Powers and Perils

Random Culture Variation System

This file expands on the Random Culture chart by Burton. These charts are based on population density percentages and breakdowns. So if 10% of the population is from one city it will get 10 percentiles of the dice. Once the culture is determined these charts can be used to further define the sub-area.

External - This is a rare case (1%) where a person is from the listed culture but not in the areas listed. For example a Marentian man could be born by Marentian parents on a Marentian ship at sea. External defines this instance. So the event (or person encounters) is Marentian but outside Marentian province.

Wilderness, Wilds, Duchy, Colony, Island define general areas where the person is from. If its not a city then it'll be from towns in the wilderness, duchy, colony or island.

A Referee is free to alter any chart. Some may feel a culture that fears outsiders would not have a person leave the area/tribe. So External would not exist as a chart item.

These charts are good for Random Human Encounters that outline Travellers or Foreigners.

A'Korchu Empire

Main Island 01-70
Mojor Colonies 71-90
Island Colonies 91-99
External 100

Main A'korchu Island

Korchu City (Capital) 01-12
Ereshka City 13-16
Habanu City 17-19
Nergu City 20-21
Lammas City 22-23
Urmu City 24-25
Main Island 26-100[Wilderness Area/Not city]

Major Colonies

Chau City 01-10Chau Island 11-45
Lamallu City 46-51Lamallu Island 52-69
Tomanu City 70-74Tomanu Island 75-85
Baobhanu City (Goidan) 86-89Baobhanu Island 90-100

Island Colonies

Chora 01-29A'Dumi 30-52
Sichi 53-60Aspani 61-67
Azai 68-72Tatai 73-77
Balos 78-82Aslaa 83-86
Atille 87-90Rahai 91-93
Kisu 94-96Bai 97-97
Abala 98Chaza 99
   Mur 100

The Aratad Confederacy

Aratad City 01-07 Aratad Duchy 08-45
Rhozad City 46-50[Capital]Rhozad Duchy51-74
Eured City 75-78 Eured Duchy 79-96
Thesovia Island 97 Khoba Island 98
Rhida Island 99 External 100

The Assiran

The Wadkam 01-27The Wagoen 28-50
The Wazin 51-68The Balhan 69-88
The Wakhan 89-99External 100

The Bal'Sani

the Chal'ki 01-30The Bal'boni 31-57
The Ar'sani 58-80The Col'ka 81-96
Other Tribes 97-99External 100


Ba'ru City 01-20[Capital]
Wilderness Area 21-99
External 100


Bhamotin City 01-10Kasha City 11-16
Vistair City 17-20Provini City 21-24
Wilderness 25-99External 100


Bara City 01-08[Clan Bara, North Area]
Bara Clans 09-45[Other Clan villages/towns]
Caldo City 46-52[Clan Caldo, South Area, Capital City]
Caldo Clans 53-99[Other Clan villages/towns]
External 100

The Empire of Ced

La'Ced City 01-16[Capital] A'iam City 17-25
Wilderness 26-99 External 100

The Cerulean Empire

Cerul City 01-03[Capital, Satrap capital]
Dhalran City 04-05[Satrap capital]
Indar City 06[Satrap capital]
Chaol City 07[Satrap capital]
Nyshan City 08[Satrap capital]
Halle City 09[Satrap capital]
Chohas City 10[Satrap capital]
Hadat City 11[Satrap capital]
Ba'shan City 12[Satrap capital]
Huam City 13[Satrap capital]
Samai City 14[Satrap capital]
Ermetn City 15[Satrap capital]
Patana tribe 16-19[From among the tribe]
Dallaza Tribe 20[From among the tribe]
Cerulean Wilds 21-99[Cerulean towns/villages]
External 100


Chiros City 01-17[Capital of Duchy]
Chiros Wilds 18-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100[Outside of Chiros]


Choshai City 01-14[Capital]
Choshai Wilds 15-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100[Outside Choshai]
If person is not pre-defined roll D100 below:
Barbarian Slave 01-25
Non-Barbarian 26-100


