Powers and Perils


Choshai was founded as a Katai military colony (3128KA [328SA]). It gained its independence in the civil war that placed the Khatou dynasty on the throne in Katai (3333-3353KA [533 - 553SA]). Since that tine, they have had close relations with the Duchy of Dzhamou, in Katai, and have fought a constant war with the Kll'maun. Choshai's rich forests are infested with danger.


The city of Choshai (11,000) rules a nation of 80,000 people. About 20,000 of these citizens are barbarian slaves who perform menial labor in this nation. The armies of Choshai are three. The Prince of Choshai controls the city, most of the coastline and the south. He has a 400 man elite footguard, 1,200 footmen and 2,400 trained militia. He also controls a fleet of 10 small warships. The Duke of the North controls 800 footmen and 1,600 trained militia. The Duke of the Black Wood (western Choshai) has 400 elite foresters and 1,200 trained militia. He is believed to be the wealthiest man in Choshai.


Choshai's economy is supported by trade with Katai. It exports wood and furs in exchange for finished goods and weapons.


Choshai has no state religion. People may believe what they choose to, as long as their beliefs do not interfere with their duty to Choshai and their fellow citizens.


Choshai's people live in constant peril. They have become survivors. Most are patriotic people who freely sacrifice their personal desires for the good of the nation. They are kind and compassionate toward fellow citizens. Toward strangers, especially barbarians, they are aloof, withdrawn and suspicious.

The people of Choshai value personal honor. They are kind and compassionate toward fellow citizens. They never give a person who deceives them a second chance to do so. Once caught in a lie a person is not believed again unless the truth of his statement is obvious or provable. They can be an unforgiving people, their survival depends on it.

Legal System

Choshai is ruled by its Prince and two Dukes. The Dukes are sovereign rulers who owe fealty to the Prince, who is the supreme ruler of the land. The legal system is identical to that specified for Katai, except nobles do not have the right to slay felons without a trial. Nobles can be convicted for crimes committed against commoners and, if convicted of a criminal action, lose their nobility as a matter of course. For a land that is beset by enemies, where a person's right to survive can be tested daily, Choshai is a refined and civilized land with an efficient justice system.

NOTE - The current ruler of Choshai is Prince Mogara Choshama. He is also a Count of Dzhamou, a renowned warrior and a noted master of poetic verse.


Choshai has strong trade ties with Katai. The current ruler has a familial tie to the ducal house of Dzhamou in Katai.


Choshai is raided by barbarians and pirates. They hate both groups. Known pirates are executed on the spot in this land.


*Most of the Kll'maun speakers are slaves and prisoners. One of the first things done on capturing a barbarian is to force him to learn Katai.

Basic Characteristics


Common Weapons

Broad Sword, Spears, Polearms


The Katai peoples are unique. Most have black hair, oriental eyes and skin of a vaguely golden color. Citizens of Dzhamou, Choshai and Tirat vary somewhat. They have a paler complexion and are about 5% heavier.

Calendar (Solar)

The Katai calendar is used in Choshai.

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