Powers and Perils

County Mordara

The pages that follow detail an important county in the nation of Donara, establishing an initial environment in which you may begin play. The scenario details a basic quest that Players may choose to undertake. It also details the important Characters, events and future developments in the county as a whole. This will allow the Referee to continue to use the Mordaran environment after the basic scenario has familiarized your group with the game.

Before beginning, it is stressed that this portion of the game is the exclusive province of the Referee. Players should not read the scenario while they are engaged in playing it. They will gain such information as the Referee deems appropriate from it in the course of play. Wherever possible, the Referee should take some pains to enforce this stricture. Failure to do so will greatly reduce the challenges that are presented by the senario.

Without further ado, we introduce County Mordara. May your Powers exceed its Perils.

County Mordara serves as an introductory adventure to Powers & Perils and is Book V of the original boxed set.

Book V - County Mordara


County Mordara

Scans of the original books.

Design: Kurgan

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