Powers and Perils


In the year 643LA [260SA], Iravoy ended a war with the Empire of the Ced and won their independence. Since that time they have fought the Confederacy, Zarun and barely missed coming under the control of Nilgeranthrib. They remain the independent masters of their hills and are wary of those who dwell in the "low ground."


The city of Irava (7,000) is the nation's capital. The total population of the nation is 72,000. Iravoy's army has 400 mercenary constables, hired from other lands, and 8,000 militia. The constables keep order, the militia resists invasion from other lands.


Iravoy's economy is based on herding and small-scale mining. They import finished goods and textiles.


Iravoy worships gods of fertility and herding. Their chief gods are Sarameya and Dionysius.


Iravoy has a family-oriented, communal society. Its people are understanding and kind toward members of their own family and outsiders who are their friends. All others are treated with distrust and suspicion. The Irava are noted for their fierce tempers. Distrust and suspicion can blossom into violence and hostility at the slightest provocation. They are an unpredictable, enigmatic and emotional people.

Legal System

Iravoy's families are ruled by their eldest mate. At higher levels of society, family elders form councils to direct county and national affairs. The national council, composed of all of the elders of Iravoy, is held yearly in the city.

Iravoy has 400 families who each have one constable. This constable is responsible for carrying out the decisions of the family elder and hunting down people who harm the family. Each family administers its own justice with penalties that vary as the family sees fit.

NOTE - Iravoy's families have an average of 180 members. Their 400 families form 29 clans. Each clan, excluding Clan Irava, contains 1d6% of the nation's population. Clan Irava has 8,000 members (the entire population of the city of Iravoy and the surrounding hills). In the city each family of Clan Irava has a section distinct from all other sections. The city has a common, central section used for clan and national meetings that is surrounded by 40 walled enclaves where its families dwell.


A daughter of the elder of Clan Irava is married to the heir-apparent of Aratad. When the Duchy of Aratad is threatened, Clan Irava is likely to aid them. (This is viewed as a tie to Aratad, not to the Confederacy.)


The people of Iravoy fight anyone, human or non-human, who invades their land. They have an old animosity toward Zarun. Periodically, this animosity flares into war.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 180lbs

Common Weapons

Longbows, Axes, Spears


These people date from barbarians who lived in the area before the Ced conquered it. They are a robust, heavy-boned, red-haired people who tend toward stockiness.

The Culture Book

Population Details

Irava is supported by 4 towns (average population of 1,650). Total town population is 6,600.

There are 304 villages distributed about the land (average population of 190). Total village population is 58,400.

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