Powers and Perils

The Assiran

The Assiran took part in the wave of invasions that destroyed the Empire del'Nord. Until the rise of Valheim, they kept constant pressure on Fort Valheim and camped on the Valhani Plateau. With Valheim's rise they fled to the mountains. Later (17-52VA [190 - 225SA]) they were drawn into the worship of the Valhani Mysteries and became loyal supporters of Valheim. Currently, three of the Assiran tribes are Valheim's first line of defense against the outside world. The other two follow the Valhani Mysteries but retain their independence.


The six Assiran tribes are the Wadkam (16,000), the Wagoen (14,000), the Wazin (11,000), the Balhan (10,000), the Wallan (12,000) and the Wakhan (9,000). The total population is 72,000. They can field 11,400 warriors. (The Wakhan, the Wallan and the Balhan do not serve Valheim. Unless they are hired, their 5,400 warriors will not go to war in support of Valheim.)


The Assiran are hunters and mountaineers. Their economy is based on trade with Valheim and the Kameran, trapping and small scale mining. Except for the Wakhan and the Balhan, they have been partially civilized by exposure to Valheim.


The Assiran worship the gods of Valheim. Some of their warriors belong to Valheim's Society of Tyr. The favored gods of the Assiran are Tyr and Odin.


The Assiran are kind to strangers and generous to their friends. They can be stubborn and tireless when given a reason to hate someone. They are a religious people who are incapable of forgiving anyone who violates a religious taboo. People who violate a taboo, or become an enemy, are an enemy forever.

Legal System

A Council of chiefs rules each tribe. Each council is advised by a Valhani Resident. Among the Wakhan and the Balhan the resident has no vote. Among the other tribes his status is equal to a tribal war chief.

All crimes are subject to Shamanic Law, as dictated by the Assiran version of the Valhani Mysteries. Among the Wazin, Wadkam and Wagoen the penalty for murder and theft are as specified for Valheim. Among other tribes, the penalty for unjust homicide, i.e., murder, is death. The penalty for theft is a weregild equal to twice the value of the stolen item.

Once a person has been sentenced by the Shamans, no appeal is possible. Among the Assiran the only capital crimes are unjust homicide and adultery with another man's wife. The penalty for both of these crimes is death by slow torture. In the case of adultery, both the man and the woman are killed.


The Wazin, Wadkam and Wagoen are dependable allies of Valheim. The southern Assiran nations have strong trade ties with the Kameran and are friendly toward the Kameri.


The Assiran dislike their neighbors, except for Valheim and the Kameri. They are often raided. When they are, they retaliate viciously.

The Wallan

The Wallan are the most conservative of the Assiran tribes and, arguably, the most barbaric. They can field 2400 warriors. They will have nothing to do with Valheim's overtures as they still consider those people to be the enemy. Where it not for the need to fend off the barbarians to the northeast, and their superstitious dread of the area to the west, they would probably try to do something about it. As it is, their attentions are concentrated on defending their lands and surviving.

The chief of the Wallan with the greatest clout is Urgal of the Wallaniershi (NW part of their lands). He is 42 years old and took his first life when he was 12. He is noted as a master of the axe (EL13 in all forms thereof) and for his unflappable courage. He is not the most intelligent of men. In fact, he is more than a bit stupid. Thankfully, for the Wallan, he loves his wife (35 years old) dearly and her wit is faster than summer lightning. More often than not the strategies he follows are of her devising.

The wife is Hodama of the Puessen, taken slave by Urgal while adventuring at the age of 23. By his 25th birthday she was a slave no longer. By his 26th she was his only wife. She is noted for her wit, beauty and vengefulness.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 200lbs

Favored Weapons

Axes, Swords and Medium Spear

Earth Equivalent


Other Notes

The Assiran prefer to wear fur and leather. They dislike helmets and favor the use of heavy shields. Fur-covered boots are a common piece of apparel in this culture.

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