Powers and Perils


Skill in healing a specific race or species. The Healer must learn to care for his own race before any other intelligent race. He may learn to care for animals at 1/2 the cost specified, rounded up. He need not learn to care for intelligent creatures first in this case. Healing that has value for one species or race will only have 1/2 the value when used on another related species (it has no value when the forms on the two species are totally distinct).

EXAMPLE - A healer is skilled in healing horses. He can apply his skill at 1/2 value on Donkeys and Mules. It has no value on Humans, Dogs, etc.

The effect of Healing Skill increases the Healing Chance by ELx2 AND increases the Stamina Bonus by EL/3, rounded up. It is an Easy task to apply this skill if the damage taken is less than 25%, Moderate if damage taken is from 25% to 75%, Difficult if the damage is over 75% and Hard if the damage is into the DTV allowance. To gain this benefit the Healer must have access to the Healing materials in a Healing Kit. (See Equipment List). If he does not, the task difficulty is increased by one level (i.e. Easy becomes Moderate, Hard becomes Very Hard, etc) and the gains for success are HALVED (rounded down). A Special will DOUBLE the effective EL for that day when determining increases -- a Botch will cut the patient's healing chance in HALF, rounded up, and inflict 1 additional hit of damage.

EXAMPLE - A Character has StB+1 and HC 33. The Healer is EL7. When he uses his skill successfully, in addition to the benefit of any medicines that he uses, the HC is increased by 14 to 47 and the StB is increased 3 to +4. If he has no materials but is successful the increases are 7 to HC and 1 to StB. If the Healer is especially successful, the patient's HC is increased by 28 and the StB by 6. A Botch will reduce the patient's HC to 17.

These increases only apply for one Healing Chance Roll. If the Healer wants to continue treatment, he must stay and service the patient each day until he is healed. The Healer receives Expertise Points based on whether the creature treated heals. If he heals, the Healer succeeds. If he does not heal, the Healer fails.

NOTE - I have two additional degrees of success -- a Special (success) is one where the roll is successful and the die roll ends in a 0 or 5. A Botch (special failure) is where the roll is a failure and ends in a 5 or 0.

Burton Choinski