Powers and Perils

The Izza

The Izza are slavers. They have been allies of Port Doman for almost 500 years. Since their alliance they have raided for the Domanese on many occasions. Because of their connection to Port Doman, and their raiding, they are hated by their neighbors.


The total population of the Izza clans is 55,000. They have a standing army of 400 warriors and can levy an additional 8,000 warriors for war.


The economy of the Izza differs, based on whether they are "feral" Izza or the ones "owned" by Port Doman. If feral, they exist with hunting, gethering, horticulture and a bit of brigandage. Also have illegal contacts with the Ghazai. The "owned" live on what they can earn from the Domanese, raiding, working as slave catchers and some minimal agriculture.


All of the Izza clans give lip service to the Fomorian faith. Eighty percent of them continue to worship the old gods of the jungle, especially Nebeth and Gartun.


The Izza are friendly to people that they fear or respect. To others, they are conniving and treacherous without the slightest decency or morality.

The Izza are a patient lot who enjoy a challenge and revel in victories won through cunning and treachery. If Port Doman continues to show weakness, the Izza are likely to turn on them and try to reclaim the lands that the Domanese took from them 600 years ago.

Legal System

The Izza are governed by a council of 34 clan chiefs. The council is chaired by a Domanese Resident. The decisions of this council are carried out by a non-voting Warlord (the commander of the standing army and the tribe's greatest warrior). He is allowed to suggest policy to the council.

Crimes are judged by the Shamans of each clan. The penalty for minor crime is varying degrees of mutilation. Major crimes are punished by death, either by slow torture or in an animal pit full of lions.


The Izza are allies of Port Doman. They also have diplomatic contacts with the Ghazai (Through various smugglers).


The Ga'Nylasa detest the Izza. Their other neighbors also hate them.



Basic Characteristics

Weight 160lbs

Favored Weapons

Spear, Dirk, Club

Earth Equivalent

The Ibo of Nigeria

Other Notes

The Izza dislike helmets and shields. They wear scalemail on raids and in battle. For clothing, when they choose to wear any, they prefer furs and Fomorian cloth.

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