Powers and Perils

Army Description for Djanesborg and the Fierazi

Armies of Djanesborg

NOTE - In order to determine the quality and equipment of these armies (for the mass-combat system) I have used the following assumptions:

  1. The "standard" army unit is 100 men.
  2. Smaller "Half-units" of 50 men may be used in some cases and are marked with a (1/2) -- TS will already be figured in.
  3. Most army units will be "average" -- presumaby some are green, some are seasoned. Units noted as "elite" will have a quality of "veteran".
  4. If a culture s constantly fighting (war, raiding, etc), all troop qualities wil be raised by 1 level.
  5. Weapon types and missile weapons are based on the notes in the back of the culture book. Armor types are also based on those notes, or the pictures on the back cover.
  6. If special weapon skills (i.e. the Novholm archers) are indicated, TS will be increased by +1 for each bonus. All bonuses will be noted.
  7. Horse-weight usually equals armor weight.
  8. Militia armor is lighter than army armor, minimum of L.

COMMENTS - Cultural weapons appear to be axes and heavy swords (heavy weapons) and spear (+1 archery). Looking at the picture on the back appears to be medium armor.

TroopsTroop Strength
King of Djanesborg
15x HMS (A)600
15x HMF (A)500
2x HMC (A)700
30x HLS-I (A)335
30x HLF-I (A)265
Count of Loch Svear
2x HMS (V)900
2x HMF (V)750
4x HMC (A)700
30x HLS-I (A)335
30x HLF-I (A)265
Baron of Novholm
2x HMA (A)900
2x HMF (A)500
1x HMCA (A)1100
5x HLA-I (A)535
5x HLS-I (A)335
10x HLF-I (A)265
Baron of Sokkvabbek
12x HMF (A)500
8x HLS-I (A)335
8x HLF-I (A)265
6x MLS-I (A)265
6x MLF-I (A)200
15x MLF (S) 360
20x MLS-I (A) 265
20x MLF-I (A) 200

What this all means: The Baron of Novholm has 2 units of Heavy Weapon/ Medium armor archers with a TS of 900 each. If both units fight in a battle they add 1800 to the force TS and count as 200 archers for archer superiority calculations.

Fierazi Armies

Fierazi use heavy axes, longbows and spears. Armor is light. Due to their constant fighting, nearly all units are seasoned. Since some use spear and some use longbow, I am splitting the difference.

TroopsTroop Strength
The Esda
10x HLA (A)600
15x HLA (S)720
The Bieva
20x HLA (S)720
The Riala
10x HLA (A)600
10x HLA (S)720
The Duera
15x HLA (S)720
The Fradala
10x HLA (S)720
The Gralana
10x HLA (A)600
The Kona
40x HLA (S)720
The Suadan
30x HLA (S)720
The Bauvan
26x HLA (S)720
The Kailaran
24x HLA (S)720
The Mortiti
12x HLA (S)720
The Aliti
8x HLA (S)720
The Berlita
46x HLA (S)720
The Pometa
34x HLA (S)720
The Shieta
20x HLA (S)720
The Stiera
17x HLA (S)720
The Buera
13x HLA (S)720
The Morden
56x HLA (S)720
The Puessen
48x HLA (S)720
The Vandamen
28x HLA (S)720
The Nethagen
8x HLA (S)720
The Thurani
24x HLA (S)720
The Larbani
21x HLA (S)720
The Goisni
15x HLA (S)720

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