Chunrey City 01-09[Capital, Mainland]
Ita City 10-12[Island city]
Mokasa City 13-15[Island city]
Ita Island 16-40[Ita island towns/villages]
Mokasa Island 41-60[Mokasa island towns/villages]
Mainland wilds 61-99[Non-island town/villages]
External 100[Outside Chunrey]


Clima City 01-08[Capital & Holy City, Main Island]
Shimama City 09-12[Main island]
Melecin City 13-14[Main island]
Vizan city 15-16[Main island]
Main Island 17-91[Main island Towns/villages/hamlets]
Affea Colony 92[Colony town itself]
Affea Wilds 93-94[Colony Wilderness towns/villages]
Fort Kira * 95[Fortress and margines]
Climan Islands # 96-99[Small islands around Clima]
External 100
* Roll D100 [01-50 Fortress, 51-100 Fotress margins]
# Roll D100 to determine which Island
Ho'Daiva 01-32[Training temple of the Immortal Ghovas]
Ghova 33-78[main training temple for the priesthood]
Ba'helos 79-80[Dedicated to demon worship]
Lys 81-82[Dedicated to Sammael]
Mera 83-87[Dedicated to forces of Chaos in the sea]
Khat'u 88-94
Chala 95-96
Murani 97-98
Merin 99-100

the Confederation of Shanda

Roghara City 01-06[Capital, Civilized Area]
Civilized Towns 07-28[Civilized towns and Villages]
Sherlani Tribe 29-49[From among the tribe]
Shanda Tribe 50-68,[From among the tribe]
Perda Tribe 69-82[From among the tribe]
A'chalani Tribe 83-94[From among the tribe]
Gholani Tribe 95-99[From among the tribe]
External 100


Dawana City 01-09[Capital]
Dawana Wilds 10-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100


Decha City 01-21[Capital]
Dechat Wilds 22-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100[Outside Dechat]


Dirlla City 01-21[Capital, Civilized area]
Dirllar Wilds 22-85[Civilized towns and villages]
Gralana Tribe 86-89[Barbarian tribe within Dirllar border]
Esda Tribe 90-96[Barbarian tribe within Dirllar border]
Riala Tribe 97-99[Barbarian tribe within Dirllar border]
External 100[Outside Dirllar]

The Djakschil

Bsischil Tribe 01-54
Wyaschil Tribe 55-99
External 100


Djanesborg City 01-09[Capital]
Loch Svear City 10-12
Novholm City 13-15
Djanesborg Area 16-86[Mainland Towns/Villages]
Noatun City 87[Fortress city]
Sokkvabbek City 88-89[City & Colony on Goidan]
Noatun Island 90-99[Island with Goidanese residents]
External 100


Donara city 01-04[Capital]
Pelara City 05-10[Principality capital]
Xadona City 11-12[Principality capital]
Xian City 13-14[Principality capital]
Samma City 15[Principality capital]
Xalanara City 16[Principality capital]
Salaqara City 17-19[Duchy capital, former capital of Salaq]
Donaran Area 20-70[Donaran villages/towns in North, West, South]
Salaqi Area 71-95[Salaqi villages/towns in East]
E'lici Area 96-97[Villages/Towns in South and East]]
Xianese Area 98-99[Xian principality]
External 100[Outside Donara]

The Fierazi Tribes

Esda Tribe 01-05[Group A, some portion in Dirllar]
Bieva Tribe 06-09[Group B, some portion in Dirllar]
Riala Tribe 10-13[Group A]
Duera Tribe 14-16[Group A]
Fradala Tribe 17-18[Group A]
Gralana Tribe 19-20[Group A, in Dirllar]
Kona Tribe 21-26[Group NA]
Suadan Tribe 27-31[Group N]
Bauvan Tribe 32-35[Group N]
Kailaran Tribe 36-39[Group N]
Mortiti Tribe 40-41[Group I]
Aliti Tribe 42-43[Group I]
Berlita Tribe 44-51[Group TA]
Pometa Tribe 52-56[Group TA]
Shieta Tribe 57-59[Group TA]
Stiera Tribe 60-62[Group RA]
Buera Tribe 63-64[Group RA]
Morden Tribe 65-74[Group EN]
Puessen Tribe 75-83[Group EN]
Vandamen Tribe 84-87[Group EN]
Nethagen Tribe 88[Group EN]
Thurani Tribe 89-93[Group NI]
Larbani Tribe 94-97[Group NI]
Goisni Tribe 98-99[Group NI]
External 100[Outside Tribal Lands]

