Powers and Perils

Worldwide P&P Players

The number of people still playing Powers and Perils is surprisingly large. As there is no support for this fine game from AH, questions and/or remarks concerning the game can only be addressed to other players. To that end I have collected the names and email adresses of people (occasionally) playing P&P. This could also help to find other P&P players near you (i.e. within a your hemisphere). When you play P&P and wish to be added to this list, please use the following form.

Another way to contact a group of active P&P players is to use the powers-and-perils mailing list.

Sydney, Australia

Canberra, ACT, Australia

Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • DaiJu - DMHOME
  • James Brennan
  • Jeff Gapps
  • Ben Froggart

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Bruxelles , Belgium

Bruxelles , Belgium

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Leduc, Alberta, Canada

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

Derbyshire, England

Lincolnshire, England

Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

Helsinki, Finland

Metz, France

Metz, France

Aachen, Germany

Mainz, Germany

Fukuoka, Japan

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Veenendaal, The Netherlands


Madrid, Spain

Valladolid, Spain

Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain

Skoghall, Sweden

Kaoushiung, Taiwan

RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK

Bingley, West Riding, Yorkshire, UK

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Tempe, Arizona, USA

  • Shawn

Russellville, Arkansas, USA

Costa Mesa, California, USA

Hemet, California, USA

Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA

San Diego, California, USA

San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco, California, USA

San Jose, California, USA

  • Ian Garaghan - DM
  • Dennis Hancock
  • Mark Delancey
  • Mike Hayes
  • Gilbert Moore

Santa Clarita, California, USA

Aurora, Colorado, USA

Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver, Colorado, USA

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Bethel, Connecticut, USA

Quaker Hill, Connecticut, USA

Wolcott, Connecticut, USA

Ft. Myers, Florida, USA

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Miami, Florida, USA

Ocala, Florida, USA

Pensacola, Florida, USA

Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

Sarasota, Florida, USA

Tampa, Florida, USA

Athens & Marietta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Illinois, USA

Oak Lawn, Illinois, USA

Maryland, USA

Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Clarksburg, Maryland, USA

Severn, Maryland, USA

  • Toby Tolbert - DM
  • Brian York
  • Zach Murdock
  • Chad Peschong
  • Phil Neilson
  • Bob Haney
  • Joe Hyman
  • Rick Sperry
  • Pedro Sperry

Bellingham and Wayland, Massachusetts, USA

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Utica, New York, USA

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

Archbold, Ohio, USA

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Dayton, Ohio, USA

Lancaster, Ohio, USA

Wooster, Ohio, USA

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Oil City, Pennsylvania, USA

Pardoe, Pennsylvania, USA

Trevose, Pennsylvania, USA

Provo, State=Utah, USA

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Utah, USA

Utah, USA

Pine Canyon, Utah, USA

Utah State University, Logan, Utah, USA

Virginia, USA

Christiansburg, Virginia, USA

Springfield, Virginia, USA

Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

West Allis, Wisconsin, USA