Powers and Perils

The Omavor

The Omavor are hunters. Since the wars with the Empire del'Nord brought them into the area they have sought to live in peace. They are often invaded but manage to hold what is theirs. Of the peoples who surround them, only some of the Kameran can be called friends.


The Omavor tribes are the Boubor (20,000), the Omaga (18,000), the Burga (15,000) and the Pyaor (12,000). Their total population is 65,000. They can field 9,000 warriors for war.


A simple barter system operates in this area.


The Omavor worships the forces of Balance, especially those that govern fertility.


The Omavor are a shy people. They exist by hunting and have little to do with outsiders - often preferring to hide rather than encounter them.

Unless the omens demand battle they avoid war. When they must fight, they are fast - striking and active warriors who live by the ambush. The Omavor are a friendly, kind and generous people. If a stranger earns their trust, they extend this hospitality and affection to him.

Legal System

The Omavor are organized into small clans. Each is ruled by a chief who is advised by the clan's shaman. Unnecessary aggression and violence are immoral in Omavor society. Crimes are judged, with the advice of the Shaman, by the clan as a whole. The penalty for any major crime is banishment. In other cases, the felon is castigated for his immorality and asked to refrain from continuing his evil ways. If he fails to abide by this, and change, he is banished when the total of his criminal actions equals a major crime.


The Omavor trust some Kameran warriors. Many radicals of the Kameran (currently about 400 warriors including 10 chiefs), against the will of the mystical society, have taken Omava brides. This familial connection has brought the tribes closer together, though it has also earned the hatred of Kameran's women.


The women of Kameran dislike the Omava. Other tribes who border on the Omavor despise them for the unmanly way that they fight. They are viewed as cowards without the courage to fight a real battle.


Kameri 50%
The Primal TongueAll Shamans

Basic Characteristics

Weight 175lbs

Favored Weapons

Sling, Bows and Spears

Earth Equivalent


Other Notes

The Omavor wear woven cloth and soft leather. They rarely use shields, armor or helmets.

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