Powers and Perils

The Sarghut

The Sarghut are the most feared and hated nomads on the continent. Their raids have been a catalyst for many migrations to the west in the last 1,000 years. Their hordes are noted for mobility, their ecstatic love of battle and extreme cruelty.


The Sarghut tribes are the Raut (50,000), the Shaghut (45,000) and the Tsashut (25,000). Their total population is 120,000. They can field 24,000 warriors plus an additional 12,000 unblooded warriors and elders.


A barter system operates in this area. The Sarghut prize gold and silver. Coins made of these metals may be used in trade at normal value.


The Sarghut are shamanistic and animistic. They worship the sun and the wind above all other forces.


The Sarghut are stoic, cruel and merciless. They seek combat with others and are very possessive. Their society measures a man's worth by the number of enemies that he kills in battle and the size of his herds. Sarghut warriors often take the right hand of fallen enemies and nail it to their lodge pole. They also eat selected portions of their enemies - if he impresses them with his ferocity or valor.

Only blooded warriors have any status among the Sarghut. All others are chattel. For non - warriors life as, or with, a Sarghut can be hell.

Legal System

From the smallest family to the largest tribe, the most powerful warrior rules. Within the area of authority that he carves for himself he is a despot who must be obeyed. The ruler of each family owns all women, children, animals and other property. They are used by family members, and others, at his sufferance.

Major crimes are resolved by clan and tribal chiefs. Other crimes are resolved through vendetta. Punishments other than death are uncommon among the Sarghut. In special cases, with the support of their chief, Shamans can levy penalties against those who violate sacred taboos.

Unblooded males have a special status in this society. Until the age of 13 or 14, they are treated with kindness and taught the ways of a warrior. If they are not blooded within a year after puberty, they are treated cruelly, serving as the butt of many sadistic jokes, until they blood themselves.

Among the Sarghut, a man is not blooded until he has taken an enemy's life in battle.




The Zen'da and Katai despise the Sarghut. The Sarghut, especially the Raut, hate Regis Baya and wish to exterminate that nation. The fanaticism of its defenders, and the Bayan Wall, have proven to be a great obstacle to the Sarghut.



Basic Characteristics


Favored Weapons

Scimitar, Bows and Lance

Earth Equivalent


Other Notes

Leather armor, scalemail, helmets and bucklers are often used in battle. Most Sarghut warriors carry all of the weapon forms above into battle. For common wear, they prefer leather armor and furs.

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