Powers and Perils

Armor Repairing and Labor Costs

A specialist can be hired for 2 GC per month and a magician for 4+ GC per month. Indeed an EL80 armorer can be hired for 80CC a week as an instructor, see Rule 2.211. 1GC per day to get armour repaired is a bit high.

Perhaps (EL/7)CC (or roughly1SC) a day would be more appropriate for repair work. The above is based on the economic factors in the rules. If the economic factors are rewritten then the amount would change.

NOTE - The labor costs for constructing various types of armor presuming an EL70 armorer being paid 1SC per day are:

AVDaysLabor PayListed Price Armor Helmet
199SC8CC/1SC/10SC 4CC
21616SC20SC/30SC/40SC 2SC
32525SC160SC 10SC
43636SC450SC/2500SC* --
54949SC1500SC --
*requires Artist skill, probably takes extra time (perhaps days x 2). Careful analysis reveals these numbers are NOT very realistic for quilted or leather armor.

Let me try again using the minimum EL required for making a particular AV of armor with pay being ELCCs per week.

AVDaysMin. ELLabor PayListed Price Helmet
1910.13SC0.8SC/1SC/10SC 4CC
216112.51SC20SC/30SC/40SC 2SC
325217.5SC160SC 10SC
4363115.94SC450SC/2500SC* --
5494128.7SC1500SC --

This works better. Presumably the higher AVs would also require more expensive facilities, this would increase the Labor Pay somewhat.

Alex Koponen