Powers and Perils

Ticasi University and Your College's Colors

The University of Ticasi welcomes you as a new student, full of dreams and promise. We sincerely hope you find the resources here to further your education and your career. In time, we hope that those of you who extend their studies here beyond the basic needs of their Major, will be able to add new information, learning & scientific research results to our ever-expanding library archives, for the further education of our future students & staff. It is always our goal, now and in the future, to continue to assist in improving the lives of those living upon this perilous world, by increasing our understanding of it, and learning to work together to achieve it.

Our campus is extensive, several buildings of which are located outside the Town walls. For any questions, the Administration Building is located just inside the North Gate of the Town. The University is comprised of sixteen (16) colleges, two (2) libraries, an observatory, dormitories, graduate student & staff residences, and several cafeteria facilities. ----- Please see the attached map of Ticasi City & the University campus. It will be of great assistance in finding your way around both.

There are numerous Temples and Chapels located throughout the Town, and you are welcome by the Town to visit and worship at your preferred site. Shops, pubs, taverns & inns also cater to University students.

Undergraduate students will all reside in their assigned dormitories. There is a cafeteria located within each dormitory. Let the kitchen know if you have special dietary needs. Under no circumstances are you to criticize the diets of other students. Three meals a day are provided as part of your tuition. Each dormitory will assign you a badge to wear to the cafeteria for no-charge meals, and to be let into the dormitory during restricted hours. Each dormitory’s badge is a different color, and should be easily visible at entry. We recommend using the attached ribbon & wearing it around your neck. Any extra requests, other than the three standard meals per day, must be paid for by the student. This includes birthday parties and other celebrations. If you eat at another dormitory’s cafeteria, you will be charged a flat meal fee, but you must be wearing your home-dormitory name tag. If you have no ID tag, you will be charged the flat meal fee plus 1 BB.

We require our students to behave with utmost propriety both on and off-campus, and complaints from Town officials can result in suspension or even expulsion from the University. If this occurs, Class fees are refunded, on a prorated basis, and AFTER the paying of all fines assigned by the local Courts due to episodes causing the arising of said complaint(s). If an expulsed student is non-compliant in paying said fines, the fines will be paid from any prorated refunds due the student, and/or pay the time of confinement stated by the Judge.

For your convenience, enclosed is the list of Colleges and as an FYI, the College robe colors you will be assigned. If you are taking classes in multiple colleges, as many students do, you are to wear the robes of your Primary Major while on campus, and not in classes. Without your robe, you will be denied admission to student areas, such as the library, water closets and cafeterias.

You will be given one set of robes for each college you attend, and you are to wear the appropriate robe for the college whose class you are attending. We suggest carrying a backpack, if you will need more than one set of robes during your day of classes. Wear comfortable clothing under your robes, and changing will be no difficulty, no matter how public the area.

