Powers and Perils

Interesting NPCs

Any decent campaign is populated with a host of interesting non player characters. The following is a list of a few I made for my own. If you find any of them of interest, feel free to use them, comment on them, etc.

Red Alyce

Red Alyce - Deserter, Wanderer, Cursed Age - 27
S24(+1)St68(+3)D52(+3)A53(+3)C 30(+1)
I17W52E60Em21Ap 80*
MDV9      HC 49%

NOTE - In my world their are two groups of elite warrior women. Red Alyce was a member of the second, the Flaming Houris. Members of this group are worshippers of Shamshiel and servants of the Seirim. Both military prowess and courtesan duties are required of them. She deserted rather than accept the second part of her duty. The Houris, with divine aid, cursed her.


Involuntary Sexual Charisma MEL13/EL7†. Any man who gets a good look at her has a chance to be affected when she is seen. If affected, he will have a burning NEED to have her sexually.

† A normal man who sees her sees her appearance as 160. If he is unworthy in some way, diseased, evil, perverted, etc, he sees an appearance of 320. A part of her curse is a Geas against mentioning it to anyone. Is she does so, experiences a 12 hour blackout that it always most active and humiliating. If she hears anyone mention her curse, the Geas requires her to kill both the speaker and, if not her, the person he told.


If she stays in one place more than three days, the curse teleports her and her possessions 240 miles in a random direction. She always arrives naked and unharmed with her possessions around her.


She will be encountered wearing a cowled robe in the city. If in the wild, is mounted, armed and carrying a shield. Rarely, in the city, (10%) chance, a mob that is in need of her is encountered. She will be in it somewhere. Otherwise, is found on the street, in hotel or in a casino.

Notable Skills

EL13 Scimitar, EL8 Tulwar, EL6 Shield, EL12 Horsemanship, EL6 Gambler, EL6 Tracking, EL11 Dancer, EL40 Trailing, EL9 Acrobat, EL7 City/Plains/Hill Survival, EL80 Rogizini, EL60 Marentian, Gomese, Shandar, Kacili, Kolari and Fomorian.


The curse will be broken when she falls passionately in love and bears the child of a man who is not affected by the curse AND who defeats her in battle without the use of magic of any kind. (The child of that union will be a red-haired girl with 2 Special attributes and the mark of Shamshiel on her inner left thigh.)

Appearance Notes

Redhead (as all flaming houris must be), scar marred brand on inner right thigh (Houri brand. all members have them).

Colonel Alton Khangul

Colonel Alton Khangul - Cerulean Notable, Demon Hunter Age - 36
S60(+3)St44(+2)D20(+1)A52(+3)C 80(+4)
I30W40E10Em6Ap 1
MDV8(16)      HC62%
Weight 248lbs


Actions in duty offended a Duke of Chaos. That power cursed him with the face of a Nergali and granted him the power to sense the presence of demons (MEL10/EL5 range 6 miles). Uncontrollable Battle Fury in combat against Demons.


Double MDV applies against Chaos magic or poison. Is very sensitive about his appearance. Also loves to sing and has a voice worse than any frog. Extremely short tempered over any negative comments about either.


Generally always in armor. In wild is mounted. Elsewhere, hunting, resting or drowning sorrows in tavern.


The curse will end when he slays the demon whose face he is wearing. That demon is a ward demon in the City of the Dead, a 2x normal size Nergali. He has been seeking it for the last nine years.

Notable Skills

EL10 Scimitar, EL12 Horsemanship, EL8 Bows, EL11 Mace, EL7 Shield, EL6 Survivals(All), EL5 Tracking, EL4(-4) Singer*

* -4 due to face and a jest element of the curse.

What follows is a truly strange duo who run around in my campaign. Hope they prove interesting.

Puitre The Sick

Puitre The Sick - Wizard, "Cursed" Ma'Helan Age - 30(593)
S9St3(-1)D24(+1)A40(+2)C 3(-1)
I72W5E68Em42Ap 52
  MEL13EL10EnL8HC 3%
MR12IC110PA 18
Weight 100lbs


Puitre was born in the year 738AS in the city of Matan. His mother was a serving woman. His father a Ma'helan Duke and wizard who acknowledged his bastard. Puitre was educated at Matan's finest colleges and committed his existence to living as a scholar.

In the year 768AS Puitre contracted a fatal plague. At his mother's plea, his father implemented the only available cure for the disease. He laid this curse on his son.

Puitre first learned magic in the year 895AS. He concentrates his efforts as a wizard on knowledge arts and permanent magic. He is mostly happy with his lot and is not actively seeking to cure the curse.

Innate Power

Astral Powers MEL13/EL7


When Puitre dies his spirit leaves his body which turns to dust. 2D20 minutes after his death, he returns to the living in a random form. Roll D100. On a 1-60 he is himself. Otherwise, roll an encounter for the time of day he was killed and the area. He will return in the resulting form with the stats listed above. Regardless of the form, he is fully aware, able to communicate and in full command of his powers.


To cure the curse, he must journey to the upper world and bathe in the Sea of Astral Flame that resides there. He is aware of this and has no intention of taking that bath.

Notable Skills

EL70 Planar Metaphysics, All Cosmology, Zoology, Creatures, Linguist EL60 (at least) All Human Tongues within a thousand miles of Matan EL40 (minimum) All nonhuman tongues, EL80 Armorer, EL47 Herbalist, EL36 Locksmith, EL30 Scribe, Jeweler, Engraver, EL14 Healer, EL13 City, Hill, Mountain, Forest, Desert, Underground I and II and Plains Survival, EL8 Rhetoric, EL5 Gambler, EL4 Misc Throwing, EL2 Fighting Dagger, EL4 Hand to Hand (Dawanan form)

Andeline The Devoted

Andeline The Devoted - Faerry Baroness Age - 22(217)


Some 173 years ago Puitre visited Avalon. During his three weeks there, Andeline became enamored with him. When he left, she followed (against the wishes of her family). She soon discovered the nature of his curse, discovering she had a mortal love who could never die. She has remained at his side ever since. As possible, she helps, protects and loves her man.

Innate Power

Shape Changer (Hawk). Has creature tie to that species. Use MEL10/EL7 for her ability for this attribute.

Notable Skills

EL17 Miscellaneous Throwing, EL16 Dancer, EL12 Acrobat, EL10 Rhetoric, EL77 Herbalist, EL7 All Survivals Puitre has, EL44 Sidh Cosmology and History, EL12 Two Weapon, EL13 Juggler, EL12 Flute, Lute and Harp, EL10 Singer, EL7 Aerial Survival

Richard L. Snider