Fiearazi are notorious warriors. The chance of encountering a warrior is high. If you wish to determine the chance you can use the table below.

Group A 01-15Warrior16-100Non Warrior
Group NA 01-20Warrior21-100Non Warrior
Group N 01-20Warrior21-100Non Warrior
Group I 01-15Warrior16-100Non Warrior
Group TA 01-20Warrior21-100Non Warrior
Group RA 01-20Warrior21-100Non Warrior
Group EN 01-20Warrior21-100Non Warrior
Group NI 01-15Warrior16-100Non Warrior

The Fomorian Empire - Aredan

Aredan City 01-16[Capital]
Aredan Wilds 17-99[Towns/Villages outside city]
External 100[Outside Aredan]

The Fomorian Empire - Ashudan

Ashudan City 01-18[Capital]
Xaghan City 19-29
Ashudan Island 30-62[Island towns/villages outside city]
Xaghan Island 63-92[Island towns/villages outside city]
Fort Novan 93-96
Quequar Island 97[Island towns/villages]
Djaja Island 98[Island towns/villages]
Tariti Island 99[Island towns/villages]
External 100

The Fomorian Empire - Atler

Atler City 01-15[Capital]
Maboiba City 16-25
Atler Wilds 26-99[Towns/Villages]
Exernal 100

The Fomorian Empire - The Kingdom of the East

Ocedan City 01-09[Capital, Coasa Peninusla]
Fadan City 10-14[Coasa Peninsula]
Lemdan City 15-18[Lemara Island]
Pildan City 19-20[Hunki Island]
Coasa Peninusla 21-78[Towns/Villages on Peninusla]
Lemdan Area 79-92[Towns/Villages around Lemdan]
Hunki Island 93-97[Island Towns/Villages]
Other Islands * 98-99[Other controlled areas]
External 100
* Roll D100 again on the table below.
Tyan 01-53
Musmasa 54-67
Na'Asida 68-80
Pira 81-88
Na'Innamu 89-96
Nara 97-98
Na'Chobar 99-100

Not all of the population are true Fomorians. If you wish to determine further you can roll on the following chart:

Katai 01-57
Fomorian 58-77
Lemasan 79-97
Chunrey 98-100

The Fomorian Empire - Fomoria

Fort Inan 01[Fortress city]
Inan Colony 02-04[Fort Inan colony area]
Fomoria City 05-20[Capital City]
Asidan City 21-26
Manadan City 27-30
Miridan City 31-33
Island Wilds 34-99[Mountain Towns/Villages]
External 100

The Fomorian Empire - Kingdom of the Islands

Firdan City 01-10
Firdan Island 11-39[Island towns/villages outside city]
Bolgidan City 40-49
Bolgidan Island 50-77[Island towns/villages outside city]
Zeudan City 78-83
Zeudan Island 84-97[Island towns/villages outside city]
Other Islands * 98-99
External 100
*Roll D100 for the exact island
Zerdu Island 01-46
Paidu Island 47-74
A'henas Island 75-93
Hoda Island 94-100

The Fomorian Empire - Musira

Musira City 01-22
Musira Wilds 23-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100

The Fomorian Empire - Port Doman

Port Doman City 01-17[Capital]
Rural Areas 18-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100

If Port Doman then Roll D100 again on the following chart:

01-33Fomorian Citizen
34-36Free Blacks

If Rural Population from Town/Village roll D100 on chart below:

