Powers and Perils

Spear Thrower

As mentioned in the errata, thrown spears have a range of 6" (javelins have a range of 8"). Until replaced by bow and arrow many peoples used these to throw slim, flexible spear-like darts. Some still use spear throwers.

Typically 1/3rd the length of the darts, the atlatl (thrower) is good for accurate casts at around 100 feet.

NOTE - Different sources list extreme ranges of up to 100 to 200 yards.


Weight:0.5 lbs
Cost:1 SC
Base Range:10"


Length:9.5 ft.

The darts have a WSB of -1 if thrown by hand. WHen thrown using the Atlatl their WSB is reaised by one, for an effective WSB of 0. See Javelin for further details.

Alex Koponen