the Land, Lady of Shipwrecks, Patron of Mer, harvester of sailors, reviler of the Moon, Mistress of the Heavens.

She manifests as a monstrous serpent miles in length. May not be summoned out of water unless the summoner is in the Upper World.

NOTE - Many sailors fear this god. They believe she is the cause of shipwrecks. In regions where vast ship graveyards exist she has strong influence.

Kingu Contact Level - 4

Son of Tiamat, Lord of the Myrmidons, Marshal of the Seas, the boat-breaker, God of Deadly Waters, the wave warrior, Destroyer of Man, Enemy of all mammals.

Manifests as a hideous merman with a trident.

NOTE - Obviously this god has influence among the Mer Folk. But outside this culture Kingu is known to bring water dnagers like whirlpools, some storms, mysterious "area" (like triangles or magnetic area) and underwater dangers like reefs that seem to crop up or move.

Zu Contact Level - 7

The Immortal Serpent, Brother and enemy of Tiamat, Kototh and Utgard Geror, God of Elemental Waters, quester after knowledge, patron of Domiel, adviser of Mimir, Lord of the Flood, Guardian of Pure Waters, thief of the immortal tome, Lord of Capricious Wit, the prankster.

See water serpents and imagine one three miles long.

NOTE - While not as popular on the sea this God seems more to be worshiped on land by farmers who tend to the land.

Manakel Contact Level - 4

The playful hunter, Lord of Aquatic Animals, Patron of the Dolphin, guardian of man at sea, Lord of the Friendly Current, enemy of monsters, the bringer of joy, Servant and friend of Zu.

Appears as a large sea otter with sapphire eyes and a ready smile.

NOTE - This god is popular with many sailors. They hope the god bestows good travel at sea and profitable at fishing.

Oannes Contact Level - 4

Goddess of Mer, Queen of the Undines, the sea witch, consumer of the unwary, the treacherous consort, paramour of Manannan, Consort of Dagon.

Manifests as a stunning undine with a radiant crown.

NOTE - Most sailors tend to know this God through myth and stories.

Dagon Contact Level - 3

The jealous king, Warlord of Mer, Master of Battles, Enemy of Men, Consort of Oannes.

Manifests as a bearded merman carrying a barbed trident.

NOTE - Many sailors or marines know of this God. They hear stories of great battles and wars. they try to learn from these stories to better themselves.

Mimir Contact Level - 7

The thinking one, Warden of Knowledge, father of sweet water, Patron of the Asrai, Lord of the Water Spirits, dweller at the heart of the world, Keeper of the Eternal Secret, the eye-keeper, he who exacts payment, Lord of the Eternal Well, he who knows all, Patron and Mentor of Zu.

Does not manifest for anything. To contact him you must travel to his realm. There are no shortcuts.

NOTE - Many peasants know of this God in hopes to gain favor with him for better water conditions. Everything from better well water to rivers that seem polluted or diseased.

Enki Contact Level - 7

God of the Waters, Lord of Immortal Wisdom, turner of the flood, Lord of Magical Knowledge, instructor in the arts of survival, patron of man, deliverer from demons, Father and Councillor of the Gods, the Dead and Undying Lord.

Only his voice answers any summons. He cannot be compelled to manifest physically.

NOTE - By far this is the one of the most popular Gods for the waters. Popular with sailors and land folks alike. Many respect Enki if they don't worship him outright.

Rahab Contact Level - 6

The Personification of Death, Son of Abaddon, Champion of Destruction and Decay, Lord of Insolence, master of primordial waters, Bane of Life, slayer of all.

Manifests as death with sickle except wears iron gauntlets and eyes burn a fiery red. All who die feel his touch. He is death.

NOTE - Some sailors seem to have a secret regard for this God. Some cults have sprung up that worship this god and try to force his will in the area.

Apsu Contact Level - 4

Consort of Tiamat, God of the Depths, Master of the rites of the sea, Lord of Subterranean Waters, Master of the Watery Dead, reaver of the skies, and spinner of the waves.

Manifestation as for Poseidon without the trident.

NOTE - A popular god among those who wish to explore the sea and what lies below the surface..

Tiella Contact Level - 5

Daughter of the Raging Seas, the Sea Hag, treasurer of Ocean, Consort of Kingu, mistress of monsters, Goddess of Powers, Lady of the Elder Seas, Mistress of the Watery Realms, Keeper of the Watery Dead, collector of might and beauty.

She appears as a gorgeous undine. Must be forced into her true form, a corpulent and revolting hag.

NOTE - Some sailors worship or hate this god depending on what they believe and how they wish things done.

Scott Adams