01-13Fomorian Citizen
14-20Free Blacks

The Fomorian Empire - Shestar

Shestar City 01-14[Capital]
Shestar Wilds 15-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100[Outside Shestar]

To determine more roll D100 on table below:

01-67Free Black, Full Citizenship
68-100Fomorian Citizen

The Fomorian Empire - Vahear

Vahear city 01-12[Capital, Main Island]
Inannadan City 13-15[Main Island]
Olphar City 16-22[Capital, Contiental province]
Contiental Area 23-50[Contiental towns/villages]
Vahear Island 53-95[Island Villages]Towns]
Mossal Island 96[Island Villages]Towns]
Indisan Island 97[Island Villages]Towns]
Bista Island 98[Island Villages]Towns]
Rey Deu Island 99[Island Villages]Towns]
External 100[Outside Vahear]

The Fomorian Empire - Xan

Xantia City 01-16[Capital]
Erdan City 17-25
Towns/Villages 26-99
External 100

The Ghazai

Ghazai Clans 01-99[The 22 Clans]
External 100

The Ghiamem

Ghomen Tribe 01-37
Okmen Tribe 38-72
Yasumen Tribe 73-99
External 100


UiNeill Tribe 01-17
Connata Tribe 18-32
Ulail Tribe 33-46
Armagh Tribe 47-58
Lagin Tribe 59-68
Mumani Tribe 69-78
Eoghan Tribe 79-85
Sokkvabbek 86-99[Goidanse people in this area]
External 100


Gom City 01-13
Sheiram City 14-24
Gom Wilds 25-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100

The Helva

Helsa Tribe 01-30
Kiesa Tribe 31-53
Muresa Tribe 54-74
Kiribasa Tribe 75-90
Karashaka Tribe 91-99
External 100

The Humagi

Srimoga Tribe 01-30
Kaoga Tribe 31-56
Bonoga Tribe 57-80
Mopoga Tribe 81-99
External 100

The Ipanza

Yapanza Tribe 01-26
Zavanza Tribe 27-50
Ravaza Tribe 51-70
Mahaza Tribe 71-87
Barliza Tribe 88-99
External 100


Irava City 01-10[Capital]
Iravoy Wilds 11-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100

The Izza

Izza Clans 01-99
External 100


Ja'xon City 01-13[Capital]
Foha City 14-22
Ja'xom Wilds 23-99[Towns/Villages]

The Kakana

Kakana Tribe 01-99
External 100

The Kalem

Kalem Tribe 01-99
External 100

The Kameran

Alesi Tribe 01-53
Kameri Tribe 54-99
External 100


Katai City 01-02[Capital]Iron City *03
Shantou City 04 Sangsao City 05
Qimou City 06 Choundeu City 07
Li'jian City 08 Jiuquo City 09
Kodao City 10 Koi'lan City 11
Scaloo City 12 Tiansar City 13
Koulou City 14 Si'chava City 15
Damau City 16 Da'qaid City 17
Ci'jian City 18 Musdao City 19
Ul'liaou City 20 Dzhamou City 21
Tirat City 22 Katai Wilds #23-99
External 100
* City of Iron inside Katai, Where the Imperial Residents live. Could be an imperial close aide or family member though chance of imperial family leaving the Iron City is slim.
# Katai is large. The Referee could use the following table to further develop the province or area where the person is from. Roll D100 on table below.
Katai City 01-05Shantou City 51-55
Sangsao City 06-10Qimou City 56-60
Choundeu City 11-15Li'jian City 61-65
Jiuquo City 16-20Kodao City 66-70
Koi'lan City 21-25Scaloo City 71-75
Tiansar City 26-30Koulou City 76-80
Si'chava City 31-35Damau City 81-85
Da'qaid City 36-40Ci'jian City 86-90
Musdao City 41-45Ul'liaou City 91-95
Dzhamou City 46-50Tirat City 96-100

