Powers and Perils

Calendar and Moon Phases

The year is 360 days long, broken into 12 months of 30 days each. A week is composed of 6 days. The year is divided into 6 seasons (how babylonian).

Planting Season
War Season
Siege Season
Harvest Season
Storm Season
Dark Season

The first day of the year is the first day of Planting season. Now, I was somewhat lazy and based the names on our Earthly calandar, thus making it easier to mentally grasp what the climate outside would be like (naming reflects sea of tears region)

Marqi Planting
Ma War
Julis Siege
Sepes Harvest
Novehas  Storm
Janaq Dark

Since the lands seem to be entirely Northern Hemisphere, obviously the "dark" season is relatively mild on the southern lands, and brutal up north. Mythically, Storm season is when the essances of cold and darkness wrest control away from the warmer, kinder spirits, so unpredicable weather is the hallmark of this season. The dark forces, however, are lazy and allow their time to slip away with less troubles in the Planting times.

The six days of the week are: Monada, Tusida, Wendida, Thusuda, Frisda, Satusda

There are two moons which, when combined, mark the start of the seasons. "Dar Huntaqa" (The Huntsman) has a cycle of 20 days, while "Milixa" (the Hound) has a cycle of 15 days.

The first day of a season both are full. In the first day of the second month, Dar Huntaqa is new while Milixa is full. The 60 day period it takes the two to get back in sync marks a season ("When hound rejoins the master, both fresh for the next hunt").

For people wishing to roll dates (birth date?):

1d6 for season
1d2 for month of season
1d5 for week of month
1d6 for day of week

The calendar with the phases of the moon is available as an Excel spreadsheet

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