Powers and Perils

The Ipanza

The Ipanza dwell in the frozen north. They are nomadic hunters and gatherers with little time for anything except survival. They seldom concern themselves with the affairs of others.


The Ipanza tribes are the Yapanza (9,000), the Zavanza (8,000), the Ravaza (7,000), the Mahaza (6,000) and the Barliza (5,000). The total population is 35,000. They can field 7,000 warriors (20%).


Normal economic standards do not apply in this area, Though barter exists, tribesmen tend to give freely when they can and hoard when times are bad. Only rarely will they trade during bad times; unless the item that they stand to get is something that they MUST have to survive.


The Ipanza venerate tribal ancestors and seek to placate the gods of cold, weather and the elements.


The Ipanza do what they must to survive. In times of plenty, they are kind, generous and jovial. When things are scarce, or the weather is bad, they are misers. In bad times, they will kill for a haunch of meat. In good times, they would freely give that meat to anyone who needs it. The Ipanza do not engage in war, except as it improves their ability to survive or gets them fed.

Legal System

The Ipanza in the tundra travel in small family units. No real justice system applies in these areas. Where larger concentrations gather (outside of the tundra) an unstructured family justice system exists. The people in the camp decide what the punishment for a crime should be. (The severity of the penalty depends a great deal on the eloquence of the felon and his victim.) The standard punishments are ridicule, ostracizement, servitude, mutilation and banishment.


Some of the tribesmen trade in Novarask, others trade in the Dark Lands. The Ipanza have no allies.





Basic Characteristics

Weight 140lbs

Favored Weapons

Spear, Javelin and Bow

Earth Equivalent


Other Notes

The Ipanza do not use armor, shields or helmets. They prefer soft furs and leather as clothing and make extensive use of sleds and trained dogs. They are masters of survival on the tundra and can survive where few others can.

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