Powers and Perils

An Evil Group

Aznoc Dumash

Aznoc Dumash - Half-Korchi Sadist Age - 34
I52W80E48Em20Ap 80
  MEL5EL3  HC24%

Fanatical Power

Pain EL5


Two years ago Aznoc was a minor functionary and sometime lover of the Governor in the court of Lamalallu. Two things changed this. His obsession with inflicting pain led him to torture the governor's pretty young niece and the perfection of one of the Governor's slaves compelled him to steal her. The Governor, A'rantha, offers 200GC for his return (alive only).

Since his treason, he has built a small band of like minded monsters and worked evil often. The stolen prisoner remains with him. She is a marvelous toy.

Spells Known

General Skills, Suggestion, Hell Powers and Paralysis

Notable Skills

EL92 Executioner*, EL 10 Rhetoric, EL80 Herbalist, EL8 Healer, EL76 Human Anatomy, EL5 Korchi Flute, EL4 Sword, EL5 Fighting Dagger

NOTE - Uses two stolen rings. First is MEL12/EL8 granting total control over the prisoner. Second is MEL15/EL6 Chaining usable seven times a day.


Aznoc's father was a Kalu priest of Rahab. His mother was a Nethagen slave serving the temple as a maid and whore. He was therefore born a slave. When hints of his gift became apparent, his father's superior ordered his father to recognize the boy as his son.

Six years after his father's reticent obedience Aznoc was fostered to an academy in Lamalallu. It was made clear that he was to remain there until he was adult. He did so for twelve painful, warping years.

Aznoc knows one fact clearly. He is born to rule. Because of that, anything he chooses to do is right. Anyone who opposes or annoys him is wrong. It is his place to do as he chooses and have whatever he desires. He is quite willing, and able, to take any steps needed to insure that. The day will come when he is Emperor in his own realm. There can be no doubt of it.


Cailin - Cursed Prisoner, Caledonian Age - 25
S18(+1)St72(+3)D60(+3)A108(+5)C 60(+3)
I21W16E52Em40Ap 90
MDVNA(8)*    EnL76HC**
* NA No resistance chance against the ring or Chaos magic. MDV is 8 against other magic.
** Normal healing chance of 66% is moot. Curse grants the ability to regenerate damage at the rate of 4 hit points per turn.


Victim of powerful Korchi reversal curse. Pain is pleasure, pleasure is agony. If more than one hundred feet away from the ring she suffers intense pain. The agony continues without abating until she returns to the radius of the ring. She is not able to speak while cursed. She may scream, whine and whimper all she wants though. Finally, she is compelled to love the holder of the ring.


Cailin is outfitted in a silver collar and a see through silk loincloth. Nothing else. Aznoc revels in exhibiting her often.


At the age of 20 she was an important leader of Fomorian rebels against the Korchi on the island of Maboiba. She was captured and given to Governor A'rantha's husband. With temple aid, six months was spent laying this curse on her. She became a fine exhibit of Korchi power.

Notable Skills

EL8 Dancer, EL6 Acrobat, EL7 Eroticist. (The curse does not allow her to recall past skills. Should it be broken, she has extensive combat training and general education.


Prior to the Korchi conquest Cailin was studying the entertainment arts in the island's capital. That changed. The first landing of the assault force was at her family's tower on the west end of the island. Everyone there, including her entire family, was slaughtered.

At 18 she earned a place in the resistance as a fighter. It soon became clear that her talents, and cold hatred of Korchi, were meant to be more. At 19 she was leading her own unit. Lust for her, and the resulting ambushes, was the death of many Korchi, including five field grade officers. Her name boosted the morale of the people greatly. The God Emperor also knew it.

When she was 20 an opportunity to set up a Korchi Marshal came to her. She accepted it in a blink. On her arrival, she met a Lich who chained her. The waiting ambushers met a flight of the Korchi death wing. All of them were slaughtered. After a visit to the God Emperor's court, which she thankfully does not remember, she was given to A'rantha.

Cailin is not a brilliant woman. Uncursed, she is effervescent and charismatic. That as much as anything led to her prominence in the rebel host.

Blocked Skills

EL6 Rhetoric, EL10 Sword, EL5 Bow, EL3 Trailing, EL6 City, Hill, Forest and Underground I Survival

Frian The Foul

Frian The Foul - Dirllar Criminal,Outcaste Age - 30


Frian is a born thief from a long line of thieves. He is exceedingly greedy, lustful and sadistic. A year ago, after many warnings, he was cast out of the Dirrlar Thieves Guild for a rape murder. He is wanted for that crime in more than one city.


Wears black leather garments. Carries two fighting daggers, four throwing daggers and his thief's tools.

Notable Skills

EL85 Thief, EL12 Throwing Dagger, EL12 Two Weapon, EL8 Fighting Dagger


Frian's father beat him often. At the age of 12, a month after that man's funeral, two things happen. He earned probationary membership in the guild and he discovered the ecstasy of rape murder with a flower seller.

During the first ten years of his guild career, he was circumspect with his passion. Five women died and none could be traced back to him. With the growth of wealth, reputation and arrogance, that changed. Because of his talent, the guild covered for him.

In the year of his banishment, Frian took his passion to a new level. While drunk, he grabbed a dancer off the stage. He raped and murdered her in the tavern's public room. Not even the Guild could cover that one up. He was pummeled, bagged and deposited outside the city. He lost everything he had except what was on his person.

