Powers and Perils


(Pronounced Jai'xa)

The city of Ja'xon was founded in the year 1215RE [102SA] by Ma'char Jaxom (Mai'char Jaxom). For his pioneering efforts he was made the Duke of the area (1217RE [104SA]). Over a hundred years later his great-grandson expanded the Duchy to the south and founded Foha (1338RE [225SA]). Through diplomatic maneuvering (1341-1350RE [228-237SA]) and the calling-in of old debts he managed to keep both cities within the duchy. After this diplomatic victory, the Duchy concentrated on increasing its influence and wealth. In the year 1781RE [668SA] it was attacked by the Empire of Shenab. Under the 25th Duke, the Province resisted the barbarians and, after four years of bloody fighting, broke Shenab's army. In the final battle, Cho'va Jaxom (Ko'vai Jaxom) captured Shenab and sent him to Gom in chains. The Duke won popular acclaim with this victory and began the reorganization of the Gomese military system. This won him the ire of the military and the distrust of the Emperor. In 1786RE [673SA], barely a year after his great victory, he was murdered at a staff conference, ending a long (1756 - 1786RE [643-673SA]) and distinguished reign.

With this assassination, Ja'xon revolted. The Emperor was compelled (by popular pressure) to go to war and punish the slayers of Duke Jaxom. During this war (1787 - 1795RE [674-682SA]) Ja'xon was mercilessly plundered before final victory returned family Jaxom to the throne.

Beginning with the reign of the 26th Duke, an incompetent 16 year old boy, the reign of the Jaxom family became oppressive and corrupt. In the reign of the 38th Duke (2006 - 2022RE [893-909SA]) the oppression became intolerable. The Duchy revolted and killed its Duke. During the next 27 years, Ja'xon restructured its society and attempted to hunt down the remaining members of family Jaxom. In the year 2046RE [933SA], Gom invaded and was defeated in a short and vicious war (2046 - 2048RE [933-935SA]). Since this victory, Ja'xon has been under constant pressure from the A'ha'kacili and has fought many border wars with Gom.


The capital of this nation is Ja'xon (16,000). Its other city of Foha (Fohai) (9,000). The total population of the nation is 120,000. Most of its citizens dwell in the fertile valley around the city of Ja'xon.

Ja'xon's army contains 1,200 footmen and 800 cavalry. When the nation is invaded, these regulars are joined by 1,000 - 10,000 militia for the duration of the war. (This additional levy is voluntary. The number of volunteers depends on how bad the threat is and how much the people hate the invaders.)


Ja'xon's economy is based on agriculture and mining. They also control access to a major trade route. They are a self-sufficient and prosperous realm.


As specified for Gom, except the people care nothing for gods who promise pleasure.


The people of Ja'xon despise authority. They abhor the concept of slavery and will not allow it to be practiced in their realm (it has been outlawed since the year 2022RE [909SA]). Most citizens have an intense hatred for the Gomese.

Citizens of Ja'xon respect wealth and the ownership of property. They are staid, serious and moral people with no tolerance for moral perversity or government oppression. They react violently to any threat to their property. They are an ambitious people who energetically seek wealth and prosperity.

Legal System

The king of Ja'xon is elected by the realm's property owners, from among their number, for life. In theory, he is an absolute monarch. In practice the army rules the land. The king rules as his generals wish him to. "Bad kings" (those that butt heads with the generals) have a tendency to die young in this land.

Civil disputes are adjudicated by a jury of property owners. Both sides of a question are placed before the property owners in court and they decide who is right. The loser is turned over to the army for punishment. The garrison commander in the area decides guilt for major crimes and administers all punishment. The standard penalties are fines (paid to the army), mutilation and death.


Ja'xon has a defensive pact with the Confederation of Shanda.


Gom is Ja'xon's enemy. They are raided by the A'ha'kacili.



Basic Characteristics


Common Weapons

Scimitars, Daggers, Bows


The Rogizini peoples, in the main, have sun-darkened skin and brown hair. Most are long-legged and agile. Rogizini dancers can be exceptional.

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