Name of CollegeStudy Subjects*Primary ColorSecondary ColorInsignia(s)
College of OmaelAgronomy & HusbandryGreenWhitePlow pulled by Ox in field, bordered by horizontal oval
Gobel’jan CollegeAntiquities: Ancient cultures & their ephemera (like ancient coins)Dark GreenDark YellowOpen scroll border with picture of round, broken stone tower & two crossed shovels below
Huer’tas CollegeArchitectureLight GrayTanPicture of a stone castle w/ crenellations and three towers, two w/ pointed roofs
Isfahan CollegeArtsRedGoldA palette & brush, bust of man, open scroll, lyre & dancer, each in own circle; the circles joined in a circle (like a string of beads)
Tris’salan CollegeAstronomy & AstrologyBlackSilverCrescent Moon curved within a Radiant Sun (each with a face toward the other) w/ comet trailing in curve overhead
College of LuchtaEngineeringTanDark GrayCompass, right-angle ruler & pens crossed, over a scroll w/ diagram of room
Merrisan CollegeFabrics & Textiles Light Red-OrangeDeep GreenLoom bordered by quadrilateral outline, top side narrower than base, both sides of equal length
College of HistoryHistoryDark GreenSky BlueMap of continent on open scroll with open book above, crossed sword & quill pen below
Ticasi College of Linguistics & WritingLinguistics; Writing, Literature & PoetryDark RedYellowThree open books & three open scrolls alternating in a hexagram shape. A feather pen in center w/ ink bottle.
Hecate’s College of MagesMagicBlackGoldSilhouetted figure standing in cowled robe with one arm elevated & other out to side, w/ sparkly trail curving between hands & head looking upward & bordered by a squiggly line of cloud
Arathron CollegeMedicine, Physical EducationWhitePrussian BlueCaduceus w/ Vial below it, within a triangle border
Yavishta’s Forge CollegeMetalcraftMedium GrayOrangeAnvil w/ flame symbol above it, bordered by a diamond shape (as on deck of cards, but four side equal)
College of Poteh’s MysteriesMetaphysicsBlackCreamLotus Flower resting on field of sparkling stars, w/ small rising cloud coming from top center of Lotus; all bordered by a circle
College of War & DefenseMilitary Arts & HistoryMaroonWhiteCrossed swords in front of a long shield and flame symbol outlining the whole
College of the EldersMyths & LegendsPurpleGoldSailing ship at Sea, w/ small Treasure Chest on it & surrounded by a Flying Dragon curved in a circle around the ship, all within the outline of an open scroll
College of NavigationNavigationAquaBlackPrimitve sextant bordered by upside-down triangle (horiz. top & pointed bottom)
Do’malan CollegeOther RacesRoyal BlueSilverShield w/ four sections: Bow, Harp, Hammer & Sword
Tehuti CollegePhilosophySky BlueDark GraySeated cross-legged silhouette, surrounded by a scroll outline
Armanthor CollegePhys. Science (Geology, Geography, Minerals, Biology)TanGreenCircle with scene of Mountain silhouette w/ Oak Tree in front of it & Lake in front of tree
College of MetatronPolitics & LawRedwood BrownLight BlueScale of Justice standing over an open, heavy book bordered by Shield outline
College of the GodsReligion/ TheologyPrussian BlueSilverThree overlapping globe outlines, representing the Upper, Middle & Lower Worlds. Only the area where all three overlap is filled in with silver color.
College of SustainabilitySanitationDark GraySage Green3-tiered fountain with spraying fountain of water from top tier to lower levels
* Study Subjects (e.g.: Physical Sciences) in each College are, in general, focused toward the major area of study, and not a complete education in the subject. This is because a Subject may encompass wide areas of interest requiring extensive study in unrelated topic areas to a College’s Study Goals. If a Student desires a wider education in an area of study (e.g.: a particular ancient civilization), they will find it of benefit to attend multiple colleges offering that Study subject (e.g.: History, Military History, Linguistics, Myths & Legends, Architecture, Sanitation & other subjects cover aspects of specific ancient civilizations).

General Robe Color Notes

Robes of each College have both a primary & a secondary color, which helps classify the area of study each student is following. The robe’s color & insignia (in a secondary color) indicates the College where the student is registered. The colors help staff & students direct other students to the appropriate study areas, help students to find classmates in busy areas of the campus, and are to give each student pride in their College. All study subjects are important to the University and to the welfare of this world, and no criticism or joking may be made against any student’s robes as being indicative of an imaginary fault.

What makes us most happy is to see a rainbow of colors all over our campus. That means that our students are exploring the possibilities of a greater future for us all.

Turquoise & Silver are the Ticasi University colors. One robe, and matching color sashes & cords, will be awarded each student upon completing their undergraduate study program. The University robe, sashes and cords are often worn by our graduates during their working lives, and are received worldwide as a sign of honor and respect.

Honorary Colors licensed by the University

Metallic colors are not allowed as part of the Colleges’ colors, with the following exceptions. They are only allowed as a secondary color on the robes. The College must post the University’s written exemption in a prominent place within the College offices.

Some scholars wearing their robes

Bess L. Hadley

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