Powers and Perils


Alignment varies (All)

Similar to Purification, this spell is used to prepare an object for the casting of further magic upon it. Successful use of this spell negates the Permanent Magics requirement that the item must have been created by the caster and the item isn't a manufactured good. If Dispell/Banish has been successful in removing all magics from the item Purify may allow the item to have further spells cast upon/into the item.

Any magic failures of prior spells, Dispell/Banish or Purify will (as per Enhancement failures) destroy the item's capacity to hold spells, making it magically worthless.

In addition to allowing an item to have magics to be cast upon/into it that the caster could not normally do without having made the item, Purify gives a Roll Modifier to the immediate following spell from the caster affecting the item.


NOTE - The spell may also be cast to oppose a certain spell in which case the Roll Modifier is added to the success roll. Cast at 10xCost it will oppose all spells of a specific alignment.

Alex Koponen