The Kazi

Shamira Tribe 01-18
Kado Tribe 19-34
Meirido Tribe 35-49
Riora Tribe 50-64
Gazdo Tribe 65-76
Haido Tribe 77-87
Kirra Tribe 88-94
Shara Tribe 95-99
External 100

The Kirazan

Kirazan City 01-22
Kirazan Wilds 23-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100

The Kll'maun

Asiramaya Tribe 01-11[Shamantic Tribe]
Pomaya Tribe 12-20[Shamantic Tribe]
Riakaya Tribe 21-28[Shamantic Tribe]
Risilya Tribe 29-36[Shamantic Tribe]
Araun Tribe 37-47[Chaotic Tribe]
Mourun Tribe 48-57[Chaotic Tribe]
Soraun Tribe 58-66[Chaotic Tribe]
Kll'auna Tribe 67-85[Lawful Tribe]
Sri'yaun Tribe 86-93[Lawful Tribe]
Banayaun Tribe 94-99[Lawful Tribe]
External 100

The Kolari

Kolavassi Tribe 01-14
Vanaddi Tribe 15-27
Ghavasi Tribe 28-38
Roanni Tribe 39-46
Umeri Tribe 47-54
Usetti Tribe 55-63
Madralo Tribe 64-84
Worro Tribe 85-92
Covo Tribe 93-99
External 100


Sscavhi City 01[Capital, Holy City, Seat of Emperor]
Yymabfx City 02-05[On Lemasa Island, Imperial Capital]
Khara City 06-08[On Lemasa Island]
Atla City 09-11[On Lemasa Island]
Kai'cera City 12-13[On Lemasa Island]
Aurisia City 14-15[On Lemasa Island]
Vasa City 16[On Lemasa Island]
Lilini City 17[On Lemasa Island]
Yyast City 18[Eastern Colony city]
Kshka City 19[Eastern Colony city]
Na'Yymab City 20[Eastern Colony city]
Dagha Island 21[Island Towns/villages]
Tiama Island 22[Island Towns/villages]
Eastern Colony 23-33[Subjects in the eastern colonies]
Lemasa Wilds 34-99[Lemasa Island Towns/Villages]
External 100


L'p'nth City 01-05[Capital]
L'd'm' City 06-10
K'p'ch' City 11-13
B'z'b' City 14-15
S'ph'nth City 16-17
Qa'indi Tribe 18-21
Ra'indi Tribe 22-24
L'p'nth Wilds 25-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100


Matan City 01-10[Capital]
Hele City 11-19
Ma'helas Wilds 20-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100


Maren City 01-03[Capital]
Sivas City 04-09
Malnon City 10-12
Cholchara City 13-14
Valeu City 15-16
Scortsi City 17
Asichi City 18
Marentia Wilds 19-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100

The Mopazi

Mopazi Tribe 01-99
External 100


Nerid City 01-13[Capital]
Nerid Wilds 14-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100


No'mal City 01-24[Capital]
No'mal Wilds 25-99
External 100


Crystal City 01-24
Lesser City 25-45
Tribal Areas 46-99[Tribesmen who live in the area]
External 100

The Nylasa

Pa'Nylasa Tribe 01-25[Tribes under Dark City control]
Ga'Nylasa Tribe 26-70[Nylasa Coalition]
Ko'nal Tribe 71-90[Nylasa Coalition]
Kizand Tribe 91-99[Nylasa Coalition]
External 100

The Omavor

Boubor Tribe 01-31
Omaga Tribe 32-60
Burga Tribe 61-83
Pyaor Tribe 84-99
External 100

Regis Baya

Regis Baya City 01-12[Capital, Civilized city]
Civilized Area 13-68[Within walls, Civilized people]
Barbarian Area 69-99[In semi-permanent villages]
External 100

The Rhuselska

Rhuselska Tribe 01-42
Miriska Tribe 43-78
Moeska Tribe 79-99
External 100

The Rizeela

Rozola Tribe 01-34
Azer Tribe 35-50
Qazela Tribe 51-73
Kirzela Tribe 74-99
External 100


