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Gambling Spreadsheet

Gambling has been made easy by the new gambling rules, introduced in the New Skills article from Heroes. Although this system condenses an entire night of gambling into a simple set of dice rolls, the administration resulting from the complex form of this rules is still a burden most DMs don't want to be troubled with. To help our DM the process has been implemented in a spreadsheet, which can handle up to 10 players, this should do for most games. I made it in Excel Light, which runs on any Windows CE machine, but converted it to regular Excel for distribution purposes. Comments to Wout Broere.


At the top row (cell C1) enter the number of players, between 2 and 10. Enter the Gambler EL for each player in C5-L5. When a player does not have the Gambler skill, enter 0 as his skill level. Then roll 3D10 for each player and enter the results in C6-L6. If players attempt to cheat, the results can be influenced by entering a code in C7-L7. A lowercase c in any of these cells indicates a player which succesfully made his cheating attempts. A lowercase f indicates a failed attempt. In case of partial failure, or if a player does not cheat, leave the cell blank or enter a space only. If all data has been entered correctly, the cells below the line, C8-L8, show the amount of coins won or lost. Positive numbers indicate winnings, negative numbers indicate losses.

For a description of the gambling rules, see the article New Skills for P&P.


Gambling Tool

Design: Wout Broere