Frian comes across as a personable individual. Those meeting him for the first time note his wit and charm. When his dark side shines through, he is a laughing sadist and lecher who has no limits to the level of abuse he will inflict on a woman. Few things excite him more than a beautiful woman's death rattle while he is with her.

Crolad Kineska

Crolad Kineska - Dirlla, Psychotic Duelist Age - 35
MDV7      HC45%

Special Items

MEL10/EL5 Luck Ring (+6 on roll to hit him). Named Item (Venom) Throwing Dagger BL12 Paralytic Poison, +2WSB, +7 Hit Chance. Values only apply when it is thrown. The item was stolen from the tower of Mab. Returning it will earn the bringer a boon. (Its poison effect is BL18 vs. the Sidh)

Special Power

Total Immunity to Iron

NOTE - Crolad has an ugly red blotch on the side of his face and a bulbous nose. Will kill anyone who jests about either in any way.


After a short career as a duelist, Crolad was driven from the city. The discovery of his immunity, a magical taint, was the cause. He has made a living as a mercenary and adventure in the ten years since.

Notable Skills

EL13 Sword, Short sword, EL9 Hand to Hand, EL69 Trailing, EL9 Fighting Dagger, EL7 Sap, EL10 Swamp, Forest, Hill, Mountain, Plains and City Survival, EL11 Two Weapon, EL10 Acrobat


Little to add for Crolad. He is a stoic killer with little charm or wit. Despite these limitations, he has a feel for what goes on around him. He will not be demeaned by anyone. He also loves killing. The more helpless the victim the better.

As a note, he is claustrophobic to a degree. He will not go underground unless there is a major reason to do so. While in the tunnels, add 10 to his hit chance to reflect the stress and fear he is suffering.

Baba Achlad

Baba Achlad - A'chalani Slaver, Sadist, Lecher Age - 39
S80(+4)St21(+1)D24(+1)A8C 50(+2)
MDV11      HC36%


Baba moved to Gom at the age of 26. A notable slave house employed him there. At the age of 31, he was beaten soundly and thrown out of the city for ruining a client's merchandise. His love of torturing women is more than compulsive for him. He met up with and joined Aznoc ten months ago. Loves the nights he gets to watch Cailin. He is a totally evil and venal bastard.

Notable Skills

EL11 Mace, Sap, EL9 Shield, EL78 Executioner, EL4 Composite Bow, EL64 Slaver, EL6 Gong, EL5 Fighting Dagger, EL3 Scimitar, EL4 Horsemanship


A barely literate boor enamored with his own size and might. He is bigger, therefore he is better. He makes no effort ever to hide his abuses. Every bitch wants him. It's his right to make them pay a little for their joy when he decides to honor one.

Movad Elgar

Movad Elgar - Cousin of Gom Prince, Cursed, Scholar Age - 46

Special Power

Natural Magician


A notable scholar since his youth who sometimes worked as an agent for his cousin. Four years ago, while doing so, he was captured on Clima and turned over to the Immortal Ghova. She cursed him most foully. Since that time, traveling about doing evil has been his life.


Movad is compelled to do evil (MEL17/EL9 Curse). When he goes a day without doing so, pain begins. The longer he goes, the greater the agony. His magic powers can only be used for evil ends. Any other spell efforts fail.


a Vampiric Imp also accompanies Movad. It lives off him and tortures him regularly. He is the only one who can see it. For any other to do so a Revelation spell is needed. The imp is a 3'10" reptilian horror.

NOTE - He serves Aznoc for comfort's sake. Aznoc is pure evil and does evil often. Movad's memory of his past life is gone. He glimpses it in flashes when he performs an evil action. At other times, it is nothing to him.

Notable Skills

EL80 Cosmology, History of Gom, EL9 Gambler, EL80 Herbalist, Planer Metaphysics, Zoology, EL19 Healer, EL6 Sword


Without the curse, Movad's skills are far greater. The reason he lives is relevant to my campaign. He is a trap for his great grandfather. The imp wears a collar. If it sees forces tied to Abnaric Elgar making an effort to capture the cursed one, it must use the collar to launch a trap for them.

Final Note

As you can see, this is a deadly group. It is also a valuable one. For good or ill there is a price on the head of every member and advantages they can give. A strong party operating intelligently would find the challenge enjoyable I am sure. These people exist 200 years into my campaign. Fit them into yours if you choose.



200GC from A'rantha of Lamalallu, 2D10 Rewards dead or alive in Gom, Roghara, Donara, Musira and a number of other cities.


If returned cured to her home any boon the savior asks may be granted. A reward of 40GC will be paid for her return to Lamalallu.


Is wanted dead or alive in Dirlla, Treaus, Caldo and Donara. 15GC


Criminal dead or alive rewards exist in many places. 2D6GC. In addition, there is an unsavory mage in the Rogizini Empire who will pay 40GC for him alive. He has a use for Crolad's gift.


A Gomese slave house will pay 20GC for his head no questions asked. There is also a powerful A'chalani clan who will grant a boon to anyone who leads him to them. The rape and torture of one of their Emir's sisters was why he left the desert.


Many places will pay 1D6GC for him dead. The royal court of Gom offers 100GC alive. They also have an offer for anyone they discover is his slayer. Lingering death.

Richard L. Snider