K'lza'babwe City 01-16[Capital, Civilized City]
City Margins 17-40[Within 10 miles around capital, Civilized]
N'yetali Tribe 41-52
Zalazibabwe Tribe 53-62
Hobali Tribe 63-72
Zimmali Tribe 73-82
Kunni Tribe 83-90
Zuiassa Tribe 91-96
Niballa Tribe 97-98
Zi'gzaba Tribe 99
External 100

The Robari

Roban Tribe 01-36
Aravan Tribe 37-65
Khelan Tribe 66-86
Ullan Tribe 87-99
External 100

The Rogizini Empire

Rogh'sa City 01-03[Capital]
Acghiza City 04-05[Emirate Capital]
Tilal City 06[Emirate Capital]
Maoun City 07[Emirate Capital]
Musci City 08[Emirate Capital]
Shiazi City 09[Emirate Capital]
Shiea City 10[Emirate Capital]
Araou City 11[Emirate Capital]
Zirinava City 12[Emirate Capital]
Assin City 13[Emirate Capital]
Rogizini Wilds * 14-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100
* If Wilderness you can roll again to determine the exact Emirate area by rolling D100.
Rogh'sa Emirate 01-35Acghiza Emirate 36-60
Tilal Emirate 61-65Maoun Emirate 66-70
Musci Emirate 71-75Shiazi Emirate 76-80
Shiea Emirate 81-85Sraou Emirate 86-90
Zirinava Emirate 91-95Assin Emirate 96-100

The Sarghut

Raut Tribe 01-42
Shaghut Tribe 43-80
Tsashut Tribe 81-99
External 100


Shiben City 01-08[Capital of Duchy]
Shiben Wilds 09-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100


Shurikal City 01-08[Capital, Restricted city]
Shurikal Margins 09-18[Outside restricted area near city]
Kotobo Tribe 19-34
Morkel Tribe 35-46
Sabai Tribe 47-57
Kel Tribe 58-64
Dirani Tribe 65-73
Khab Tribe 74-81
Kotasi Tribe 82-90
Apina Tribe 91-95
Kon Tribe 96-99
External 100


Taolis City 01-09[Capital]
Irwe City 10-16
Taolisa Wilds 17-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100


Teosa City 01-13[Capital]
Usec City 14-20
Sa'ues City 21-24
Teos Wilds 25-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100


Thalib city 01-28[Capital]
Thalib margins 29-77[Around city margins of Thalib city]
Porta City 78-90
Porta margins 91-99[Around Porta city margins]
External 100

The Thaliban Tribes

Batani Tribe 01-25
Woumai Tribe 26-49
Ursmai Tribe 50-71
Tilini Tribe 72-90
Bumai Tribe 91-99
External 100


Ticasi City 01-25[Capital]
Ticasi Wilds 26-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100

The Timbaza

Timbaza Areas 01-99
External 100


Valheim City 01-19[Capital]
Valheim Wilds 20-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100

The Vasa

Pavassa Tribe 01-42
Nivassa Tribe 43-76
Voloravassa Tribe 77-99
External 100


Zara City 01-13[Capital]
Zara Wilds 14-99[Towns/Villages]
External 100

The Zen'da

Bra'mani Tribe 01-10[Western Zen'da]
E'ponischa Tribe 11-19[Western Zen'da]
A'giat Tribe 20-27[Western Zen'da]
Stel'gult Tribe 28-35[Western Zen'da]
Cu'truna Tribe 36-40[Western Zen'da]
Feir'paz Tribe 41-44[Western Zen'da]
Lap'schi Tribe 45-47[Western Zen'da]
Fel'oros Tribe 48-57[Central Zen'da]
Draca'epi Tribe 58-66[Central Zen'da]
Fel'masa Tribe 67-73[Central Zen'da]
Otte'mas Tribe 74-78[Central Zen'da]
Ga'fel'ora Tribe 79-92[Eastern Zen'da]
Noya'bova Tribe 93-99[Eastern Zen'da]
External 100

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